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Father and Son: Winner of the Southern Book…
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Father and Son: Winner of the Southern Book Award (edició 1997)

de Larry Brown

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3981148,711 (4.06)22
After serving several years in prison, Glenn Davis returns to his rural Mississippi home, where he forges a path of destruction and violence that finally leads him to a stand-off with Sheriff Bobby Blanchard.
Títol:Father and Son: Winner of the Southern Book Award
Autors:Larry Brown
Informació:Owl Books (1997), Paperback, 368 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Detalls de l'obra

Father and Son de Larry Brown

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    Polaris-: Both are tales of grit and foreboding, told with great narratives, fine dialogue, and flawed but real characters whose motives you get.
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    Dirty work de Larry Brown (Polaris-)
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An intense and rewarding book
I bought this many years ago. It is a signed copy. Perhaps the lauditory jacket blurbs sold me or the sellers advice. Somehow it didn't make it to the top of the stack. It was a great to read it now and it opens the door to more of what he wrote. I can see why he became so widely praised. He is very much a southern writer: the climate and temperment of Mississippi become characters.
The story is about the contrasting temperment of a man's two songs by different mothers, an accident of world war two. One soon had just been released from prison. He had been jailed for the hit and run drunk driving death of a boy. Earlier in his life he had accidentally shot and killed his brother with a gun he didn't know was loaded. He returns from prison filled with anger and hate. His bastard half brother is the town sheriff. Their paths cross in many ways and come to personify good and evil.

The story is intense and the characters came to life in my mind. There is almost too much violence, but it seems in character.
I would call the book an exploration of human nature. I found the ending satisfying. ( )
  waldhaus1 | Nov 13, 2020 |
I enjoyed the descriptions of the scenes and the language, but the plot was weak. Glen seems to be the focal point, but his characterization is shallow, incomplete. Also too many extraneous elements in the story that don't lead anywhere or add to the story line. Needed a great deal of editing. When i finished the story, i asked myself, what's the point? Intellectually unfulfilling. ( )
  Misprint | Aug 31, 2020 |
Very solid Southern Gothic, nasty when it needs to be, tender and understanding at other times. ( )
  mrgan | Oct 30, 2017 |
I've been on a Larry Brown kick since last October when I visited Square Books in Oxford MS and purchased LARRY BROWN, A WRITER'S LIFE. Larry Brown was born in Oxford, and his stories take place in small towns nearby, and throughout MS. After reading this biography by Jean Cash, I was so intrigued, I bought BIG BAD LOVE, FACING THE MUSIC, JOE, FAY, FATHER AND SON, BILLY RAY'S FARM, and A MIRACLE OF CATFISH. I think the only two books I don't have are DIRTY WORK and ON FIRE.

Either way, this is my review of FATHER AND SON which I just finished a couple nights ago. I've loved all of LB's books thus far, but this one has been my favorite.

FATHER AND SON was the sort of book I would think about during the day, anticipating the time when I could pick it and start reading where I left off. I usually only get to read at night and I found myself going to bed earlier and earlier, just so I could get back into the story.

Glen Davis is one of the main characters, and the "son," and Virgil is his "father." It's a story about not only their relationship, which is tenuous at best, but also many others who are an integral part of their lives. His brother, nicknamed "Puppy," the sheriff, Bobby Blanchard, Jewel, the love interest of both Glen and Bobby, and Mary, Bobby's mother.

Glen has just come out of prison, but not really. Because to me, he's imprisoned within his own mind. He is mad at the world, and especially his father. Actually, he's mad at many people, and prison hasn't helped him forget all the wrong's he believes have been heaped on him. As I read, I kept hoping Glen would have an epiphany of sorts, a come to Jesus awakening that would mellow him out, make him forgive. But Glen is a hard man, out to settle scores.

The book is written from many different points of view so you get where each of the characters are coming from. I felt sorry for Virgil, who is an old man wishing his son would do right. I had empathy for Jewel's predicament, having a child by Glen, hoping and waiting for him to do the right thing, and Bobby Blanchard, LB's "good guy," was somebody we'd all want for Sheriff in our own hometowns. The interactions of these characters lays out a complex history with secrets that are slowly revealed as the story moves on.

As with many of LB's books, the writing is tight, crisp and full of imagery and descriptions. If you've never been to MS, or anywhere in the deep south, reading his stories will make you feel like you've been there. ( )
  DonnaEverhart | Oct 27, 2015 |
I'm glad I read this novel by Larry Brown. I don't think I'll read another one, but that's not because Brown is not a good storyteller or fine writer. It's just not a pleasant read. While some may characterize this as a southern Gothic novel because of the mood, setting and characters, I think it is just as easily a tale about any any rural, economically depressed region and its inhabitants. It is a great read (page turner), but I didn't connect with any characters. The most interesting aspect is how much tolerance and understanding is extended to a evil character; because good people just can't fathom evil behavior. One feature of a good person is the willingness to offer a bad person the benefit of the doubt..always holding on to the hope he will change. I like the way the motivations and histories of the characters unfolded as the book progressed..even if somewhat predictable. Predictable only in the sense that humans are flawed and nobody is perfect. ( )
  morieel | Oct 25, 2015 |
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After serving several years in prison, Glenn Davis returns to his rural Mississippi home, where he forges a path of destruction and violence that finally leads him to a stand-off with Sheriff Bobby Blanchard.

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