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The Gospel Singer de Harry Crews
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The Gospel Singer (1968 original; edició 1968)

de Harry Crews

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1194177,118 (4.16)8
To the dirt poor town of Enigma, Georgia, a local farm boy returns as a prosperous faith healer. Though the townsfolk give way to a mindless idolization, the Gospel Singer is tormented by the extent of his deception and is forced to admit his corrupt activities.
Títol:The Gospel Singer
Autors:Harry Crews
Informació:New York, Morrow, 1968.
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Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Gospel Singer de Harry Crews (1968)

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The Gospel Singer comes from Enigma, a small, poor, backwards town in Georgia. Due to his other-worldly singing voice and good looks, he made it out and now travels the country as a successful gospel singer. He feels compelled to visit his hometown from time to time, but the visits have become increasingly painful. Because he’s thought to have healing powers and the ability to save souls, his family and other people from the town suffocate him with demands on his time and talents. The novel takes place over his most recent visit to Enigma, where some really terrible stuff happens.

The novel definitely includes disturbing language and visuals and is not for the easily-offended. I’ve read that Crews has been criticized for his tendency to create grotesque characters for shock value, but I really don’t think that’s going on here. Despite their physical and psychological abnormalities (one has a bizarre skin condition, another has an enormous foot, the Gospel Singer is a nymphomaniac, etc.), the main characters are realistic, complex, and each serves a distinct purpose within the story. The Gospel Singer’s manager, Didymus, is particularly fascinating. In addition, the author really gets at the pain and desperation felt by the townspeople, who are unable to escape their fate in dead-end Enigma. They literally live for these visits by the Gospel Singer and live through his experiences (or what they think his experiences are.) The writing is superb and the story is a page-turner. This is my first Crews novel and I think I’ll explore his work further, even though I have a feeling that it will make me slightly uncomfortable. ( )
2 vota DorsVenabili | Jan 12, 2012 |
This is it; the one book that kick it in for me and knocked me off my feet. Crews' writing has a sensitivity and purity of prose that reveals the rawness of the southern grotesque along with its unforgettable characters. The Gospel Singer has all of that and then some. Get it with a side order of pork rinds and a cold draft, and praise the lord--you're going to need him. I think I'll read it again. ( )
  HankIII | Jul 26, 2010 |
I think Harry Crews books might work in the way that whatever one you read first is your favorite. (Mine happened to be Feast of Snakes). Gospel Singer potentially has more going for it...the weird salvation/sexual connection is pretty interesting and backwards small town life (complete with a freak show) makes for richly entertaining reads. But the deal with every Crews book is that it serves purely as's really easy and usually possessing some degree of shock value that wears off quickly...I think it's safe to assume that some scenes will involve graphic sex and some amount of violence, but that being said, Crews is good at what he does: fucked-up Southern stories. ( )
  araridan | Apr 6, 2008 |
I am one of those eccentrics that believe Harry Crews' writing is just different and unique enough to survive and become an example of "literature."
There is no other writer, southern or elsewhere, that writes as he does. Yes, the themes of this and other books remind one of Ernest Caldwell, by Mr. Caldwell was incapable of irony and satire. Yes, his characters sometimes remind us of Flannery O'Connor, but Ms. O'Conner was unable to simplify the hardness of the South as only HC can do.

It was a breakthrough novel that showed the South the way it was in 1950-1960, and how parts of it is yet today. I thank the literary Gods for this man and his efforts. ( )
  andyray | Feb 7, 2008 |
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To the dirt poor town of Enigma, Georgia, a local farm boy returns as a prosperous faith healer. Though the townsfolk give way to a mindless idolization, the Gospel Singer is tormented by the extent of his deception and is forced to admit his corrupt activities.

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