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Reckless Road (Torpedo Ink) de Christine…
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Reckless Road (Torpedo Ink) (edició 2021)

de Christine Feehan (Autor)

Sèrie: Torpedo Ink (5)

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322591,042 (3.63)No n'hi ha cap
No n'hi ha cap
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Third time is not the charm. I have previously read 'Judgment Road' and 'Vengeance Road' of the Torpedo Ink Series, and very much like them—I am unable to find anything worth mentioning. It’s a very repetitive, drawn out story with uninteresting characters whose chemistry was non-existent and a boring plot that had me yawning more than once. It fell flat to me and because of that I was unable to connect with this novel. The only mildly interesting bit was the psychic abilities that each MC member has. Besides that, there is nothing that truly stands out and it wasn’t worth more of my time and energy to complete this. ( )
  ayoshina | Feb 14, 2021 |
Reckless Road is the latest edition in the Torpedo Ink series by Feehan. And I will admit that I was super nervous about this book, especially considering the certain “kink” that was contained in the previous book in the series and I had no clue where this author would take this book but “whew” thank goodness we found something normal …normal for Christine Feehan that is. LOL In Reckless Road we have a story where we see more of our Torpedo Ink club and I am always fascinated in seeing how Feehan has been able to build this series yet also connect it to the previous series she has done. But I also found this one to be so unique from beginning to end that held my attention from beginning to end.

Our Hero “Player” is one that has certain psychic gifts where his mental capabilities are put at risk but he has talents the like of which his brothers can’t comprehend and at times don’t delve into and Player tends to keep it more private. But when his mind is almost shattered and he can barely think straight and barely makes it to the clubhouse in one piece, he finds a beautiful woman who breathes music in every movement, a woman of grace with a talent of belldancing and of Middle Eastern descent. After sharing a beautiful night together, not just of sex but of connecting on a deeper level, Player makes a mistake and shatters Zyah’s heart. And now Player will have to get his humble boots on and make restitution to Zyah and prove to her he is genuine in his caring of her. But both their pasts will come together in a way neither expect but Player may have to make a difficult choice ….his brothers or the woman he loves.

In Reckless Road I had such a fascinating time with and my goodness I love seeing the beautiful representation here with a Middle Eastern heroine. I rarely see that in romance and loved it in this book. Zyah is such a beautiful heroine both inside and out and her sweet spirit is addicting, she just draws you in but she does stand her ground with Player but not too much. I appreciated that she didn’t force this “groveling” for too long, it actually had a well balanced feel to the story in how relatable it felt. Feehan really works her magic with this story in conveying this romance and the more connecting variables between Player and Zyah. ( )
  addictofromance | Dec 30, 2020 |
Es mostren totes 2
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