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The Companion de Katie Alender
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The Companion (edició 2020)

de Katie Alender (Autor)

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7610273,518 (4.13)5
Títol:The Companion
Autors:Katie Alender (Autor)
Informació:G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (2020), 448 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
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The Companion de Katie Alender

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A lovely, creepy novel that middle schoolers will really enjoy, The Companion will keep you turning pages wondering how it will get resolved.

Page One: Margot's family dies in a car accident. Margot survives only to be an orphan with no other family at all. Unlike other older orphans, a family agrees to take Margot. She discovers upon arriving at their isolated mansion that she is to be their daughter Agatha's companion. Something happened to Agatha about a year ago, so she now needs care. Laura, Agatha's mom, dedicates her life to Agatha. Margot's shock, especially at sharing the nursery with Agatha, changes to sincere liking. Agatha can't speak, but she can follow commands: go shower, eat lunch, etc.

Margot wants to be a "good orphan," or she'll have to go to the state institution. All other places are full. Basically, it's Agatha, Laura, and Margot in a huge mansion isolated with no cell service. Laura doesn't believe teens should be on their devices and declines giving Margot the password to the wi-fi. Margot's days consist of breakfast, helping with Agatha, helping in the garden, and reading. Laura seems kind enough. As time passes, Margot gets to know Agatha better and wonders why the word "Go" keeps appearing on her wall when she's asleep. Does Agatha want her to leave? Eventually, Agatha's brother comes home for a visit. Finally, Margot can spend time with another teen who can speak! It will be a lonely few years until Margot can leave.

It's not that there are many surprises in the novel--you know what's going on--the tension and suspense involves how it will end because there doesn't seem to be options available. It's a nice, creepy distraction for a few hours, so enjoy this 2021 Lone Star novel. ( )
  acargile | Jan 11, 2021 |
I've been a fan of Katie Alender's since I first read her book Bad Girls Don't Die. I haven't read a bad book from her yet, and reading Alender's latest book, The Companion, was no different. I enjoyed reading it.

After losing her parents and two younger sisters in a car accident, Margot is sent to the state institution as she has no other family. There, she has vivid nightmares that leave her screaming at night. The other orphans at the institution call her lucky although Margot isn't sure she'd consider herself lucky. When she is chosen by a rich family to come live with them at their large and gorgeous home, Margot's luck may be changing. However, it doesn't seem like it's for the better. Strange things are happening at Margot's new home. Plus, she's meant to play companion for the sick and mute Agatha. On the plus side, her nightmares have seemed to stop but at what price?

The plot of The Companion was a very strong one and had quite the creepy vibe to it which I thoroughly enjoyed. Everything about about the plot was solid and flowed smoothly. The pacing was superb, and I found myself dying to know what would happen next. In fact, I felt like I was actually part of the narrative the whole time. There are a few plot twists although I felt that most were easy to figure out long before they were revealed. While the majority of The Companion was a great read, the last 100 or so pages let this book down. Margot, the protagonist of the story, seems to lose her brain and common sense towards the ending of the novel. She does some really dumb things that put her life in danger. I had a hard time believing that anyone could be that dumb. Other than that, the rest of the story is really great! Loose ends are tied up by the end of the book. However, I would have liked to know how the flowers grew so quickly by a certain grave, but that's probably just a me thing.

All of the characters in The Companion were fleshed out enough to feel realistic. The only exception was Margot towards the end of the book as stated earlier. She started out so strong and smart, it was kind of a shock to see her dumbed down towards the ending. I had really enjoyed her character and her hunger to find out what was really going on when it came to Agatha as well as what happened to Lily. Agatha was definitely my favorite character. I loved how helpful and strong she tried to be despite what was going on with her. I liked Barrett, but I just wish he would have fought a bit harder to try to help Margot instead of just giving in all the time to his mom. Laura was definitely an interesting character for sure. I enjoyed trying to figure out her story alongside Margot. I felt that Laura was the best written character in The Companion.

Trigger warnings for The Companion include minor violence, death, murder, attempted murder, some heavy kissing, drugging, and gaslighting.

Although the last hundred pages do take away from the book a little, The Companion is still a worthwhile read. It does have an interesting plot and characters and will have you hooked from the very first page. I would recommend The Companion by Katie Alender to those aged 13+ who love a suspenseful story. ( )
  khal_khaleesi | Jan 8, 2021 |
The creepy old house was the perfect setting for this horror story. The characters were also perfect for the creepy old house. Combined it should have been a perfect tale…but…the characters reactions, or lack of, made the story off setting. Margot…orphaned and alone and chosen to come to this family, often appeared weak and rather dense. It began to drag out toward the end… almost as if the author needed so many words to complete the story so they just kept adding up when it could have been done faster and still produced the same results. Still a good read that would make an excellent movie. ( )
  Carol420 | Dec 5, 2020 |
Actual Rating: 4.25 stars

What a crazy, wild ride! I absolutely meant to just read a little bit before bed, but now it’s nearly 5:00 am and I’ve finished it. I definitely felt some chills reading it and the ending had me feeling SO many ways. I really don’t want to say too much, because I think going into any horror or thriller with minimal details is the best approach.

It was just a tad too long for me though, and there were a few spots where it felt like it was dragging. It was like the momentum would get rolling and then we’d be bogged down. ( )
  zombiibean | Nov 20, 2020 |
I read "The Companion" over Halloween weekend, and honestly, it wasn't the awesome spooky book I was hoping for... It's not bad, and the fact that I didn't find it scary for a horror novel, or even particularly creepy, didn't play much into my disappointment. For the most part, I enjoyed it for what it was. I liked Margot as a protagonist, and I liked the slow development of the mystery surrounding Agatha. I also really liked the descriptiveness of the sprawling gothic house and surrounding area.

I would've been much more into this book if it wasn't for, what felt like to me, the totally forced romance between Margot and Barrett. As soon as I realized what was happening between them I was going 'Nooooooo' in my head. The last YA I read also had a compelling story that was bogged down by the unnecessary romance subplot. Like with that book, it wasn't only pretty much irrelevant, it detracted from the story I actually cared about. It felt like a ticked box on a list of book elements rather than something that came about naturally. I just wasn't convinced.

Somewhat disappointed, but not upset I read it.
  alliepascal | Nov 1, 2020 |
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