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A Lady's Formula for Love (The Secret…
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A Lady's Formula for Love (The Secret Scientists of London) (edició 2021)

de Elizabeth Everett (Autor)

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343561,734 (3.94)1
Títol:A Lady's Formula for Love (The Secret Scientists of London)
Autors:Elizabeth Everett (Autor)
Informació:Berkley (2021), 336 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
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A Lady's Formula for Love (The Secret Scientists of London) de Elizabeth Everett

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Brilliant! Funny and more!

The dark, earnest assassin and the lovely insecure widow with a genius for chemistry!
Violet Hughes, Lady Greycliff, is developing an antidote to poison gas being used by a radical worker’s organization. The prime minister’s agent Arthur Kneland has been deployed as her body guard after a failed assassination attempt.
Arthur’s idea of the widow, before he meets her it must be admitted, is way below par. He should have listened more closely to his employer, Lord Greycliff, Violet’s stepson when he muttered,“Funny how chaos seems to follow behind certain women.” Arthur is about to get the surprise of his life.
Violet is one of the founders of Athena’s Retreat, a salon that fronts for a secret society allowing women scientists to pursue their chosen areas of investigation away from the disapproving society of the times.
I’m not sure if the developing relationship between Arthur and Violet is a slow smouldering burn or attraction at first sight. After all Violet did reflect at their torrid first meeting, that Arthur’s “eyes were what told Violet she would be safe, no matter what.”
As for Arthur I love his acceptance and delight in Violet. To him “something happened when Violet explained a scientific theory. She glowed. Her stained, work-worn hands flew up with a sudden grace, illustrating a point as if pulling the knowledge from the air. What a beautiful sight, watching her revel in imparting secrets of how the world worked.”
This has it all! A Victorian mystery romance that delights! I’m looking forward to more from Everett!

A Berkeley Group ARC via NetGalley
Please note: Quotes taken from an advanced reading copy maybe subject to change
(Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.) ( )
  eyes.2c | Feb 5, 2021 |
Elizabeth Everett’s debut novel is a delightfully witty, humorous, romantic, and exciting story filled with lovable characters who will quickly capture your heart. The story is excellently crafted and well-plotted without being predictable.

After her husband died, Lady Violet Hughes was a shadow of the vibrant, fun-loving, brilliant young lady she had been before her marriage. After years of abuse to her self-esteem, she had shrunk into herself. Her dream now that she’s a widow has been to create a retreat, Athena’s Retreat, where other women like herself can be themselves – without the censure of unsupportive spouses and family. These are all brilliant ladies who engage in studies in every scientific field imaginable – botany, chemistry, paleontology, biology – just to name a few. Lady Violet has sunk a considerable chunk of her fortune into creating that retreat and now she needs to gain at least a moderate acceptance from the ton in order to make it acceptable for ladies to become members. Of course, the public face of Athena’s Retreat will be benign and will not show the projects and experiments that are carried on in the non-public areas.

Arthur Kneland is an ultra-elite bodyguard who has just retired from a special branch of the Queen’s service. He has guarded and protected everybody from foreign despots to villains to – well, you name it – all in the name of the Crown. He’s been stabbed, shot, and almost anything else and he is still mostly in one piece and retiring. He’s only had one failure in his service to the Crown and that was his very first case as a very green 18-year-old. That case still haunts him and caused him to exile himself from England for twenty years. Now, he’s back and looking to find a farm to call home – right after he takes this one private case for a good friend – Lord Greycliff. Grey wants him to provide protection for his stepmother, Lady Violet Hughes, while she is working on a very important project for the Crown.

Arthur certainly has his work cut out for him when he finds himself surrounded by quirky, brilliant, secretive ladies who don’t quite trust him – or anyone else for that matter. Their explosive experiments cause him much alarm – especially when there are explosions happening that are far from benign. Lady Violet will not believe that one of her ladies could be involved in a plot against her and therefore is always putting herself in danger. Arthur himself is in danger as well – at least his heart is. Despite his considerable strength of will, he finds himself more and more drawn to Lady Violet – and she appears to be drawn to him as well.

Can a Scottish farmer's son and an English lady find their HEA? Is the villain of the piece one of Lady Violet’s ladies? Or, is the villain Adam Winters, the violent leader of the violent rebel group Omnium Democratia? Or, is the villain Violet’s suitor, Earl Grantham? Or – someone else entirely? You’ll just have to read this delightful book to find out.

This was a great, fun-to-read mystery, but the ending left just a little to be desired. I’m sure this is a personal preference, but it is important to me as a reader. I want the romance to be totally complete in the book. I really dislike it when the book ends with the proposal and acceptance. I always want a wedding and some follow-up from that. An epilogue is absolutely one of my favorites. In this one, I would have LOVED to see their wedding and a scene from several months down-the-road when he receives his ‘honors’. I’d like to know what those honors were. Was he granted a title – maybe a Baron or something? Did he just get medals or was it more substantial? For me, it just felt a bit unfinished because I had too many questions. Therefore, I’ve given it a 4-star rating.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. ( )
  BarbaraRogers | Jan 27, 2021 |
This historical romance takes place in London in 1842. Violet Hughes, Lady Greycliff, is a young widow and a scientific genius. After the death of her elderly husband she founded a club for other ladies of scientific bent with two good friends - Lady Phoebe Hunt and Miss Letty Fenley. She also works for the government through her stepson who is a government agent. Her current task is to develop an antidote for a new chemical concoction used by radicals who are trying to bring down the government.

Her stepson Grey has hired Arthur Kneland to be her bodyguard because someone doesn't want her to succeed in her chemical quest. Arthur has been a bodyguard for about twenty years and is getting ready to leave the profession for a quiet life. He can't go home again because his family home in the Scottish Highlands is gone. The enclosures have made the whole area sheep farms.

Violet and Arthur would seem to be an odd couple. They aren't of the same social class. Violet is more open-hearted; Arthur is very closed off. But Violet is just recovering from a very bad marriage in that her husband tried to make her change everything about herself in order to try to win his love. She failed and over time became sure that her failures were her fault. She became very introverted and uncertain. Arthur also has a troubled past that he has spent years trying to overcome. His relationship with the wife of the man he was supposed to be guarding distracted him enough that his client died. It was assumed that Arthur and his subject's wife had an affair and the rumor is resurrected when he begins to get close to Violet.

I enjoyed the setting of this story wherein the rights of women (or rather the lack of rights for women) is a major part of the plot of the story. The book is funny in places and really romantic in places. It was emotionally intense with lots of dangerous situations.

Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this story. ( )
  kmartin802 | Jan 15, 2021 |
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