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A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking
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A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking

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2671776,021 (4.11)34
Títol:A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking
Informació:Publisher Unknown, 318 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking de T Kingfisher

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Mona is fourteen years old, an orphan, and learning the art of baking from her aunt. She'll inherit the bakery, someday.

Oh, and she's a wizard.

Not a great, powerful wizard, like the ones who defend the city. She can't throw lightning bolts, or talk to water. She can, however, get dough to do amazing things. Sometimes she makes the gingerbread men dance to entertain the customers--although some customers get more nervous than amused. Her familiar is her sourdough starter, Bob. Bob can be a little scary, for people who aren't Mona, but he stays in his bucket in the basement, and it's mostly Mona who deals with him. It's a peaceful, productive, enjoyable life.

Then one morning, she comes in to start the baking for the day, and finds a dead girl in the kitchen. She wakes her aunt and uncle, her uncle fetches the constables.

Soon Mona is arrested as the prime suspect in the death, by Inquisitor Oberon--who, it turns out, has his own agenda, that doesn't include wizards not under his control continuing to go about their lawful, productive lives.

It's not long before Mona is on the run, assisted by the dead girl's younger brother, Spindle, and Knackering Molly, a wizard whose ability to animate dead horses has obvious useful applications in a city that has lots of horses, and thus lots of horses that eventually have to be moved to the knackering yards.

In the course of trying to stay alive, Mona discovers a vile plot against the city's lawful government, which is to say the Duchess, and any members of the Council who might oppose the plot.

Mona is perfectly correct that she, or any fourteen-year-old, shouldn't have to face the challenges she does, but she just keeps going, because she has to. She also does amazing things with dough, while trying to defeat the plot.

It's a lot of fun, if a bit darker than typical for the younger readers it was originally intended for.

Highly recommended.

I bought this book. ( )
  LisCarey | May 29, 2021 |
Wat een fijn en grappig boek is dit. Jammer genoeg niet vertaald, maar het Engels is prima te doen. Mona is een 14-jarig meisje dat in de bakkerij van haar Tante Tabitha en Oom Albert werkt. Ze maakt allerlei lekkere dingen. Mona heeft namelijk een beetje magie waarmee ze het deeg kan vertellen wat ze wil dat ze doen. Lekker smaken, niet verbranden en dat soort dingen. Het deeg komt van een groot vat waarin de zuurdeeg starter groeit. Mona is daar verantwoordelijk voor, ze moet het voeden en zorgen dat het groeit en ze noemt hem Bob!
Maar dan slaat het ongeluk toe en wordt ze opgepakt voor een moord die ze niet gepleegd heeft. Ze heeft alleen maar het slachtoffer gevonden. Ze wordt voor de Duchess gebracht door de inquisiteur Oberon. De Duchess spreekt haar echter vrij maar dan merkt Mona dat iedereen die er maar van verdacht wordt vermoord wordt of verdwijnt. Als het broertje, Spindle van het vermoorde meisje haar aanspreekt en ze vrienden worden begint een avontuur. Spindle is een straatjongen en hij brengt haar allerlei pamfletten waarbij er op wordt aangedrongen om mensen met magie aan te geven. Mona en Spindle gaan naar de Duchess die er nauwelijks iets van af weet en ze besluiten om samen met haar iets aan de anti-tovenarij te doen. Maar dan nadert de vijand en het is aan Mona om de stad te redden en daarbij gebruik te maken van Mona magische krachten met deeg. Mona komt er achter dat ze meer kan dan ze denkt. Een Young Adult boek maar ik heb er heel erg van genoten. ( )
  connie53 | Apr 13, 2021 |
This book is delightful! The characters are wonderful, from Mona and Aunt Tabitha, to the Duchess and Bob the sourdough starter, I love them all! I truly hope Mona gets another story. She may not want to be a hero but she may well be the hero we all need. ( )
  lesleydawn | Mar 25, 2021 |
This is a fun book. The concept of wizards doing a lot with only a little magic is a theme I particularly enjoy. (It seems T. Kingfisher does too, since I recently read her Minor Magic which has similar themes of small magics being just as useful as the larger ones.) The creativity in magic use for this type of story is so much fun to read.

And I mean, with a cover and a title like that, I just *had* to pick it up. There was no way that I would pass up this book. And I'm glad I read it! It's fun and funny and pulls modern social issues into this fantasy world which makes the story more realistic and more important to today's readers. While this is definitely a YA novel (the protagonist is 14) it has deeper themes that adults will get just as much out of as teens will. ( )
  ca.bookwyrm | Mar 15, 2021 |
This is a fantastically inventive and thoughtful fantasy novel that has magic gingerbread men, walking horse skeletons, delightful kid thieves, complex political insights, dry wit, and the coolest sourdough starter in any book ever. Also, I loved the main protagonist Mona and just want the world for her, she deserves everything good in life. I'm so glad I pre-ordered this on a whim, it was well worth it! ( )
  sarahlh | Mar 6, 2021 |
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There was a dead girl in my aunt’s bakery.
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