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All That We Carried: A Novel de Erin Bartels
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All That We Carried: A Novel (edició 2021)

de Erin Bartels (Autor)

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5733359,313 (4.01)3
Títol:All That We Carried: A Novel
Autors:Erin Bartels (Autor)
Informació:Revell (2021), 368 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:Michigan, sisters, healing, grief

Detalls de l'obra

All That We Carried de Erin Bartels

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Erin Bartels has an incredible gift of taking something as simple as a broken relationship between two sisters, and an otherwise uneventful camping trip, and turned it into something that captured my heart, my imagination, and truly enveloped my mind into this world.

It's been ten years since sisters Olivia and Melanie have spent any time together, parting after losing their parents in a tragic car accident. Each sister had their own unique way of coping, both polar opposites in almost every way, but Melanie is ready to mend the relationship, and forces Olivia to go on a hiking trip with her in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. What the reader gets to witness is the task of two sisters, who are practically strangers, fighting to bond and break this invisible barrier that has been between them for ten long years.

I only have one sister, so this narrative really spoke to me. Though we are best friends now there was a time that we did drift apart, and could completely relate to the fight to bond, and understand the other persons point of view. The pain you feel from both sister as the truth slowly pours from them is heartbreaking. To not only lose your parents, but also you sister, is unthinkable, and I felt such sympathy for each of them.

The writing was masterfully done, really capturing this moment in time with the sisters. I have never hiked personally, but after reading the imagery of the Upper Peninsula, I really felt like I experienced the landscape and beauty with the characters. I also loved that you got to see two people with two opposite beliefs come together and have intelligent conversations about their differences, and see ways they could come together despite these differences.

My only complaint was the ending was subpar for me. I was expecting something more dramatic, but sadly what I had envisioned didn't come to pass. The lead up was amazing though, and I really truly enjoyed reading All That We Carried. This is the first novel I've read by Erin Bartels, and it will not be my last!

*I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from Revell through NetGalley. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest, and my own. ( )
  cflores0420 | May 24, 2021 |
Having read some of Bartels' work in the past, I had an idea of what to expect from her. However, "All That We Carried" exceeded my expectations. I have felt before that the stories she wrote are very beautiful and impactful, but sometimes I got to the end of the story without a feeling of completion in some way. That was not the case with this book!

Sisters Olivia and Melanie haven't spoken much since the loss of their parents. But Melanie has somehow talked Olivia into finishing the hiking trip that was interrupted by tragedy ten years ago. Melanie, a free spirited Instagram influencer and videographer can't understand why her attorney sister Olivia can't see her need to move forward and face their past hurts. Olivia is anxious to get this whole trip over with, but she's trying to make the most of their journey together. Unexpected detours, a forest fire and a handsome park ranger's son named Josh make what promised to be a short trip into the trip of a lifetime for Melanie and Olivia. Facing hard truths about grief, loss and crises of belief, these women find strength they never knew they had.

The reader can tell Bartels knows the areas in Michigan that are highlighted in this book. As someone currently living in Michigan, I enjoyed learning more about the parts of the state I haven't explored quite yet by someone who obviously invested the time and effort to write about them accurately. That is only one reason I have followed Bartels' writing this far--strong characters and a commitment to accuracy in whatever topics she chooses to write about.

I do think this is Bartels best work to date. She writes from a place of experience and empathy for both characters. I saw a bit of my own personality in each of the women and loved the impact a secondary character (or two) had on the outcomes of their journey. There are overarching themes of facing challenges, finding your faith and working towards reconciliation, all topics that can be relatable in many aspects for readers. I still have a soft spot for "We Hope For Better Things," but as of today, "All That We Carried" is holding top billing.

I think this book would be an amazing choice for a book club, as are her other reads. The setting and resulting story do not overshadow the personal growth of the characters, which is a big challenge when choosing a book for a book club group, in my opinion. Your focus is on the sisters and their journey, and the setting details are a bonus--you feel like you're there with them.

I was an early reader, thanks to the publisher. All opinions are my own. ( )
  EmilyPotter | Apr 3, 2021 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
My mother and I both read this books as we have gone backpacking at some point in our life. She related to it a bit more than I did, as one trip did it for me.

Olivia and Melanie, estranged since their parents deaths, seem to think a hike in the Porcupine Mountains near Lake Superior, would be a great way to reconnect. The items carried in their packs reflects the differences in the sisters and how they try to connect. Olivia has the map and each site clearly marked for their nightly stop and her cans of food to be consumed at each spot. Melanie, meanwhile, brings vegetables and salad greens to eat, and faithfully records their hike to be uploaded to her vlog when she gets home. After several mishaps and a fortuitous meeting with another person out fishing on the river, the sisters grow closer. And, when they urgently need him after one sister falls off a cliff, he reappears. No one else seems to have seen him, and they both are puzzled about who he really is. As this book is in the Christian genre, you can decide for yourself if he is an angel or just a very helpful man who seems to show up at the right time. ( )
  PennyBrainerd | Mar 1, 2021 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
The novel, All that We Carried, by Erin Bartels, addresses the love-hate dynamic that sometimes exists between sisters, and how, despite heartache and hurts, the bond of sisterhood still holds strong. For the complete review of the must-read book, go to ( )
  K_T_C | Feb 19, 2021 |
This novel introduces us to sisters Melanie and Olivia who are struggling with grief, loss and deep personal and interpersonal conflicts that make themselves clearer as the story unfolds.

The sisters attempt to bond over a hiking trip, a long overdue reunion taking place a decade after the traumatic death of their parents. Along the way, history, childhood patterns and memories surface and help bring the sisters and their struggles alive. The sisterly dynamics, in fact, were my favorite component of the book - ringing clear and true, with each sister, new-age Melanie and rational lawyer Olivia, totally engaging and compelling in her own way, as well as in the context of her sisterhood.

Without giving any spoilers away, the challenges that Melanie and Olivia face on this journey, both physical and emotional, uncover deep themes, including spirituality, death, and the meaning of life. Through the events that unfold, the author’s handling of these themes, tricky at the best of times, is skillful, raising questions and possibilities that tug at the heart strings, while leaving it to the reader to come to final conclusions.

Four very well-deserved stars. I would be interested in reading more from this author.

A big thank you to NetGalley, the publisher Revell, and the author for an advance review copy of this book. ( )
  porte01 | Feb 19, 2021 |
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