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Third a Kiss (GODDESS ISLES Book 3) de…
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Third a Kiss (GODDESS ISLES Book 3) (edició 2020)

de Pepper Winters (Autor)

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711,986,292 (4.25)No n'hi ha cap
No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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No hi ha cap discussió a Converses sobre aquesta obra.

Love this book, hate the trope it looks like it's going to be. This book parallels Pepper Winters Monsters in the Dark. It has a lot of the same character types. The angsty, uber alpha, angry deviant sexy billionaire recluse. The perfect snowflake of a heroine who was purchased from the scary traffickers after being abducted. The instalove/hate that both characters fall into. The man who never, ever touches the women he purchased can't keep away from this perfect one.

I love that there are two characters - Pika and Skittles, two rescued and hand raised from eggs, small parrots that have fallen in love with the main characters and spend their time with them. Pepper gives these two little birds a big role in the book and any scene with them is at time funny, and heartbreaking in its poignancy. Seriously, Pika and Skittles have nothing on Old Yeller. As of the end of this book they are still very much alive (but I worry).

I thought I figured out the trope that would be the end of this book. As of 93% in, I thought it would be the kidnapped by the enemy under the cover of a distraction, so the hero can move worlds in order to rescue and avenge the heroine. Again, similar to Monsters in the Dark. Since the same traffickers that nabbed Elenore also got Tess from that series (they actually were in the same cell together in the beginning) it seemed a fair assessment.

I thought that the distraction (the bombing of a neighboring island) would prevent the hero (Sully) from noticing that the heroine (Elenore Grace "Goddess Jinx") had been whisked away she wasn't. I was also praying that Pika or Skittles weren't to be killed off while trying to defend their human from being kidnapped. An earlier scene had Skittles doing everything possible to get Sully's attention to get him to Elinore while other "Goddesses" were trying to kill her. .

I imagined a scene where men grabbed Elenore, and as she fought the birds would dive-bomb the kidnappers, and they (the kidnappers) would somehow manage to bat them (the birds) away, stomp on them or break them in their attempts. No matter what else happened, if that would take place I was prepared to ugly cry and throw my Kindle. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

At 93% in this was definitely shaping up to be the trope. I don't know what is better though, because the trope this book is going to have is the one that kind of has played out throughout the book. The hero who must stay away from/ warn off the heroine because he is "dangerous" to her.

Sully's an angry sex kind of guy - again- Monsters in the Dark parallel. Sully hasn't had sex in a long while because he refuses to take part in the sexual bacchanalia, he created on his island populated with purchased women and the men who pay top dollar to fuck them for a few days in the uber Virtual Reality fuck-room known as Euphoria.

He also has been raised to believe that anything he loves will end up dead. Dear brother taught him that with pets. Dear Mother taught him that when she said she was re-homing the rehabilitated animals Sully found, but instead sent them to the labs at their family’s big pharma company. Pika and Skittles were the only eggs left in a clutch found at the labs by Sully after he inherited the company and set the animals free. So, these little birds are a big deal.

Yeppers, the following is the trope we are going to be reading (or at least all evidence points to it) so here’s the spoiler in detail.
Sully's brother has decided that Sully must not only give over the deed to his islands, the sex serum, and all his worldly possessions, but he must also have Sully's newly accepted love Elinor. Sully's brother wants to use the nympho serum on Elinore and have his fun. If Sully agrees he can live, if he doesn't agree, his brother will still take and do those things but he will also kill Sully. Sully has four hours to comply. Sully has realized that he would do nothing short of murder to protect Elinore. So, in his mind he needs to push Elinore far away.

I am thinking we are going to have the "I am going to act like I hate you so you will willingly go away when I send you away for your own good because in truth I love you so much and don't want you to get hurt by the evil men who want you because I love you" trope. I hate that one.

Why can't a hero just tell the heroine that evil men (man) are coming for her as leverage over the hero? Why can't a hero tell the heroine that he's going to send her away and hide her somewhere where his billions of dollars can keep her safe while he deals with the problem? Why does the hero always resort to the "let's fuck with the heroine's heart/head so much that she actually believes that I just made a complete and utter change from my previously much declared love and in doing so makes the decision to run and stay away”? Really? Really? If this is where the series is heading, I will be so disappointed. There are so many ways around the "Evil men leveraging the heroes love for the woman to get their demands met" trope that do not involve mind-fucking the heroine because the hero believes that she hasn't got the ability to keep away or act like they aren't really in love. Sully has four hours to make a decision on what to do. Four hours is a lot of time to get away, to make a plan, but noo0oooo, this is the hero's final thoughts of the book

"Drake had once again won. He’d used my shortcomings; he’d sniffed out my fragility. He’d trapped me with the very same person I’d found such freedom with. I was fucked. My future was once again unknown. The one girl I would’ve given everything to now had to get as far away from me as possible. I would not watch her be hurt. I would not be the reason she ended up a charred carcass because of my screw-ups. She was everything to me. Therefore, she had to become nothing. I would happily die if it meant I could protect her. But I’d be damned if I’d let Eleanor die with me."

Now tell me that doesn't sound like what I think it will be?
Other than that, I am in love with the book. As long as the birds live, I'll just keep skimming past those scenes where my teeth would normally clench as the hero makes an ass out of himself presuming the heroine’s actions and behaviors.

( )
  Rellwood74 | Feb 18, 2021 |
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