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Fallen: A Novel of Suspense (Kate…
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Fallen: A Novel of Suspense (Kate Burkholder, 13) (edició 2021)

de Linda Castillo (Autor)

Sèrie: Kate Burkholder (13)

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9214234,582 (3.97)11
Títol:Fallen: A Novel of Suspense (Kate Burkholder, 13)
Autors:Linda Castillo (Autor)
Informació:Minotaur Books (2021), 320 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
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Fallen de Linda Castillo

No n'hi ha cap
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Lapsed Amish
Review of the Minotaur hardcover edition (July 2021)

I picked up Fallen as a completely spontaneous pick based on wondering what an Amish mystery would be like. This is actually the 13th in the small town police chief Kate Burkholder series but it is mostly self contained, aside from some allusions to earlier events.

I don't know anything about writer Linda Castillo but I have to assume that she does have a background with the Amish as she certainly is quite immersive about their lifestyles and manners. The book contains regular use of Pennsylvania Dutch or Deutsch, the German-based speech of the Amish. These occasional saying are immediately followed by their English equivalents so you are not left wondering what is going on. The only expression that I remember not being translated was the Rumspringa, the Amish rite of passage which must be well enough known for no more to be said.

So all in all this was good small town murder mystery story with an Amish angle, as both the victim and the police chief are lapsed Amish adding an extra point of identification and sympathy to the case with the chief having even known the girl in childhood.

I did really like that Burkholder and her partner are in a supportive personal and professional relationship. Too many novels with angsty and tormented protagonists get to be a bit tiresome.

I do have to say that I guessed the solution (or at least a significant element of it) immediately after Chapter 1, with some details allowing specific identities after only a few more Chapters. So perhaps there is an element of the author flattering the attentive reader. I'd certainly try a few more Castillo/Burkholders in the future, probably starting with the early ones. ( )
  alanteder | Aug 22, 2021 |
Painters Mill, Ohio, Police Chief Kate Burkholder has responded to a lot of crime scenes. The one at room 9 of the Willlowdell Motel as Fallen: A Kate Burkholder Novel by Linda Castillo begins is one of the worst she has ever seen in her career. From the carnage, it is clear that the woman was savagery beaten to death. It was some sort of frenzied or overkill attack. Rachel Schwartz’s final moments were horrific.

Many years ago, Kate Burkholder babysat Rachel and her brothers and sisters. She has not seen or spoken to Rachel in years as Rachel had left town long before Kate Burkholder came back home to be the police chief. Now it is her duty to lead an investigation into the murder that stirs up their shared past and much more.

Fallen: A Kate Burkholder Novel is an intense and deeply moving read. Linda Castillo again brings readers home to Painters Mill, Ohio, and its environs. Where there are differences in culture and religion, the past never stays buried. A complicated and multi layered read, this is one of those books that you just have to read.

Highly Recommended.

Fallen: A Kate Burkholder Novel
Linda Castillo
Minotaur Books (Macmillan Publishers)
ISBN#: 978-1-250-14292-4
Hardback (available in eBook and audio)
320 Pages

My copy came by way of the Downtown Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2021 ( )
  kevinrtipple | Aug 11, 2021 |
The story begins with the brutal murder of a young woman. And from that horrifying moment to the conclusion of the story, the author holds her readers in page-turning suspense. Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is drawn deeply into the case; the murder victim is known to her from the time when they both were growing up in the Amish community. Kate left the Amish, and became a protector of people, upholding law and order. Rachael abandoned her Amish roots, using people to her advantage, and living her life on the edge of danger, until it finally caught up with her. Kate has to reconstruct Rachael’s life and last days, to find who hated her so much. But Kate finds more than she bargained for, unearthing old crimes and old victims, all of which will lead to more heartaches and death. Ultimately, choices are made from which there is no return, and again, Kate puts her life on the line. And this time, she just might have underestimated the enemy and the danger she blindly walked into. This book has it all: great writing, wonderful characters, and an intriguing and complex plot - all the things Linda Castillo consistently gives her readers. Highly recommended. ( )
  Maydacat | Jul 13, 2021 |
Fallen by Linda Castillo starts off with a bang courtesy of a horrific, bloody murder. Even seasoned Police Chief Kate Burkholder has a hard time with the crime scene at the local motel. The victim turns out to be Rachael Schwartz whom Kate babysat as a child. Rachael left the community and became Englisch when she was seventeen. Rachael is the type of person who did not pull any punches. She pulled pranks, got into mischief, and managed to annoy most of the people she encountered. Rachael still did not deserve to die in that manner. Kate with help from John Tomasetti sets out to find Rachael’s killer. The characters in this series are complex, developed, and realistic. I especially enjoy Kate and John’s relationship. They are cute together and John understands Kate. I like the mix of Englisch and Amish. The mystery was well-done. It was well-plotted and a delight to solve. I enjoyed following Kate as she followed the clues, questioned suspects, and consulted with Tomasetti. There are subtle clues that can aid readers in identifying the guilty party. I did find the amount of violence (this one was a little extreme) and foul language to be a turn off (not enough to stop reading though). Fallen is the 13th A Kate Burkholder Novel. For those who are new to this series, Fallen can be read as a standalone. Personally, I have found it beneficial to read the series in order. Fallen is a complex whodunit with a motel murder, a rowdy rulebreaker, disappointed parents, severe violence, a cruel killer, and a committed chief of police. ( )
  Kris_Anderson | Jul 8, 2021 |
Kate Burkholder is one of my favorite mystery and suspense books series. The action starts from the beginning and continues until the end.
Kate left the Amish community some time ago but she’d sworn to protect the Painters Mill and its people.

Kate, a chief of police, investigates the murder of one of the Amish girls. Rachael Schwartz was always a troublemaker, broke rules, disobeyed her parents and recently released a book in which she trashed not only the Amish people, but also the Killbuck clan. She was shunned by the Amish and excommunicated. Her parents never accepted her leaving, they saw her as fallen, same as Kate. What was she doing in the Painters Mill motel? Who murdered her so brutally and torture her so badly?

Definitely very absorbing and captivating thriller. My guesses as it comes to the murderer were jumping from one person to another. I like when I am engrossed in the story which confuses me but at the same time engages me in the investigation. If you like a quick read with a mix of suspense, mystery and drama, then you should try this series. It doesn't have to be read in chronological order, as each book has its own story. ( )
  Maret-G | Jul 6, 2021 |
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