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Imperial China (Ms. Frizzle's…
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Imperial China (Ms. Frizzle's Adventures) (edició 2006)

de Joanna Cole (Autor)

Sèrie: The Magic School Bus (Ms. Frizzle's Adventures 3)

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Ms. Frizzle and her tour group are transported to China 1000 years in the past, where they learn how rice, tea and silk are grown and harvested, and visit the Emperor in the Forbidden City.
Títol:Imperial China (Ms. Frizzle's Adventures)
Autors:Joanna Cole (Autor)
Informació:Scholastic, Inc. (2006), Edition: 1st Scholastic Book Club Paperba
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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Imperial China de Joanna Cole

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I absolutely loved this book! I love any Magic School Bus story, but this one was so much fun to read. Not only was there a story line, but there was also a lot of fun facts about China on each page. Students would have a wonderful time reading this book while learning a lot about China. ( )
  Kathryn_Anne | Sep 1, 2016 |
I had no clue that Ms. Frizzle went on historical adventures too! In this story, she heads to Imperial China, along with a few of her students. They find their way through a farmers' village in China, experience the life of a rice farmer, meet the Emperor, and still make it back in time for Chinese New Year's dinner. I love all the extra information that this story gives. Random facts about China. How to write in Chinese. Things that were invented in China. I learned so much from this short story.
The very last page tells all the things of this story that are inaccurate according to the real world. I would have students try to predict all the fact about China that were no correct. This is a story I would read before Chinese New Year. ( )
  MareeTos | Feb 7, 2016 |
I absolutely love “Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures: Imperial China” by Joanna Cole. The Magic School Bus is such a great world to read about, and I love so many things about this book. First of all, I love that it is told by Ms. Frizzle’s point of view, because I want to be a teacher just like her, and I like to hear her side of the story. I also like that the book is laid out like a comic, with different strips and text bubbles. This makes it so fun to read and there is always a lot to look at. One of the extra features is a how-to on holding and using chopsticks! Another text box explains what a lion sculpture means in Chinese culture. The overall theme of the book is going back in time to learn about and appreciate ancient China. ( )
  ElizabethHaaser | Nov 10, 2014 |
Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Imperial China, from the creators of Magic School Bus, serves as a wonderful first foray into Chinese culture. There is a fictional narrative which intertwines with various facts and information regarding China. The book seems less dense and thus more manageable than some of the Magic School Bus books, yet provides ample information. The comic book style of the book is both visually appealing and easy to read. The current,progressing, fictional story line runs across the top of the pages, while facts and figure ranging from how to read Chinese to using chopsticks and planting rice, is segregated in a panel at the bottom of the page. The nonfictional element usually occur in step by step 'how to' frames.
The content is balanced. The author veers away from comparing The East and The West, and rather celebrates what makes China great. Throughout the book, the author enumerates the creativity of Chinese art and inventions via vivid examples. In the back of the book is a page which serves as a disclaimer, stating that lots of information was left out and that the authors took liberties with some facts. The best part of the book was the prompting to continue fact finding about China in other books. ( )
  jamiesque | Feb 12, 2012 |
Miss Frizzle and a sparse fraction of her students spend the afternoon in Imperial China, still making it back to present day in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Miss Frizzle’s point of view narrative is encapsulated within white boxes set aside from both the character dialogue and from the additional information presented at the bottom of the page. This three-way segregation of information complicates the tale in a way which fragments the reader’s attention. The storyline employs the somewhat unfortunate plot device of the mainly Caucasian group of outsiders helping to save the day for a non-white culture. However, this text does serve as a strong introduction to Imperial China, diagramming many elements of Chinese culture such as calligraphy, silk making, and rice harvesting, while also listing to the reader the extensive contributions of inventions that originated in Imperial China. The inclusion of an authentic Chinese poem gives readers a taste of non-Western poetry. Both the poem and subject research are listed in a front acknowledgements statement, verifying that Cole did sufficient research when constructing the text. Degen’s illustrations have evolved from the Magic School Bus series to contain less shadow graduation and appear more cartoonish. The background and artifacts described employ more detail, such as the many illustrations of the Chinese landscape, such as rice patties, marketplace, and the Great Wall of China. These illustrations are created using brush, ink, pen, and gouache. This non-fiction social studies text is recommended for children ages seven to ten. ( )
  Jessie_Bear | Nov 26, 2011 |
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The Magic School Bus (Ms. Frizzle's Adventures 3)
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Ms. Frizzle and her tour group are transported to China 1000 years in the past, where they learn how rice, tea and silk are grown and harvested, and visit the Emperor in the Forbidden City.

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951 — History and Geography Asia China and adjacent areas

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