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Island Queen: A Novel de Vanessa Riley
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Island Queen: A Novel (edició 2021)

de Vanessa Riley (Autor)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
696309,871 (3.5)1
Títol:Island Queen: A Novel
Autors:Vanessa Riley (Autor)
Informació:William Morrow (2021), 587 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Detalls de l'obra

Island Queen de Vanessa Riley

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Island Queen is an interesting work of historical fiction focused on the incredible Dorothy Kirwan Thomas. Born a slave Dorothy earns the money to buy her freedom. An enterprising woman she becomes one of the wealthiest merchants in several Caribbean locations. The setting in Montserrat, Dominica, British Guiana, Grenada and Barbados is unique to most historical fiction novels I've read.

I enjoyed learning but found the sections on Dorothy's romances and struggles with her MANY children and grandchildren either less interesting or difficult to follow. She had eleven children and lots of in-laws. I sometimes had a difficult time remembering who was who. ( )
  Nancyjcbs | Sep 24, 2021 |
Vanessa Riley’s novel brings Doll to vivid life as she rises above the harsh realities of slavery and colonialism by working the system and leveraging the competing attentions of the men in her life: a restless shipping merchant, Joseph Thomas; a wealthy planter hiding a secret, John Coseveldt Cells; and a roguish naval captain who will later become King William IV of England.

From the bustling port cities of the West Indies to the forbidding drawing rooms of London’s elite, Island Queen is a sweeping epic of an adventurer and a survivor who answered to no one but herself as she rose to power and autonomy against all odds, defying rigid eighteenth-century morality and the oppression of women as well as people of color. It is an unforgettable portrait of a true larger-than-life woman who made her mark on history.

This was an incredible and inspiring story based on the real life of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas. And what a life it was!

Dolly was determined to make something of her life in a time that didn’t make it easy for women! Hearing how she achieves these goals is just as fascinating as her personal life! It wasn’t all gumballs and rainbows either. She had struggle and heartache. You can’t help but admire Doll for her strength, courage and the length she was willing to go for her family. Even if you don't always agree with how she does something.

Vanessa Riley did a fabulous job bringing Dorothy's story to life! It always amazes me when you can feel the time and dedication an author puts into a book, that alone can make a story come alive. Happy reading everyone! ( )
  jacashjoh | Aug 16, 2021 |
My initial thought upon finishing this book is that someone should really make a movie about the life of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas, the central character of this novel. My second thought was curiosity about why more historical figures like this woman aren't featured more frequently in historical fiction. The author's note at the conclusion offers some ideas on this thought and I appreciated the author's research and how she clearly worked with the available information to create a believable portrayal of Dorothy Thomas's life. If this book has a flaw, it's the length combined with the number of children and grandchildren Dorothy has (I couldn't keep them all straight by the end). I almost wonder if Dorothy's story could have been a trilogy of novels instead of just one. Still, I would highly recommend this book for historical fiction fans and I hope to see more novels like this published. ( )
  wagner.sarah35 | Jul 24, 2021 |
If I had not done some research, I would have thought this was pure fiction, but the story is based on a real woman, Dorothy Kirwan. Born on the tiny Caribbean Island of Monserrat, she bought her freedom along with that of her sister and mother. She worked hard to gain freedom from her Irish planter father. She was a creative entrepreneur, merchant owner of a hotel and planter from Dominica and Barbados to Guiana on the South American continent. She had many white men seeking her love including a prince of Britain. I am so glad this amazing, strong woman is now immortalized in historical fiction. ( )
  brangwinn | Jul 22, 2021 |
I will admit to knowing absolutely nothing about Dorothy Kirwan Thomas but thought she sounded like an interesting person and could not resist this gorgeous cover. An enslaved woman who buys her own freedom and the freedom of her family to become a wealthy landowner of the West Indies? Sign me up!

Told in multiple time periods we follow Dolly and her life as she wins the freedom of her family, must make life or death decisions and eventually secures the future for her daughters. Dolly does not deal with fools, which probably helps in her mission and life.

Unfortunately, this wasn't it. I hate the jumping of time periods due to it being very confusing. Dolly wasn't interesting at all as a character and it was hard to pin her down partially because of the jumping around and time skips. As others mention, there's too much about her lovers and it becomes soap opera-ish at times.

As a concept and as an exploration it seemed like a great concept. I'm not sure if the author didn't have more to go on and/or this was a reflection of the real life Dolly but it also made it hard to understand exactly how she got to the position she was in with all the focus on the romances.

I'd skip this one. If you're really interested, library borrow was best. ( )
  HoldMyBook | Jul 17, 2021 |
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