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Logan Likes Mary Anne! (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel #8) (8) (The…

de Ann M. Martin

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No n'hi ha cap
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My girls read the BSC books and watched the show, but this was my first one to read. I can see why they liked them. I really appreciate the diversity in this book and that Mary Anne is being raised by a single parent. This was not reflected in the 1988 book, at least not np y what I see on the cover.

In this one the BSC is starting 8th grade. Mary Anne marks the momentous occasion by falling for a guy who's just moved to Stonybrook.. The club becomes overwhelmed with too many jobs so they look to take on new members. This was not a hasty decision on the part of the club. They consider the two newcomers to their school, a boy named Logan and and a girl named Jessie.

Time moves on and Logan invites hy Mary Anne to the Remember September Dance. Mary Anne's dad gives her permission to go, with strict instructions and even gives her his credit card to buy a new outfit. The whole club gives shopping with her and a cute skirt is purchased. At the dance itself, Mary Anne actually manages to have a good time until her shoe flies off and nearly hits the vice principal in the head. She's mortified, and goes stomping off to the bleachers until the dance is over. Logan is Super Boyfriend and makes it all good for her and the relationship continues.

Stacey pushes Mary Anne to invite logan to a party she's having, which is going to involve a surprise cake in honor of Mary Anne's birthday. When the cake is brought out and Mary Anne finds herself the center of attention, she leaves the party runs home. I thought that a strange reaction.

The next day, over breakfast with her dad, Mary Anne asks him for a cat for her birthday. He agrees, and she calls Logan to ask him to come to the shelter with her later that day to help pick it out. They talk about the party, and Logan is completely understanding. Of course, super boyfriend strikes again. . He meets dad and Mary Anne at the shelter, and she adopts the other love of her life, Tigger. Wow, unique name.

A few days later, the BSC is meeting when a job comes in that none of them can take. It's for a family with four boys, and the girls know that Logan would be perfect for the job. They don't want to give the job to a non-club member, so Mary Anne comes up with the whole associate member idea. Logan accepts, and all is right with the world.

Thus s fun to read but I find it to be more of fantasy story because this is not how middle school relationships happen in reality.

To me the characters seemed younger than eighth grade but Stacy McGill looks like an adult. I think since the book was first published in the 80’s, children have changed in many ways. They are more aware and are faced with more mature situations. I think social media, cell phones, iPads and Netflix have made our children less innocent when I compare life today to my children growing up in the 80’s and 90’s.

I don’t see. Middle school readers clambering for this outdated series, but it was fun to read. ( )
  jothebookgirl | Nov 22, 2020 |
Gale Galligan wraps up her tour of duty on the Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel adaptations just as she is hitting her stride. Shy Mary Anne gets all excited and anxious as new boy in school Logan Bruno starts paying attention to her. A warm and fuzzy little story about dating in eighth grade. ( )
  villemezbrown | Nov 1, 2020 |
The girls in the Baby-Sitters Club start eighth grade and meet new students who recently moved into town and are interested in becoming babysitters -- Jessi from New Jersey and Logan from Kentucky. And Logan looks just like Mary Anne's celebrity crush so she's immediately swooning over him!

This is another gem in the new graphic novel adaptations of the Baby-Sitters Club series. The title gives away the fact that Mary Anne's feelings are reciprocated so there's no real tension there. This is good in a way; especially when the world is particularly overwhelming or dismal seeming, it's nice to retreat into something where the problems are manageable and seem that way from the outset. This is also a nice change of pace compared to all the "problem" novels out there for the target audience of middle graders. Yes, it is important that there are books that cover deep topics like abuse, bullying, parental divorce, racism, etc. But sometimes it's also nice to have books that just focus on more mundane problems of finding a pretty dress for a dance and negotiating with a parent for a pet.

Gale Galligan's illustrations are lovely; they are in line with the imagery with which Raina Telgemeier started the graphic novel series but have a little bit of Galligan's own style. For instance, I find Galligan's facial expressions far more emotive. Galligan also makes an effort to have a more diverse cast of characters. The two new characters are both of color; also the background of scenes with a dance, a party, and school activities have tweens wearing hijabs, using wheelchairs, and just generally being of different races/ethnicities. One odd thing is Galligan depicts an old rotary phone and tube TV in Mary Anne's house, but the fashion choices are modern as is the placement of laptops in certain scenes. ( )
  sweetiegherkin | Sep 30, 2020 |
Es mostren totes 3
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This book is for my old baby-sitters, Maura and Peggy - A. M. M.
For Patrick and the full minute we spent laughing at a weird face Dipper made. And for you! I'm so glad we got to spend this time together. - G. G.
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The last day of summer vacation. It was hard to believe. One day we were rushing out of school, leaving seventh grade behind. And now suddenly two months had sped by.
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Do not combine this graphic novel adaptation with the original novel.
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