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These Hollow Vows
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These Hollow Vows

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Títol:These Hollow Vows
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Informació de l'obra

These Hollow Vows de Lexi Ryan

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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“That no matter how hopeless I feel, there’s always a little more hope inside me. That no matter how faithless I think I am, there is always something to believe in.”

“If I know anything, it’s that I’ll never trust the fae.”

5/5 ⭐️! If you enjoyed The Cruel Prince, ACOTAR, and The Selection, this is the next book for you. When I first started this book, I was getting major ACOTAR knock off vibes but as the story and the characters developed, I became very invested in this love triangle, as well as the world building. I thought Sebastian was too good to be true, but damn! At first I was only going to rate this as 4/5 stars, but any book that can blindside me like that and keep me from guessing the major plot twist deserves 5/5 stars! Can’t wait for the next book! ( )
  KRL9193 | Nov 21, 2021 |
"Personally, I don't hope. Not ever. Hope is addictive, and you start relying on it. In a world this cruel, I won't be caught needing a crutch."

As stated in other reviews this feels heavily inspired by ACOTAR and a tiny bit The Cruel Prince. (I loved both series, so of course I had to read this).

And while I could definitely see the similarities and ties to ACOTAR, I felt this book had some interesting and unique twists that I didn't see coming (okay, maybe I did and just chose to be blissfully ignorant - who's to say?)

Overall was a fun book with some twists and turns.

AND THAT ENDING?! That ending got me, not gonna lie.

Next book. Now. Please. ( )
  thinktink93 | Oct 27, 2021 |
I'm not generally a fan of stories about the Fae, but this one grabbed me and held me all the way to the end. I'll be very interested in seeing what the second book brings. ( )
  sennebec | Sep 16, 2021 |
All I can say is WOW!!! I wanted to get my hands on this book SOOO badly and when I finally did... I was not disappointed!! I love, love LOVED every minute in this world with these characters!

I watched the page progression like a hawk, willing things to slowwww down... all the while smitten with the perfectly set tempo. The writing was solid. The premise was unique and the plot was captivating with some romance, court intrigue, constant wondering what the motivations were behind each character's actions and a twist or two. The characters were rich, morally gray (just like I like them) and yummily textured. Together it all meshed beautifully. I have zero complaints. One of the biggest twists was easily sussed out early(ish) on but that did nothing to detract from the story when it came time for the big reveal. I was rooting for a certain prince right out of the gate and even though I might have lost faith in him, his intentions and/or his true feelings for our unapologetically kick ass MC, Abriella for the briefest of spells... I was extremely happy when all of the tea was spilled and everyone's dirty laundry was aired in the thrilling conclusion.

This highly anticipated read was everything I expected and more with great writing, excellent character development and rich background building. You will definitely not be sorry if you choose to give it some of your precious time and emotional investment. It had a bit of A Court Of Thorns And Roses vibe working for it which, in my opinion, is a pretty big compliment. Because there was a bit of sexytime, it's not fully suitable for the younger end of YA even though it's just a smidgen of the overall plot.

It left off on a rather heated, emotional cliffy which has me salivating for the second, and final book in this duology. Man oh man, only a handful of times has a year's wait felt so daunting! I can't recommend this read highly enough... it is Fae/human awesomeness!

~ Enjoy ( )
  BethYacoub | Aug 11, 2021 |
If I had paid more attention to the blurb, I would have not picked this up. I just don’t do love triangles. At all. 10/10, it’s a complete turn off for me when I pick up any book and it doesn’t matter what genre but nonetheless here we’re back here again with a review for another book that has been inspired by the overhyped, ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’. When will this madness stop?


Anywho… Was I able to surpass that dreadful bermuda triangle (that’s almost in every human/fae fantasy romance book)? No. Was the writing style, plot, and characters able to savage this read for me? Minus the writing style, again no.

Abriella acted and wanted to be considered a badass but she obviously failed, the heroine was waaaay too indecisive for my taste, and oblivious to the manipulation surrounding her. The ‘epic’ love triangle and the constant back and forth between Finn and Sebastian had me rolling my eyes. I couldn’t deal.

The only positives were the fairly decent world-building, writing and the stunning cover. Everything else—flat characters, boring and overused plot I have seen time and time again, and closely ACOTAR (along with TFOTA and The Selection per book friend) resemblance that was appalling to read will prevent me from picking this series up again in the future.

Be that as it may, I can see Sarah J. Maas and Holly Black fans being drawn to this. Hopefully their reading experience is much more than delightful than mines. ( )
  ayoshina | Jan 20, 2021 |
Es mostren totes 5
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