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People We Meet on Vacation de Emily Henry
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People We Meet on Vacation (edició 2021)

de Emily Henry (Autor)

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2201193,828 (4.13)1
Títol:People We Meet on Vacation
Autors:Emily Henry (Autor)
Informació:Berkley (2021), 384 pages
Col·leccions:E-books - unread
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

People We Meet on Vacation de Emily Henry

S'està carregant…

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Poppy and Alex are opposites, but the kind of opposite that brings out the best in the other. Alex is repressed and cautious while Poppy is loud and kind. He likes their small town while she couldn't get out fast enough. But every summer for the past eight years they've vacationed together.
The story is told alternating between past trips and their current one to Palm Springs and Alex's brother's wedding. It's obvious they've always loved each other but because of their backgrounds, it's hard for them to take a chance on ruining their friendship.
It's a romantic trope and there's no new ground trod here plot-wise. But Ms. Henry wrings humor and joy out of each experience that left me laughing - a lot. It's a great follow-up to Beach Read and a book worth reading. ( )
  N.W.Moors | Jun 7, 2021 |
The Short of It:

Not quite the resolution I wanted or needed but was entertaining and enjoyable nonetheless.

The Rest of It:

This pretty much sums it up:

"Two best friends. Ten summer trips. One last chance to fall in love." ~ Indiebound

Poppy and Alex meet in college. They share a ride home. Two complete opposites. It reminded me a lot of the movie When Harry Met Sally. They don’t really have much in common but they vacation together once a year, even if they are with other people which is interesting. Can men be friends with women? They believe so.

The story alternates between past summers and the current one. The one where Poppy finally realizes that she is in love with Alex and has been for years. The thing is, she doesn’t think Alex is in love with her, but after a recent break-up she tempts fate and sends him a text to see if he’d be interested in a summer trip. She is a travel writer and what her employer can pay for a trip is a lot more than what she can afford on her own so why not take advantage of it?

There is a lot of back and forth with this story. A lot of he said, she said but also past and present time jumping. It took me awhile to get into it, maybe 60 pages? But I really enjoyed Alex so I stayed with the book. Poppy was all over the place but sweet and well-meaning. Together, they seemed wrong for each other but then again, opposites attract.

Towards the end, there was a lot of me thinking, let’s wrap it up which probably isn’t a good sign. This is one of those reads that I enjoyed but didn’t love or adore. As for the title, I pondered it. People We Meet on Vacation. In my opinion, the story has little to do with the people they meet. It has everything to do with them meeting up with each other every year and having to re-learn their likes and dislikes. Years can change people. Bad relationships can change people too. But good friends? They can last a lifetime.

I’ve not read Henry’s other books so I can’t compare this story with her others, but there was a enough in this book to like for me to try another book by her.

For more reviews, visit my blog: Book Chatter. ( )
  tibobi | Jun 4, 2021 |
Five smiley gooey stars for this one. I absolutely adored Beach Read, Henry's first romance targeted to adults. and this one was not quite as wonderful, but it was still really close.

Poppy and Alex are beautifully drawn characters. They both had annoying and off-putting characteristics because all humans have annoying and off-putting characteristics. Poppy rolls around in her millennial ennui and Alex wraps himself in "normal" to avoid failure. The primary differences in this book over others where those characteristics might bug me is that the characters grow and change, and they have a rich backstory that makes their personalities understandable and relatable to everyone. Its not "I was born in 1990 and this is our generation." It is "this is my life, I am a unique individual, and these are the experiences that shaped me. Now, what do I want to keep and what do I want to work through and develop differently."

I loved watching these two grow up, and I loved meeting their families, their friends, and especially the people they met on vacation. Henry has said this is an homage to When Harry Met Sally, and I think that comes through over and over. Its updated a lot, and the genders are swapped. Poppy is Harry, and she has a lot of the more adorable qualities that Billy Crystal brought to the role as well as the very non-adorable defense mechanism of fending off real feelings using humor (which is my own defense mechanism so I can guarantee it is not adorable.) Alex, the reserved rule follower, is a much more appealing character than is Sally though both embrace following the protocol to avoid hurt. (Confession: I love aspects of that movie, but I don't love the movie. I know, everyone loves the movie. But I really disliked Sally's character for the most part and I did not understand what anyone saw in her other than that she was attractive. Here I liked Alex because I understood him and saw not just the external rigid martinet, but a stable, responsible, empathic man who was absolutely lovable and also attractive.)

Anyway... this book made me feel really happy. I listened to this one and it was read by my very favorite reader and it was joy to listen to, as all books read by Julia Whelan are. I listened to some of this while driving to Pennsylvania. I turned it on as I was waiting in line to enter the Lincoln Tunnel. There was an accident and it took me over an hour to get through the (damn) tunnel. When I finally emerged into the glory that is New Jersey I was smiling like a goon. After over an hour I was less than 10 miles from home and I had spent about 30 of those minutes under the Hudson River and I was smiling! Also, I finished this last night, roughly 12 hours ago, and I am still smiling. That is a lot of smiling. ( )
  Narshkite | May 20, 2021 |
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Such an amazing beach read along with Beach Read. I literally have half the book tagged. A more cohesive and coherent review coming soon! ( )
  Rachharrill | May 19, 2021 |
So after sitting down to read this in one day-one sitting really-I sat on my feelings about it for nearly another. This is not my usual.

Henry's writing is addictive; there is no denying that it's appealing and easy to read. And while I was reading this, I was swept away, I was. I never got tired of reading it or regretted spending my Sunday doing just that. And only that.

But then I had to step away to determine how this functioned as a romance and not just a reading experience. You see, I take my reviews seriously (insert snark face) and I will now regale you with an essay on what didn't work.
Why that? Because I know for a fact that this book is absolutely gonna work for 90% of the readers. *waveshands* so go read theirs.

Problem the first:

I'm an extremely sensitive person. So much so, I can't point out certain things to people (like even my husband) if another person could find them embarrassing-not talking about something in your teeth embarrassing but other stuff that serves no purpose. (I will never say x person stunk tonight to my husband for instance, and omg do I not tease teens) Not happening. So while I can appreciate Poppy I'm also gonna tell you-her brand of funny would tear me apart. It would rain on every parade. I'd dissect it after I left her. I'd feel defensive of others in her presence. And I'd decide she wasn't a person that made me feel good. I think she'd be awesome friend for so many, but for me, I'd have to break up with her. Again, I ultimately enjoyed her character-her instant defensiveness of her family. Her spontaneity. She's funny, she's warm. But her reliance on making fun of her people the way she did, she always did, was hard for me to read at times. I might even question anything sincere she ever said with so much cutting. Yes, Alex gives some back. but I have to think about how I feel if the hero did this/held this sense of humor and I would...vomit.

2: I can buy miscommunications. I can buy hiding things. However "the conflict" from Croatia...this...this is all something else.
(view spoiler)
3) Mostly this book made me sad.
(view spoiler)I don't know what's wrong with me, but Emily Henry and I just don't have a thing. (Although it's likely I'll keep reading her because I might someday figure this out or click) In the end, none of this felt good to me?

4) I really really do not know how I felt about the sex scenes. Or the chemistry. Was this my problem?

5) The End- distinct to 3) but not quite (view spoiler)

6) Math (or editing!) problems. Alex is the tallest brother. But then in the same paragraph Callum (?) is taller than him. Like, it literally said "Alex is the tallest and broadest" and then it says "Callum is just taller than Alex" (or David, but you know, whoever) Was it a logic puzzle? It pulled me out of the story. I reread it 5 times. I feel like I'm missing something.

Also, Alex's mom died. So he cared for his brothers by cooking etc. At 6. I...what? Is this petty? Perhaps? Have you seen a kindergarten teacher and asked her what is the best stuff she has to say all day, "going to the bathroom is private," "Please don't lick the wall," At first I was under the impression that he was like 10 or 11, but then later it talks about him only knowing her and barely remembering her because she died when he was 6. I mean, it did say PBJs and not like cooking with gas...

I'm sad to say this after such a favorite opening scene. I really loved that. But Poppy and Alex left me feeling a little too busted up. ( )
  samnreader | May 16, 2021 |
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