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Who Was Anne Frank? de Ann Abramson
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Who Was Anne Frank? (edició 2007)

de Ann Abramson (Autor)

Sèrie: Who Was ...? (26)

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Looks closely at Anne Frank's life before the secret annex, what life was like in hiding from the Nazis, and the legacy of her diary.
Títol:Who Was Anne Frank?
Autors:Ann Abramson (Autor)
Informació:Penguin Workshop (2007), Edition: ILL, 112 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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Who Was Anne Frank? de Ann Abramson

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  Shardajia | Nov 23, 2021 |
Anne Frank is about a Jewish girl trying to live her life in the holocaust. It tells a story about a little girl and her life before the holocaust happened. It's about the struggles she had to go through being stuck inside of a attic for a long period of time with her family. It talks about how a girl spent almost 2 years in the attic with her family. It also talks about how she started writing in her diary about a play she wanted to do. Also, it talks about the life and death of Anne Frank. Also the book focuses on her family and her struggles being with her family. It also talks about how she wanted to become a actor or a writer.

I like this book because it talk about a young girl trying to make life easy for her knowing what kind of situation she is in. Anne Frank goes to her diary about how she feels. She gets through hard times with being a teenager in a attic with her family. Anne goes through trials and tribulations with having to follow the rules without being caught . She falls in "love" with a boy she barely even knows but ,in that situation what can you do? She talks about becoming a star. She has determination that a lot of girl would want to have. She love being around her family even though it's everyday of every minute. Anne shows that even when you might be in the toughest situations you can still do what you want to do ( )
  DHarris.ELA2 | May 25, 2020 |
This is one of my favorite books. I like this book because it is so engaging and pushes readers to think about tough issues and broadens perspectives. I like that this book teaches the reader about The Holocaust while through the lens of a young girl. The main idea of this book is to tell the real life story of Anne Frank. The book pushes readers to broaden their perspective on life and to think about the struggles of others. I also think this book is not intimidating and allows for the reader to learn a lot through an unsettling approach. ( )
  ayamma1 | Apr 2, 2020 |
This picture book describes the life of Anne Frank with the support of some black and white illustrations. This book describes Anne Frank's before she was in hiding, what life was like while she was in hiding, and what her diary was all about. This is a great book to incorporate into any history lesson, as it is a more personal way to teach kids about who Anne Frank was. Most kids will one day read Anne Frank's Tales From The Secret Annex, and this is a great way to give students some background information about who she is. On the other hand, even if kids are not going to read this more advanced novel, this book is still very useful on its own. It carries the message that determination and being brave can take you far, and to never give up. If it were not for Anne Frank, we would not have a lot of information about this historical time that we do indeed have. ( )
  mwerde2 | Mar 24, 2020 |
In this easy-to-read biography, readers learn about Anne's life before the secret annex and what life was like in hiding. The text includes illustrations of maps and diagrams to provide historical reference for young readers. ( )
  Banderson2 | Feb 17, 2020 |
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Ann Abramsonautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Harrison, NancyIl·lustradorautor principaltotes les edicionsconfirmat

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Looks closely at Anne Frank's life before the secret annex, what life was like in hiding from the Nazis, and the legacy of her diary.

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