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Meet Me in London: A Novel de Georgia…
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Meet Me in London: A Novel (edició 2021)

de Georgia Toffolo (Autor)

Sèrie: Meet Me (1)

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294670,494 (4.21)1
Títol:Meet Me in London: A Novel
Autors:Georgia Toffolo (Autor)
Informació:HQN (2021), Edition: Original, 336 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Meet Me in London de Georgia Toffolo

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This book is perfect for a light read.

The story flows smoothly. Both the main characters Oliver and Victoria are very likable. Victoria’s friendship with her friends is so amazing and it’s one that gives major friendship goals.

It’s both cute and enjoyable! I had fun time reading it and will be eagerly waiting for the next one! ( )
  Vanessa_Menezes | Mar 17, 2021 |
Meet me in London by Georgia Toffolo is a 2020 Mills & Boon publication.


Victoria Scott works as a bartender in Chelsea, but aspires to have a career in fashion design, hoping to one day open her own boutique.

Life has thrown Victoria a couple of tough curves, plus, she’s recently gone through a painful breakup. Now her professional life could be at risk, too, due to the arrival of a new department store opening right at the end of her road.

Oliver is a workaholic under extreme pressure from his mother to get married. He doesn’t have time for romance, and so to get his mother off his back, he’s led her to believe he's seeing someone, but the problem is, his relentless mother is pressuring him to introduce this nonexistent girl to the family.

When Victoria and Oliver literally run into each other the encounter leads to a formal agreement between them- if Victoria will 'pretend' to be his 'temporary' girlfriend, he will help get her designs noticed.

Naturally, the arrangement hits a few snags- for starters, the couple really do have an undeniable chemistry which tempts them to remove the word ‘pretend’ from their arrangement. But, the ‘temporary’ part will arrive all too soon, and the last thing Victoria needs is another broken heart.

Yes, this is a very light contemporary romance, and the premise is not exactly original, but the characters and their poignant backstories give it just the right touch of warmth, emotion, and depth. The cover suggests a holiday theme, but it’s slight and runs in the background.

There is a very full cast of characters in this book- more than I am normally comfortable with, but the author balanced things quite well, and I’m thinking this book could be an anchor for subsequent installments, since Victoria has a few old friends who deserve a story of their own someday.

Over, this a cute, sweet romance, easy to read, and yet another perfect, protective cocoon of distraction against all the distressing turmoil out there.

4 stars ( )
  gpangel | Dec 10, 2020 |
A sweet treat
4 stars

I am a fan of Made in Chelsea so am familiar with - and liked - Georgia Toffolo before knowing she’d written a book. However, if you’re not a fan of reality TV, or have no idea who Toff is, please don’t let that put you off. Ms Toffolo has always been a writer - the TV programme showing her when she worked at a popular ladies magazine. So her credentials aren’t just that she was previously on a reality show.

Anyway… onto the book.

This was a super cute treat and a perfect Mills & Boon Christmas treat. The writing is fresh, fun and has the enthusiasm and excitement I’ve come to expect from Ms Toffolo. There is quite a lot of conversation and a lot of detail, but you never get bogged down or overwhelmed. In fact, it’s the myriad of little details that really draw a bigger picture of London at Christmas time. It’s clear that the author has a real love of London and all its nooks and crannies - especially fabric shops!

Victoria is a likeable character and felt real to me. She has lots of layers, including trauma in her past - but it’s never too much and never lets you feel sorry for her. She acts in ways true to how I think I would act if I was participating in a fake relationship - and was falling for my fake fiancé! Panic, fear and over-thinking everything, mainly!

Oliver was an equally delightful character. He’s frustrated with his life and the path that he’s on so the joy he finds in Victoria’s company is especially delightful. He’s like a hot, sexy geeky millionaire and such a decently nice guy. He was perfect for Victoria and the book as a whole.

As I mentioned, Victoria has gone through some trauma that has affected her outlook on life and love. While this is an important part of Victoria, and is ‘teased’ for a few chapters before finally revealed, it’s never too upsetting or angsty. And with the right man, her medical issues are not issues at all - a fact Oliver proves when he’s finally told.

There’s talk of it, but the sex in the book happens completely behind closed doors which definitely fit with the tone of the book. Seeing anything would have felt kind of wrong, somehow - so I’m pleased, for once, that there were no overt shenanigans!

One thing I will say is that I felt this read more like a new adult romance than a contemporary one. The characters are 28 and 31, if I recall correctly and while Oliver was probably more believable as someone in his early 30s, Victoria’s position, outlook and overall demeanour definitely read, to me, as someone in their early 20s. This isn’t necessarily a criticism as I very much enjoy NA romances, but I felt happier once I adjusted their ages in my head!

Overal, this was a sweet, lively and readable Christmas romance that perfectly fits the Mills & Boon brand. Victoria’s friends appear quite heavily in this story, and seemed to have a close bond as a group. If Ms Toffolo writes stories for the rest of the friend group, I’m going to snap them right up. As a first book, this was a super sweet treat and one I would recommend if you enjoy a M&B tale. 4 stars. ( )
  joreadsromance | Oct 11, 2020 |
The story is about Victoria, a bar manager who aspires to be a full-time fashion designer. Victoria also teaches a small group of underprivileged students in her flat above the bar she manages. The students are ready to exhibit their work, but they haven't found a venue yet.

Carrying home a large box of fabrics and accessories for her students, she literally bumps into Oliver, the son and heir to the Russell & Co department chain. After they dust themselves down, Oliver realises they can be of help to each other. Victoria needs a venue to showcase her students work, and he needs a fake fiancee to present to his parents at the new store opening.

Naturally, there are secrets and problems to overcome, and the biggest one as far as Victoria is concerned, has seen her previous boyfriend, Peter, end their relationship. Victoria fears Oliver will walk away just as Peter did, so closes herself off to the possibility of a real relationship with Oliver. Can they overcome their respective fears or is Victoria's secret determined to keep them apart?

I loved the main characters Victoria and Oliver. They felt very real and genuinely nice people. I couldn't help but want them to realise their love for each other and find happiness together. I didn't like Andrew, Oliver's cousin, whose jealousy of Oliver made him quite unpalatable. Nor did I like Peter. I think Victoria had a very lucky escape there!

As a debut novel, I thought it was of a good standard. The writing style is easy to read and I found Meet Me In London to be an uplifting story. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to readers who enjoy a bit of chick-lit. ( )
  Deborah_J_Miles | Aug 12, 2020 |
Es mostren totes 4
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