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Blackberry Beach: A Hope Harbor Novel de…
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Blackberry Beach: A Hope Harbor Novel (2021 original; edició 2021)

de Irene Hannon (Autor)

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Another great story from Hope Harbor. Katherine is ready to find out what exactly she is looking for as she travels to Hope Harbor. She is feeling overwhelmed when she should be on top of the world and Hope Harbor should be exactly what she needs. While there she gets teamed up with Zach to help out some children. It is always interesting to see how two people who don't want to do something interact with each other. They soon find themselves working together to help out some children and find that they are more alike than they first believed.

I received a copy of the book to read, the review is mine. ( )
1 vota polarmath | May 11, 2021 |
I have greatly enjoyed the Hope Harbor series and this novel is a delightful addition to the series! I liked the characters a lot in this book and thought their relationship flowed very naturally. Irene Hannon has a great gift of storytelling that draws you into the plot with ease and allows you to envision the coastal setting, quirky characters, and sweet romance. I think this particular book can stand alone, but some of the repeat background characters are made richer by reading other books in the series. I really liked the integration of spiritual truths in the novel. This book is a heartwarming read, perfect for reading along a summer beach! Recommended to those who enjoy contemporary romance!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. ( )
  lifeofliterature | Apr 30, 2021 |
Reading a new Hope Harbor novel is like returning home, after being gone for awhile. Oh, there may be new people in town but familiar faces are still around, and seeing them is like a comforting balm. Two of the newcomers are Zach Garrett and Katherine Palmer, who are both seeking a quieter, easier way of life, and they end up sharing Blackberry Beach. As they get to know each other, it's apparent that there's so much more that they could share, if they could let go of their past inhibitions.
Irene Hannon has a knack for creating fantastic characters in romantic situations, and Blackberry Beach is no exception. Katherine and Zach experience a strong connection, but there's another special relationship between Zach's aunt and barista, Stephanie and Frank. My heart, however, was claimed once again by one of her recurring characters, Charley from the taco stand. He is always there to offer encouragement, sound advice, and a reminder to believe and trust in God. "He didn't pray for himself, Zach. He prayed for you. Those prayers could be why you're here."
Blackberry Beach is a lovely story that reminds us to remember those we've lost, and to treasure those who remain. I recommend it to all who enjoy contemporary romantic fiction with a faith theme running through it.
I received a copy of this book from Revell. There was no obligation for a positive review. I am sharing my own thoughts. ( )
  fcplcataloger | Apr 30, 2021 |
This is my second Hope Harbor series book to read and I hope to read all of them!
As I began reading my mind raced back to the previous book and Hope Harbor’s charm and nostalgia. The author has created a place you would want to visit and even live there: the wonderful people, the town’s businesses and the ocean with its beautiful beaches. I love it!
Being a small community, anyone new is noticed right away (I have lived in places like that). The new comer is young woman that is very guarded and reclusive. She interacts very little with others and wears huge sunglasses to hide her face. Zach Garrett who owns the local coffee shop notices her right away. Fascinated by her secrecy and mysteriousness he finds himself determined to befriend her. He discovers she is renting the beach house next door to him. Perfect! He will stop at nothing to get to know her and her story.
. Some of the characters are at a crossroads in their lives. It takes courage to step out and take a different path from the one you have become accustom to for so long. At first it can seem wrong and uncomfortable. Most of us don’t like change, even for the better. I liked that even though they grappled and even resisted with a new direction because of the unknown, they relied on God to direct them. I could relate to times in my life when God was nudging me to move away from my comfort or not so comfortable zone. The decision each of the individuals stood at the edge of, dealt with new relationships, healing seemingly impossible old ones, and their calling in life. I must admit their grappling with whether they would step out on faith, kept me on the edge of my seat. I kept wondering what they would choose (and what I thought they could choose!). I had trouble putting it down! A wonderful Christian read!
I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own. ( )
  Mizroady | Apr 29, 2021 |
One of the wonderful things about this story is how the characters find out what is most important in their lives. Some may think fame and fortune will bring us happiness while others think being successful is more important. As the characters maneuver in Hope Harbor we focus on Katherine and Zach.

I liked how Katherine was introduced into the story with a hint of mystery surrounding her. The author gives us a person who wants to get away from all the responsibilities her life has brought her and rethink her future. Katherine was aloof and I think that is perhaps why I liked her so much. I’m not much into sharing anything personal so I was able to relate to her in that respect.

Zach has changed his career and by doing that has caused his relationship with his father to fracture. What I liked most about Zach was how he was determined to find something that made him happy. His coffee shop is the perfect place for him to unwind and mingle with the townspeople and be content as a store owner.

There is much this book offers in the way of lessons. One of the most important ones is finding your place in live that makes you happy. Allowing yourself to trust others is another key lesson in the story. I think Katherine is a perfect example of learning to trust those around her that want the best for her. Zach feels a stirring inside that draws him to make a choice to reconcile with his dad. This story has emotions that touch your heart and help you see how important it is to follow God’s direction. There are a few other things going on in the story but I won’t ruin it for anyone. This is one of those books that you can feel the turmoil of the characters and watch them as they overcome obstacles to find peace, hope and faith.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads Program. The review is my own opinion. ( )
  Harley0326 | Apr 28, 2021 |
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To my niece, Maureen Hannon, as you graduate from high school. I am so proud not only of your academic achievements but also of your kind heart, and sweet, gentle spirit. Whatever path you follow in the years to come, I wish you success beyond your wildest dreams. But most of all, I wish you a future filled with joy, love, and endless possibilities--as well as the gifts of wonder and enthusiasm that keep life always new.
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The mystery woman was back.
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