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Apples Never Fall de Liane Moriarty
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Apples Never Fall (2021 original; edició 2021)

de Liane Moriarty (Autor)

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243986,667 (3.78)5
Títol:Apples Never Fall
Autors:Liane Moriarty (Autor)
Informació:Henry Holt and Co. (2021), 480 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Apples Never Fall de Liane Moriarty (2021)

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This was a bit long, and the introduction of the Covid pandemic at the end totally unnecessary and jarring, but otherwise I thought it was excellent. I liked all the children of the missing Joy, and the ways tennis had shaped their lives. The structure of the book, with present day sections and sections in the past, worked well and the end was chilling.

Recommended. ( )
  pgchuis | Oct 17, 2021 |
The trick to this book is just to forget that it’s by Moriarty. I loved her early books, wasn’t a huge fan of the last two, and enjoyed this one. That being said, this one feels nothing like her early books. It’s a slow meditative look at motherhood and family ties. It’s about how our childhoods shapes us and the delicate line between our memories and adulthood. Recommended with that caveat. Expect a quiet, leisurely read.

“All four of her children each fervently believed in separate versions of their childhood that often didn’t match up with Joy’s memories, or each other’s, for that matter.”

“Any marriage of that many years has multiple motives for murder. Every police officer and hairdresser knows that.” ( )
  bookworm12 | Oct 16, 2021 |
I devoured this book with all the family secrets and twists and turns but was disappointed in the ending. It seemed to me that the ending was separate from the rest of the story. But it’s a great read and I highly recommend it. ( )
  CandyH | Oct 15, 2021 |
Review of Advance Reader’s Edition

Married for some fifty years, Stan and Joy Delaney have four adult children [Amy, Logan, Troy, and Brooke]; they’ve sold their venerable tennis academy in order to settle into retirement and do whatever it is that people do in the golden years of their lives. But neither one of them is happy with the turn their lives seem to have taken.

When a bedraggled young woman shows up at their door one night, Stan and Joy bring her into their home. But Savannah is not at all what she appears to be and she definitely has an ulterior motive for her presence in the Delaney home.

When Joy unexpectedly goes missing, and Savannah disappears as well, Stan becomes the obvious person of interest. But there are far more questions than answers, the four siblings are taking sides as they struggle to cope with the puzzling situation, and any clues to Joy’s whereabouts remain stubbornly elusive.

Has Joy fallen victim to unexpected abuse or did Savannah have something to do with her disappearance? And what will the children discover as disturbing truths come to light?

The narrative alternates between past and present with a focus on when Savannah appears on the scene and settles in with Joy and Stan. The backstory throughout the telling of the tale is both sweeping and extensive; it is possible that readers will also find it overly protracted and a bit too capacious.

Instead of being nuanced and distinctive, the idiosyncratic characters come across as stereotypical. And, adding frustration to the reader’s efforts to establish empathy with any of them, they all tend toward being overly introspective. They are also thoroughly unlikeable. Each seems to be harboring long-held hurts and disappointments they’ve allowed to fester for years; everyone embraces a truckload of resentments and secrets. This tennis-obsessed family gives new meaning to dysfunctional; their complicated relationships often seem mean-spirited or deliberately denigrating toward each other.

There is a tendency for the narrative to ramble as it occasionally takes on the mantle of tedious, oft-repeated soap opera-dom. Unfortunately, so much of the telling of the tale comes across as superfluous nonsense, leaving readers shaking their heads in disbelief. [Readers might consider skipping the pointless Covid-19 chapter that adds nothing to the narrative and seems included simply to remind the reader of the pandemic . . . as if anyone needed reminding.]

A few unexpected plot twists may surprise readers . . . ultimately, the mystery of Joy’s disappearance is solved, thanks to the dogs [cue the eye-rolling]. However, the malicious final act of this drawn-out and disconcerting tale seems to serve no purpose other than to shock the reader. It’s a less-than-satisfying conclusion to an antagonistic narrative.

I received a free copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads program ( )
  jfe16 | Oct 15, 2021 |
Unfolding from multiple viewpoints, Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty is an engrossing, intimate domestic drama.

Sixty-nine year old Joy Delaney hasn’t been seen or heard from for a week before her four adult children, Amy, Troy, Logan and Brooke, notice. Their father, Stan, has no good explanation for her absence, or the scratches on his face, and the siblings, aware things have been tense between their parents for some time, struggle to defend him when the police suspect he has murdered her.

As the timeline moves between the present and the past, Moriarty unravels the complex dynamics of the Delaney’s, it’s disruption by a mysterious interloper, and the puzzle of Joy’s absence.

Though the intrigue regarding Joy’s disappearance is central to the story, Apples Never Fall is a very much a character driven novel. I always appreciate how authentic and grounded Moriarty’s characters are, each with distinct and nuanced personalities. I found Joy’s frustrations, worries and hopes to be relatable, while Stan is more of a traditional patriarch. Their children, despite a rather extraordinary childhood, are fairly ordinary adults, with an interesting mix of strengths and flaws, accomplishments and regrets.

As with most family’s, the Delaney’s relationships are a mix of love and rivalry, secrets and lies, resentments and guilt. I really liked the way in which Moriarty shows how each member has differing perspectives on the same incidents, and how that plays into how they define themselves, and each other. It’s with keen insight that Moriarty also explores a wide range of issues from empty-nest syndrome and domestic violence, to the pressures of elite sport, and the weight of family expectations.

This is not a fast paced story, but there are plenty of surprises in Apples Never Fall. I’ve read more than a few complaints about the ending(s) of the novel (especially with its reference to the pandemic) but I thought there was a subtle and clever implication in it.

Offering compelling characters, authentic emotion, and sharp wit, I found Apples Never Fall to be an entertaining, incisive and absorbing novel. ( )
  shelleyraec | Oct 6, 2021 |
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That was the secret of a happy marriage: step away from the rage.
The point of history is to learn from it, not repeat it.
Amazing to think something beautiful could lie beneath the ugliness and all you had to do was peel it away.
Once you’ve hit a ball there’s no point in watching to see where it’s going. You can’t change its flight path now. You have to think  about your next move. Not what you should have done. What you do now.
So that’s how she lived with it. She did it the way so many people lived with their regrets and mistakes. They simply rewrote their stories.
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