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Find You First: A Novel de Linwood Barclay
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Find You First: A Novel (edició 2021)

de Linwood Barclay (Autor)

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904239,562 (3.88)13
Títol:Find You First: A Novel
Autors:Linwood Barclay (Autor)
Informació:William Morrow (2021), 448 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Find You First: A Novel de Linwood Barclay

No n'hi ha cap
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The new "WORLD'S GREATEST STAIRCASE SCENE EVER"....I have read a few Linwood Barclay novels in the past, and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. He has always delivered great plots, interesting characters, excellent prose, and just the right degree of tension. Each time I’ve put one down, I resolve to read another, soon – and never do. Why? Whywhywhy? Well, generally I don’t usually enjoy stand-alone novels. I’m mostly into crime fiction series…Ian Rankin, William Shaw, Mark Billingham, Deon Meyer. And spy fiction series. So I go years sometimes before returning to Barclay and a few others. Maybe I won’t wait so long next time. Not after “Find You First” (FYF). I happened to read a plot summary. I can’t resist a list of targeted victims; I was hooked. I’m ashamed to admit I even liked the killers. Can’t wait to see who will play them in the movie.

I assume you know the plot. A millionaire exec is told he has a terminal disease, an especially debilitating one. Years ago he was a sperm donor, multiple times. He wants to connect with “the kids”. So does someone else.

I haven’t read many books this year that I was anxious to pick up and get back to. FYF is the big exception, not because of any big cliff-hangers, nor cheap thrills. Just very good writing. No stupid twists, just plausible surprises and misdirections, and lots of suspects. FYF made up for a lot of big name 2021 disappointments and some over-hyped yawners in the first half. I’m sure there’s another Barclay out there for me to do the same in the last six months of the year.

So, after you put FYF down for the last time, tell me you’re not going to see the movie, because as we both know, we just can’t miss that scene coming down the staircase….. ( )
  maneekuhi | Jul 8, 2021 |
A rich guy gets hunington's and sets out to find his children while another rich guy installs a winnebego in his manhattan penthouse. it works and it makes a very readable story. ( )
  susandennis | Jul 4, 2021 |
Barclay fans will have another good read to add to the long list that this author has given us. While this one may not be as riveting as some of his earlier work, it is still an enjoyable, taut thriller that never lets up on the intrigue as it races to tie everything together. You will sometimes have to suspend your belief and stretch your imagination but when it’s as good as this I don’t think that really matters. After all it is a work of fiction and not a just sit back and enjoy ( )
  Carol420 | May 23, 2021 |
Linwood Barclay is on my list of favorite authors - I don't even bother reading the synopsis - I just know I'm going to enjoy it. And I most certainly did with his latest - Find You First.

Miles Cookson owns a successful tech company. He struggled financially when he was starting out - even resorting to being a paid sperm donor. He's just received some disturbing medical news - he has a terminal condition that can be passed onto the next generation. Well...the only children he has would be the result of those donations. He's determined to find them..... but so is someone else.....

Miles was a great protagonist, eminently likeable, calm (mostly) and caring. The first of the nine he finds is Chloe and she's front and centre with Miles for the rest of the book. She's smart, sassy and seemingly fearless. The interactions between the two are well played. And there's some poignant moments as well. You'll have no problem identifying the antagonists - some nasty characters there.

The plot of Find You First is full of unpredictable twists and turns, keeping the listener in suspense from first chapter to last. There's so much more going on than just a hunt for those nine progeny. One element of the plot has taken inspiration from news headlines.

There are multiple points of view in Find You First that really worked for this book, giving the listener an inside look at all of the plot threads. There are lots of choices for the whodunit. The action is non stop and made for addictive listening.

I chose to listen to Find You First. I was delighted to find that George Newbern was the reader. He is hands down one of my favorite narrators. He has the most interesting, expressive voice with a somewhat sardonic bent to it. He brings an author's work to life with his inflections, timber and tone. His voice is clear, easy to understand and pleasant to listen to. He changes things up for each character and it is easy to know who is speaking. Another five star performance for Newbern. ( )
  Twink | May 4, 2021 |
Es mostren totes 4
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