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Out There: The Government's Secret Quest for Extraterrestrials

de Howard Blum

Altres autors: Julie Rubenstein (Editor)

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1013244,870 (2.71)3
An account of the US government's decision to summon 17 of the nations intelligence specialists to a top secret meeting in the Pentagon in an attempt to solve the mystery of whether the human race is alone in the universe. Blum also wrote Wanted The Search for Nazis in America.
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Not my favourite subject, an interesting idea, but I do not think that UFO's from a different solar system or galaxy stand up to reason. The distances being so great and likely travelling speed so comparitively slow it would take thousands of years to travel from earth to the closest star, Proxima Centuri. At the speed of light, 670,616,629 miles per hour, the current fastest man made object travelling in space was the Apollo 10 capsule on its return to earth at 24,791 miles an hour. If one could increase that speed ten fold it would still take 2,785 times as long to travel through space as light. Proxima Centuri is 4..243 light years away from earth and therefore travelling even at 247,910 miles an hour it would take about 11,816 years for the journey, and that's just one way. That's 23,633 years for a round trip. It doesn't make sense to travel even to the closest star to earth, and most stars are very much further away.

The most sensible way to gather information about the stars is through telescopes, even then much of what we can see through them will have changed a great deal by the time we see it, and may in fact no longer exist.
UFO's? Not possible by any known means of travel yet discovered. Possible by indiscovered means, perhaps, but it would be likely that one would have to defy the known laws of physics to do so. Most unlikely I am afraid.
  David-Block | Mar 5, 2021 |
An intriguing investigation of the government's knowledge of aliens and extraterrestrials. I knew that the book couldn't offer any hard core proof that aliens existed or have visited Earth, as the book was written 20 years ago and we're still searching for alien life, but I was still a bit disappointed that there wasn't any shocking evidence in regards to events such as the discovery of the MJ-12 documents. However, the book was meticulously researched and after reading it, I am certain that the government knows much more than it's letting on. Blum's foreshadowing was quite obvious at times (eg. "It wasn't until later that he realized what the clues were telling him"), yet it was extremely effective. Who wouldn't keep reading to find out what secrets the government's been keeping from us?

I was thrown off by Blum's writing style, as he awkwardly tried to combine hard journalistic writing with narrative elements more often found in novels. This, I believe, is partially a by-product of his desire to provide all of the facts, but as a fiction reader and writer, I grew weary of his clumsy attempts at characterization. However, the book is an intriguing read, and opens the door for even more questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life. ( )
  coloradogirl14 | Jun 19, 2011 |
From conducting bizarre psychic experiments, to devising models of what visitors from other worlds might look like, our government has played a more active role in the search for UFOs than they want us to believe. Former New York Times reporter Howard Blum uncovers the deception – and the existence of a top secret UFO Working Group that is actually preparing for alien contact. Among the startling revelations in this book are:
-- The electronic “fence” surrounding America's defense perimeter that is frequently “tripped” by unidentified objects
-- Air Force Project Blue Book – that warned of a potential UFO threat
-- A top UFO investigator who was fed disinformation by the government and carefully pushed to the breaking point
This deeply shocking account reveals what government officials have secretly discovered about UFOs – and why they have kept us in the dark.
  rajendran |
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Howard Blumautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Rubenstein, JulieEditorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
Garber, VictorNarradorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
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An account of the US government's decision to summon 17 of the nations intelligence specialists to a top secret meeting in the Pentagon in an attempt to solve the mystery of whether the human race is alone in the universe. Blum also wrote Wanted The Search for Nazis in America.

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