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The Spanish Love Deception de Elena Armas
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The Spanish Love Deception (edició 2021)

de Elena Armas (Autor)

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1413156,967 (3.64)Cap
Títol:The Spanish Love Deception
Autors:Elena Armas (Autor)
Informació:Independently published (2021), 482 pages
Col·leccions:Llegit, però no el tinc

Informació de l'obra

The Spanish Love Deception de Elena Armas

S'està carregant…

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Catalina Martin has never gotten along with Aaron Blackford who is one of the other department leaders in her engineering firm, so she is shocked when he strikes a deal with her to serve as her fake date when she goes home to her sister's wedding in Spain. Lina is scared to face her family as well as her ex, Daniel, who is the brother of the groom and is best man to Lina's maid of honor. Daniel has announced his engagement, and Lina can't stand the thought of seeing the pity that she has sensed in her family and friends since she left for New York two years ago. By the time Lina and Aaron arrive in Spain, Lina has seen so much more in Aaron than she ever saw in the two years that they worked together, and she begins to question how much of what she is feeling for him is fake and how much of it is real.

There are many things to like about The Spanish Love Deception. Lina and Aaron are very likable characters and several of the situations that they find themselves in are quite humorous. In addition, much of the early dialogue in the story rings true as well as the feelings that Lina describes. However, a couple of problems do mar the story. Aaron's character is almost too good to be true as the plot progresses and we see more of his feelings for Lina. Also, some of the events in the story seem somewhat contrived rather than flowing naturally as part of the plot. Overall, though, The Spanish Love Deception is a fun enemies to lovers story that is entertaining from beginning to end. 4 1/2 stars. ( )
  ftbooklover | Oct 12, 2021 |
I feel like I need to reread this book because I missed something that everyone else saw... Did I enjoy this book? Yeah, I guess....?

[Insert plot here]

I just kept thinking is this a reworked knock off of The Hating Game? I hate comparing books but every page I read I just couldn't help but make the comparison. It was the office setting and the superman comparison that probably ruined it for me. Because once I saw the parallel, I couldn't unsee it. I couldn't stop the comparison.

Lina was not my cup of tea. It seemed like one childish thing after another.. She lied to her family because she was embarrassed, she held grudges, she starved herself to the point of delirium and passing out, she would rather run away than confront issues at work. It was just too much imperfection for me. People take the easy way out sometimes but not ALL the TIME with no redemption. I wouldn't have minded the shortcomings if she had ANY personal growth throughout the book.

I liked Aaron a lot. He was stern and level headed but also warm and welcoming. He was a good balance of driven and happy go lucky. I just didn't like Aaron with Lina. I couldn't quite figure out why or how he'd been in love with her since the day he met her and I couldn't quite see the connection they had.

I love a good slow burn romance... uh.. Hello, Mariana Zapata is my GIRL, but I didn't feel a slow build up, I didn't feel anything actually. It just fell flat. Now don't get me wrong, I could tell since their first interaction outside of work that Aaron was interested. That doesn't mean him and Lina had any chemistry when they were actually together.

Outside of zero personal growth, lack of chemistry, and my unyielding comparisons.... Where were the details? I should have relatively good knowledge about the MC's and side characters...right? Like any detail at all would have been nice.... Was Lina a slob or did she keep her apartment clean? How close was she to her one and apparently only friend who also happens to be her coworker.. Was she the kind of person who'd work out if she had the time? Have a dog if she had the time? I just read hundreds of pages and I don't know if I could tell you anything about her or most of the side characters.


2 Stars ( )
  srhuff | Sep 19, 2021 |
I really liked this one. The situations and the chemistry between the two main characters were really the highlights of the book for me.

The cover is really cute as well and it just wasn't about the wedding, we get a nice background about the leads as well so it was nice to get to know them before persuing straight to intot he deception mode.

The only thing that I cut the star for was I felt the novel was quite long, I mean a few edits on some parts and it would have been perfect. But otherwise, I read it an Ebook and now, I want a paperback. I guess, that really speaks how much I liked it. ( )
  book_tangled | Sep 14, 2021 |
Es mostren totes 3
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