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Raggedy Ann Stories de Johnny Gruelle
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Raggedy Ann Stories (1918 original; edició 1993)

de Johnny Gruelle (Autor)

Sèrie: Raggedy Ann (1)

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779622,319 (4.08)10
In this series of adventures, Raggedy Ann goes for a ride on a kite and survives a washing.
Títol:Raggedy Ann Stories
Autors:Johnny Gruelle (Autor)
Informació:Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (1993), 96 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Raggedy Ann Stories de Johnny Gruelle (1918)

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One thing missing from these stories is a list of the dolls. You do get to know them as you go along but a role-call at the start would have been nice so here you go.
Raggedy Ann - Female, cheap stitched doll.
Four Penny Dolls - Female, small dolls.
Indian Doll - Male, given his tracking skills i'm assuming indian as in Native American.
French Doll - Female.
Uncle Clem - Male, scotish doll complete with kilt.
Tin Soldier - Male, made of tin as the name suggests.
Dutch Doll - Male, Dutch dolls are usually wooden. Says 'mamma' when knocked over (i had no idea they had talking dolls as early as 1918 :) ).

Proto-toystory tales. Read about what the dolls get up to when their owner isn't looking. These are really nice kids stories and even the gutenberg versions come illustrated which is great.
There are some minor issues, it can be a little bit twee at times. And by a LITTLE bit, i mean it occasionally feels like your trapped inside a candyfloss, while under rainbow cannon assault by an army of 'Care Bears' riding 'My Little Ponies' :P .
It also goes in the opposite direction on occasion. While its made clear the dolls feel no pain, its still a little unsettling when they get damaged, such as " Raggedy Ann.. smiled so hard she ripped two stitches out of the back of her rag head. " eeew! i know its just a doll but thats still creepy :lol.
Overall, very hard to dislike even for someone as emotionally dead inside as I am ;) . ( )
  wreade1872 | Nov 28, 2021 |
It's amazing to think this was such an instant phenomenon and that, to an extent, the phenomenon has lasted over a hundred years. The original 'Raggedy Ann Stories' are loosely connected stories concerning what the dolls and toys in Marcella's nursery get up to when their mistress is gone or asleep. The stories are straight-forward and feature strong moral lectures that are bound to make even the most dewey-faced child's eyes roll.

I've been collecting these for some time for my husband, but never got more than a few pages into them until I picked up a Raggedy Ann and Andy pair from the early 1940s up at a doll show. They were such a good price I thought they were homemade, but they are authenic war-era Georgenes (the fourth, but only third official, manufacturer of the dolls). With their washed-out faces, dark button eyes and hair that's distinctly more brown than red, I wanted to get to the source and read the original stories as published by Volland in 1918.

They are very simple. A few stand out, and these are ones that have filtered down to modern collections and adaptions. There's the story of how Raggedy Ann rescues Fido from the dog-catcher with the other dolls, how she gets her candy heart, and, of course, when she is taken away by a friendly man and copied and meets all of her lovely sisters who are just like her and available at a store near you! From the beginning Raggedy Ann was a clever bit of marketing. This doesn't take away from the charm of the illustrations or the original dolls themselves. America had been through a generation or two of rapid industrialization and a World War and desperately wanted some nostalgia. So a story of an "authentic" homemade rag doll found in an attic, returning to spread joy to little ones struck the right notes. It's interesting to find out that Gruelle's publisher, Volland, was known at the time for their high-end and expensive children's books and the dolls were sold to bookshops and priced for that market.

If you read these original stories with their original illustrations you'll notice that Raggedy Ann looks very different from the ones of our childhood whether from the toy store, craft fairs, or television. The doll evolved over time, matching Gruelle's own changes to his illustrations. He wasn't a stickler for continuity. There's a lot to love here and a lot to understand about how different America was a hundred years ago. Marcella's parents employ a black servant named Dinah who is portrayed as dim and childlike and speaks in broken English. This portrayal, on top of all the lectures a child will receive about being patient, not being cross, doing what you're told, etc. makes this a hard sell for parents.

My advice for parents wanting to share these with their children is to enjoy these stories in their proper context and heavily edit while you read, or, even better, pick up one of the modern adaptations that keeps the spirit of Raggedy Ann alive with all the joy and none of the headaches.

Raggedy Ann

Next: 'Raggedy Andy Stories' ( )
  ManWithAnAgenda | Nov 13, 2021 |
A lovely book. Yes, it's of its time, but that's the joy ... something as sweet and simple would seem impossibly naive, today. It's not modern: Marcella treats her doll with equal parts tenderness and unthinking sadism, there's a black servant, and Raggedy Ann's pleasant equanimity must have been easier to swallow in a time when women were supposed to be happily subservient.

And yet ... fairies, kittens, candy hearts, the gentlest of adventures, only happy endings, and the most beautiful illustrations by the author (if you're reading an unillustrated version, you're missing A Lot. Stop right now, and get the illustrated one (it's free on Project Gutenberg). If a book could smell, it would smell like an apple orchard in blossom with English daisies blooming through the meadow-grass below.

Four stars, because I'm reserving five for the odder, later books, when Raggedy Ann throws off the shackles of simply being a doll, and goes on Rupert-or-Oz-like adventures in unusual fairylands.

(Note: 5 stars = amazing, wonderful, 4 = very good book, 3 = decent read, 2 = disappointing, 1 = awful, just awful. I'm fairly good at picking for myself so end up with a lot of 4s). I feel a lot of readers automatically render any book they enjoy 5, but I grade on a curve! ( )
  ashleytylerjohn | Oct 13, 2020 |
I liked this one as a child; the stories are charming and moralistic. I'm glad to see that the book is still in print, but suspect it has lost its attractions in favor of other entertainments. ( )
2 vota danielx | Mar 27, 2019 |
Very sweet stories with lovely morals. I would totally read these to children today -- they hold up well and don't seem terribly dated. ( )
  AliceAnna | Oct 22, 2014 |
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In this series of adventures, Raggedy Ann goes for a ride on a kite and survives a washing.

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