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The Wrong Bride: Ares & Raven's Story…
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The Wrong Bride: Ares & Raven's Story (The Windsors) (edició 2022)

de Catharina Maura (Autor)

Sèrie: The Windsors (1)

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1022267,763 (3.93)Cap
"She's his fiance's younger sister. He's the man she's always loved. When her sister doesn't show up on her wedding day, Raven has no choice but to take her place - but marriage to Ares Windsor is nothing short of torture. The elusive billionaire media mogul is the man she's always loved... yet he's only ever had eyes for her sister. Married to him at last, Raven is determined to win him over. After all, everything is fair in love and war. And this? This is war." --… (més)
Títol:The Wrong Bride: Ares & Raven's Story (The Windsors)
Autors:Catharina Maura (Autor)
Informació:Ichara Publishing (2022), 382 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

The Wrong Bride: Ares and Raven's Story (The Windsors) de Catharina Maura

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This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Book Evaluation:
Plot: 🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️
World Building:🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎
Hero: 🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻🦸🏻
Intimacy Level: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Relationship Building: 💒💒💒💒💒
Heart & Feels:💞💞💞💞💞
Witty/Banter/Reaction of Laughter: 😂😂😂😂😂
Page Turner Level:📖📖📖📖📖
Overall View: ✨✨✨✨✨

First Impressions
The Wrong Bride is the first book in the "The Windsors" series. This series has been all over the community of late and I have been really curious about them. And I wondered if these were worth it, but when a good buddy reading friend adored this series, I knew that I had to take a chance on these and I am so happy that I decided to take a chance on "The Wrong Bride" because this book was everything and more. I had just come off of a DNF'd read and this book really pulled me in just right and what I truly needed for my reading to stay strong. The Wrong Bride has such beautiful pining, epic poignant emotion being displayed and true justice being delivered to the villains (in this case its the heroine's family) and the romance was *chef's kiss* and overall I left this book with such a satisfying chershire cat smile and when that happens then you just know that its a keeper.

First Line
"I can't believe that asshole," Sierra says as she storms into my office.

The Main Protagonists
The Hero: Ares Windsor
Billionaire and oldest of his family, powerful and capable and protective and possessive.

The Heroine: Raven
The youngest daughter, always sacrificing herself for her family, a professional model and fashion designer and been in love with Ares Windsor for years.

Raven feel in love with Ares Windsor, but when Ares catches the eye of Hannah (Raven's older sister) she lost any affection and love she could have had from Ares. And now Raven is forced to have to be on the sidelines while she watches them plan their wedding. But when Hannah chooses her career over a arranged marriage with the Windsor family, Raven is now forced to go into her sister's place and be his bride but knowing that she will always be his second choice. But there are secrets being kept from both Raven and Ares, and while Ares held affection for Hannah, Raven is his best friend and once he married her he knew he would be giving her heart to him. But for years Raven has been emotionally beaten down by her mother and sister and has a hard time trust in Ares' love. But Ares is determined to show Raven that he means business when it comes to loving her and will the steady rock that will carry them through the rough storms ahead...

What I Loved
The Wrong Bride was a book I was not even close to being ready for but was captivated all the way through. There was something so special about this book that just held my heart so immediately. I immediately loved both characters. I fell so hard for both Raven and Ares and their struggles in keeping their love strong. But they are both stubborn and I loved how they love in different ways. You know from the beginning that there is something off by the way Hannah and Raven's mother treat her. The father is kinda in the background throughout the whole book so hard to really make a firm judgment on his character. Raven is a heroine that you can easily get behind. Her character just comes alive in this book. I adored every single moment of it. I also was so in tune with her emotionally and my heart broke for her and how her family treats her. And she really has to find her own strength in facing up to them and their abusive nature. But she does. It takes time, so you need to be patient, but Ares is the perfect hero who is able to be the right mant hat she needs.

Ares is such a dreamboat. He comes from a family of wealth, prestige and yes power. But they aren't vindictive in how they use that power but do they use it sometimes to get back to those that deserve it?? HELL YES THEY DO! And I loved seeing it played out in this one. For Ares, there is a lot of confusion for him. Because he and Raven had a beginning that plays in his head like a dream but then Hannah manipulated the situation and you see how that really gets him mixed all up inside so it does take a while for him to get it all figured out but in the end he fights for the woman he loves. I love how devoted he continually he is for Raven and never gives up on what they have together. Ares is what I would call a alpha mellow in that he is protective and strong over his family and his woman but isn't an alphahole either. He is just the right type of alpha male that I love to read the most. I also enjoyed the way he ends up groveling even though he didn't really need to do one? but I still loved it even though it wasn't needed.

And the ending packed such a satisfying punch and true justice is served and I loved how the author wrapped everything up while also at the same time teasing us to get us ready for book 2!

What I Struggled With
Nothing really. I do think the heroine is a bit too harsh on the hero. But it wasn't enough to take away from my full enjoyment of the story.

Overall View
The Wrong Bride is a story that brings together heart filled emotion that delivers from beginning to end, it has strong sexy vibes, from the soul poignant emotion being delivered and so much heart it will tie you up in knots!

Favorite Quote(s)
“I just haven’t found a guy that can keep me captivated. I’m not willing to settle for anything short of complete devotion. I want epic love, and I’m willing to wait for it.”

“So long as it’s within my power, there’s nothing I won’t give you, Raven. No matter what you ask, it’s yours — and that includes me.”

Will you, Raven? Will you give me a chance?” My heart skips a beat as my eyes find his, nothing but sincerity in his gaze. “What does that mean, Ares?” He cups my face, his thumb brushing over my lip gently. “It means that I want more than just your body. I want a chance to prove that I truly do want it all with you, the past be damned. I want a chance to win your heart,” he whispers. “Because with each passing day, you’re stealing a little bit more of mine.”

“Let’s normalize walking away from toxic situations. You don’t have to stick it out when your mental health is taking a beating, just because that’s what everyone expects of you. It’s okay to reassess and decide whether or not a situation is still acceptable to you. You were never given a choice when it came to Ares, but you deserve one. Take your time, Raven. We’re all here for you, and regardless of your choice, you’ll never lose us. You will always be our little sister, just like Sierra is.”

Book Details (also in my shelves)
Sub Genre: Contemporary Romance
Character Types: Alphamellow, Billionaire/Mr. Moneybags, Fashion Designer, Abused
Themes: Pining heroine, Book boyfriend, Family Bonds, Hearts/Touching, Hot Smexy Times, Taboo
Tropes: Unrequited Love, Arranged Marriage

Book Perspective

Relationship Conflict vs Plot Conflict
Relationship Conflict

Song This Book Inspires
Almost if Never Enough by Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes

Recommendation For Reading Order
You can read as a standalone if needed

Steam/Spice Explanations

Steamin' up the room -the sexual content is more explicit in the language and tone, heavier amount of sexual scenes. ( )
  addictofromance | Aug 25, 2023 |
The Wrong Bride
The Windsors, Book 1

I Picked Up This Book Because: Recommended by #bookstagram / #Bookopoly.

Media Type: eBook
Source: KindleUnlimited
Dates Read: 3/28/23 - 4/7/23
Stars: 4

The Characters:

Ares Windsor:
Raven DuPont:
Hannah DuPont (Raven’s sister), Sierra Windsor (Ares’ sister and Ravens BFF), Grandma Windsor, Lexington Windsor,

The Story:

I was interested in the book because a bookstagrammer was so impressed and shared how messy it is. And it. Is. Messssy, baby. She did not lie. This arranged marriage gone awry, sister jealousy, unrequited love, family drama palooza was so good.

The Random Thoughts: ( )
  bookjunkie57 | Apr 8, 2023 |
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"She's his fiance's younger sister. He's the man she's always loved. When her sister doesn't show up on her wedding day, Raven has no choice but to take her place - but marriage to Ares Windsor is nothing short of torture. The elusive billionaire media mogul is the man she's always loved... yet he's only ever had eyes for her sister. Married to him at last, Raven is determined to win him over. After all, everything is fair in love and war. And this? This is war." --

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