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Eruption: The Big One is Coming―Michael…
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Eruption: The Big One is Coming―Michael Crichton and James Patterson―the Thriller of the Year (edició 2024)

de Michael Crichton (Autor)

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A history-making eruption is about to destroy the Big Island of Hawaii. But a secret held for decades by the US military is far more terrifying than any volcano.
Títol:Eruption: The Big One is Coming―Michael Crichton and James Patterson―the Thriller of the Year
Autors:Michael Crichton (Autor)
Informació:Little, Brown and Company (2024), 432 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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Eruption de Michael Crichton

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Here's the thing: if you want a novel with no character development and silly plot twists, this is your book. If you need a brainless book during a stressful time when you can't concentrate on anything, this is your book. It is what it is - a silly action novel, lots of stuff blowing up and Military Knows Best and local yokels. There's a character who is an amusing pastiche of Elon Musk. Some of the chapters are literally two pages long. ( )
  kittykitty3 | Jul 20, 2024 |
Eruption, Michael Crichton and James Patterson, authors; Scott Brick, narrator
John MacGregor is in charge of HVO, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Moana Loa, the largest volcano in the world is sending signals, with a growing number of earthquakes, that it is about to erupt. Mac is addressing an audience about the coming eruption. He knows about how large the eruption will be, and he thinks it will be record-breaking; he knows exactly when it will occur, as well. He does not want to cause a panic, so he doesn’t tell them the whole story. He simply tells them that it will be a large eruption, but not how large, he informs them of an approximate date, but not the exact date, even though he knows it. He does tell them that the lava flow will not travel to Hilo. It is expected to travel away from inhabited areas. It should flow toward a military training ground, so it will not threaten civilization. Soon he would learn he was wrong. He would be summoned to a meeting by the military. There, he would be told about an additional problem, besides the coming eruption. Agent Black was on the loose.
The army had stored dangerous waste material in that uninhabited area. and the canisters were beginning to leak. They had to be contained before the eruption made the situation worse. The material in them was unknown, but very dangerous. It had begun to morph into a contagious “virus” with the power to cause a pandemic that would destroy all plant life on the planet, and then all human life. MacGregor now had the weight of the entire world on his shoulders, He was sworn to secrecy. His job was to figure out a way to prevent the volcano from exposing the world to this danger.
The military, the media, ordinary citizens, headline hunters and others all battled for the spotlight. They interfered in his effort as they inserted themselves into the equation. Even though he explained how to stay safe, many headline hunters ignored the rules. Several people died unnecessarily in their effort to get the best photograph, to expose more information, and/or to be in charge or to be the first to cover the news. Film crews flew dangerously close to the volcano, others incited the public. People grew concerned. They did not feel they were being told the whole story, and indeed, it was top secret, so they were not told the whole story at all. They were very much in danger, so was the entire world.
Although the book seemed well-researched, and Patterson created a great deal of excitement in the novel, the scientific explanations and the descriptions of the growing number of catastrophes often flew over my head. The use of foul language was way over the top and crude. The dialogue often went on unnecessarily, seemingly to fill the pages. Many of the ideas were repetitive.
It was a valiant effort, but the writing style of both authors was at odds with each other, so that a plausible science fiction novel became a made for TV thriller, ripe for a great pyrotechnic display to excite an audience, but not something to ignite much thought. It was difficult to stay engaged with the narrative because there was simply way too much death and destruction. It took too long to get to the main point which was that the canisters of material stored in the “ice tube” by the military were never properly monitored and now posed a threat to the entire world. The volcano was the catalyst, but not the greatest danger. What was stored under the ground, waiting to be unleashed, was the monster waiting to be freed. A pandemic of monstrous proportions was at the door. The material stored in the canisters had morphed into something unknown and deadly. The struggle to find a solution was key. That in a nutshell covered the plot that went on for too long.
This book was never completed by Michael Crichton who died unexpectedly before he finished the manuscript. James Patterson collaborated with Crichton’s widow. She provided the incomplete novel to him. He completed it. Sometimes, it would be better if certain professionals stayed in their own lane. Crichton wrote great science fiction. Patterson writes great mysteries. Each could be described as a master in his own field. This “joint” effort, however, did not work for me. Crichton’s books, though science fiction, were a cut above that and were in the realm of the possible, just not yet in our time. Patterson’s books are quite different, often featuring characters that fly under the radar creating mayhem, world catastrophes and crime, but they are always in the realm of the current real world of the possible. The two different styles did not merge seamlessly for me. ( )
  thewanderingjew | Jul 6, 2024 |
Wow! I love a disaster type novel that includes science, and this was a thrill ride of epic proportions.

This type of story always screams blockbuster movie to me, and I would love to see it on the big screen. I read it in a single sitting as I simply couldn’t put it down.

The plot -- scientists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory on the rim of the Kilauea caldera are predicting a huge eruption of Mauna Loa volcano on the big island of Hawaii. It seems they have some methods to prevent a huge loss of life and property put in place. That is, until it's discovered that a secret cache of seriously dangerous radioactive biologic material is stored inside a lava tube.

A race against time, dangerous feats of courage and bravery, love, and loss combine to make this a riveting thriller that I enjoyed immensely. My engagement was amplified by listening to the audiobook narrated by the amazing Scott Brick, while reading along with the e-book. It is definitely an experience I highly recommend. A fun beach read and certain to be a bestseller.

In the acknowledgements, Michael Crichton's widow explains how he conceived and extensively researched the topic and how she decided to collaborate with James Patterson to bring this book to market. ( )
  CelticLibrarian | Jul 4, 2024 |
Edge of your seat, total page turner, scary as well as exciting. This book also gives pause to question, what is hidden that we don't know about and do we really want to know the secrets that could destroy life as we know it. ( )
  booklovers2 | Jun 27, 2024 |
The story has solid writing and engaging characters, but it does become a bit tedious. A group of scientists, military men, and volcano "experts" work together to keep a volcanic eruption from destroying the entire island as well as potentially setting off a supply of nuclear warheads. ( )
  DrApple | Jun 23, 2024 |
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A history-making eruption is about to destroy the Big Island of Hawaii. But a secret held for decades by the US military is far more terrifying than any volcano.

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