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Wiggle and Waggle de Caroline Arnold
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Wiggle and Waggle (edició 2007)

de Caroline Arnold (Autor)

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946242,936 (3.53)Cap
Two worms who are best friends have fun together as they tunnel their way through a garden. Includes facts on how worms help plants grow.
Títol:Wiggle and Waggle
Autors:Caroline Arnold (Autor)
Informació:Charlesbridge (2007), Edition: 1, 48 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Wiggle and Waggle de Caroline Arnold

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This book is great for younger grades. It involves them in the book with singing and showing how to work together. ( )
  lah030 | Nov 30, 2014 |
Picked this up at the U bookstore a few weeks ago. Z started the first two chapters but was frustrated by reading it independently. We've put it aside for another few weeks in lieu of the rest of the Fly Guy series.

A few months later, Z's back reading this with confidence and finding it fun.
( )
  beckydj | Mar 30, 2013 |
Wiggle and Waggle are best friends and worms, they work together in the garden to help the plants grow and this is a collection of short stories about their adventures. They learn how to work together, while singing songs, and making sure to take time off and enjoy the scenery.
The stories themselves are self contained, yet with the common thread of characters and situation. The illustrations, done with a flowing pastel palette, are warm and are well balanced with text on the page. The characters are very nice, it's a fun change to have worms as the heroes of the book, and they teach valuable lessons about the importance of even the smallest creatures. Appropriate for children in grades 2-3, although it leans towards the younger audience. ( )
  queenoftheshelf | Nov 25, 2011 |
Wiggle and Waggle was very good easy reader. It had a lot of repeating phrases, more manageable words, connecting pictures. I especially appreciate that it takes worms, which are often considered gross by young kids, especially girls, and makes them the focus, as well as explains their purpose in the ecosystem and how they help humans. I also liked that it included facts about worms after the story, so that kids could have a better understanding.
  hgold | Mar 31, 2011 |
A nice chapter book for very beginning readers. Simple words and situations, but also a lesson in worms and how they help things grow. ( )
  anniecase | Jul 9, 2010 |
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Two worms who are best friends have fun together as they tunnel their way through a garden. Includes facts on how worms help plants grow.

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Charlesbridge ha publicat 2 edicions d'aquest llibre.

Edicions: 1580893066, 1580893074


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