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You Are Here: A Novel de David Nicholls
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You Are Here: A Novel (edició 2024)

de David Nicholls (Autor)

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When a persistent mutual friend and some very unpredictable weather conspire to toss Michael and Marnie together on the most epic of 10-day hikes, neither of them can think of anything worse, until, of course, they discover exactly what they've been looking for.
Títol:You Are Here: A Novel
Autors:David Nicholls (Autor)
Informació:Harper (2024), 368 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

You Are Here de David Nicholls

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The first thing to say I liked this novel. I raced through it, enjoying the familiar scenery of the Coast to Coast, the almost familiar characters and the witty and sharp dialogue. Michael, a geography teacher, is lonely and so is Marnie, a copy editor living in London. Their mutual friend, Cleo, brings them together for a few days walking the Coast to Coast. Marnie and Michael get on and, as MIchael intended to walk to Robin Hoods Bay, Marnie decides to stay a bit longer, then a bit longer. The chapters relate to a part of the walk and are told alternately by Marnie and Michael. So, in the modern way, this is an actual journey and a journey to love! They get to know each other and get to like each other and then there is something more. A long distance walk is not ordinary life, it is one step removed and when ordinary life disrupts their walk things change. A great read. ( )
  CarolKub | Jul 9, 2024 |
This is a first for me from the author of the incredibly popular 2009 novel, movie, Netflix show, probably upcoming Broadway musical, One Day. It's an overly long but enjoyable beach read, featuring a travelogue hike across the English countryside. The protagonists are Marnie, a 38 year old lonely and isolated divorcee and Martin, a 42 year old lonely and isolated divorcee. So you know exactly what's going to happen, but it sure does takes its time. More enjoyable for me was a memoir from 2018 of a different British cross-country journey through the South West Coastal Path called The Salt Path by Raynor Winn, about a couple whose hike is caused by medical and financial hardship rather than this one, which is the result of a matchmaking setup by a dear friend.

Quote: "Of the four basic Beatle personality types, the Pauls all want to be Johns and the Johns are generally unbearable. The Ringos are nice enough and fun. But a George is the classiest option." ( )
  froxgirl | Jul 6, 2024 |
I don't give 5 stars lightly and almost never to romance books, but this book was amazing! I guess being in my 40s, I could relate to this book so much. It brought up such similar emotions that I have felt before that I felt like I kept saying, "Yes, yes. I get it!" I have this on my wishlist because I listened to the audiobook, but I want to own it so I can annotate it. Very enjoyable and relatable and down to earth. I definitely want to check out the authors other books, but I feel like this one hit so much is because the main characters are in their 40s (or late 30s) and single and I could just relate so much despite that I haven't been divorced. This one will sit with me a while. Not overly gushy and very limited physical contact, but it's that build up to it, when you think you know something is going to happen and there's little touches and looks. Her life, how it randomly happens, and the build up -- which it doesn't build up to anything major. It just felt real, at least to me. And funny, this book had some fantastic subtle/sarcastic humor that I really, really enjoyed. ( )
  Mav-n-Libby | Jun 27, 2024 |
I am still not sure whether I think this book was very good or average. It takes a fairly traditional plot - 2 mid 30s people (Marnie and Michael) who know they are lonely but disaffected with or by love, another more handsome man, misunderstandings, growing attraction, obstacles and finally getting it together - but the dialogue between the two is witty and sharp and who doesn't love a slightly scruffy geography teacher?

They are brought together by a mutual friend on a walking holiday and so the book is divided into chapters with the headings of the walk - Day Two: Ennerdale Bridge to Borrowdale - which shows us the journey, not just of walking across the country but also the path to love. The landscape is beautifully described and the snippets of geology thrown in were also well-suited to the plot and characters. Told through the alternating narrators of Marnie and Michael, we get their view point and understand how they see themselves: Michael a little bit ridiculed by the way he looks, classic geography teacher with some seriousness built in, and Marnie with a protective wall of humour.

The story is an everyday falling in love, not a momentous, dramatic coupe de foudre, I think the scenery provides that, but a gentle, mixed-up finding of someone who suits us just fine and that I suspect is the point. I have read One Day by NIcholls but have to say I enjoyed the Netflix series more than the book itself. Perhaps it will be the same with this one. I am going to sit on the fence with this book -well, the dry stone wall. ( )
1 vota allthegoodbooks | Jun 27, 2024 |
Michael and Marnie have a mutual friend, Cleo, who loves them both but sees that they have become less than themselves as a result of relationships that went off, or perhaps were always a bit off. Marnie is practically a recluse, working from home as a copy-editor in London. Michael is Cleo’s colleague at a school in York but he is always just a step away from depression. It’s been this way for years for both of them. Cleo’s big idea is to convince Michael to join her and a group of others, a group that includes Marnie, for the coast to coast walk from St Bee’s to Robin Hood’s Bay. Well, very likely only Michael would complete the entire walk, but the others would walk along for a few days and in this way her friends would be forced, gently, to emerge. Of course Cleo has not planned that Michael and Marnie will fall for each other, indeed she had others in mind for each of them, but best laid plans and long distance walks gang aft agley.

This is a gentle book with likeable characters who stumble over the rough terrain of finding each other. It won’t challenge you, unless you find a 17 mile hike over moorland with full backpacks implausible. (Actually it might be!) Michael is charming though slightly damaged by life. Marnie, with a failed marriage behind her, has nearly given up on ever putting herself at emotional risk again. She is witty and urbane, though perhaps the less believable character (others might reverse those opinions). Like a long distance walk, you’ll be able to see the ending from a long way off. But you’ll still be glad when you get there.

Gently recommended. ( )
  RandyMetcalfe | Jun 24, 2024 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 8 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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When a persistent mutual friend and some very unpredictable weather conspire to toss Michael and Marnie together on the most epic of 10-day hikes, neither of them can think of anything worse, until, of course, they discover exactly what they've been looking for.

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