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Men In Style de Woody Hochswender
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Men In Style (edició 1993)

de Woody Hochswender

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232791,804 (4.2)1
Looks at men's fashion during the thirties, forties, and postwar period, using fashion illustrations from Esquire magazine.
Títol:Men In Style
Autors:Woody Hochswender
Informació:Rizzoli (1993), Edition: illustrated edition, Hardcover, 112 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Men In Style de Woody Hochswender

No n'hi ha cap
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The beautiful illustrations of men's haberdashery produced for "Esquire" magazine between the 1930s and 50s by Laurence Fellows, Leslie Saalburg, and Robert Goodman remain vital references for men of classic tastes today. From Alan Flusser's great books to various menswear blogs, the attentive reader still encounters them all the time. That's what makes "Men in Style," assembled by Woody Hochswender, such an essential reference work ... and what makes it so unfortunate that available copies are evidently so hard to find.

While great for reference and education, though, what's surprising about "Men in Style" is how entertaining a read it is. That's because -- unlike many of the others who reproduce these images -- Hochswender has included the editorial copy that accompanied the illustrations as they appeared in the magazine. As a professional copywriter myself, it was a joy to read (as Hochswender describes it in his introduction) "the crisply explanatory writing, dictatorial without being annoying, [arising] from a time when standards of behavior were inextricably linked to conventions in clothes. The editors were extremely uncompromising in their point of view, but at least they had one." Arnold Gingrich, founding editor of "Esquire," apparently produced much of this copy himself in the early years, and is to be commended for his distinctive and entertaining voice.

If there's anything wrong with this book, it has to be that it's far too short. Hochswender had two or three decades worth of "Esquire" to work from, and I wish he had picked two or three times as many of these illustrations to include. Still, it's easy to tell someone else they should have worked harder, and I have no complaints with the outstanding work he did do. Among men who appreciate and try to maintain classic style -- a Nockian Remnant in a world where every day is "Casual Friday" -- "Men in Style" is a book to return to again and again for both spiritual uplift and practical application. ( )
1 vota Cascadian | Jun 28, 2009 |
A compilation of the wonderful fashion plates that illustrated Esquire Magazine and its retailer-targeted stablemate, Apparel Arts in the 1930s and 1940s. With illustrations this good (wonderful paintings that capture drape and textures better than many photographs), plus the pithy Esquire copy and excellent introductions by Woody Hochswender, it is no wonder this changes hands for exorbitant amounts. A must for anyone interested in taking fashion cues from the period many regard as the apogee of men's fashion. ( )
  ManipledMutineer | Feb 23, 2007 |
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No n'hi ha cap

Looks at men's fashion during the thirties, forties, and postwar period, using fashion illustrations from Esquire magazine.

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