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The Blind Fairy de Brigitte Schär
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The Blind Fairy (edició 1998)

de Brigitte Schär (Autor)

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3613679,221 (3.46)Cap
A blind fairy deceived by cruel dwarves discovers the truth about her crumbling palace and attempts to restore her kingdom to its former enchantment.
Títol:The Blind Fairy
Autors:Brigitte Schär (Autor)
Informació:NorthSouth (1998), Edition: 1st US Edition, 32 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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The Blind Fairy de Brigitte Schär

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This was a different kind of fairy tale than the ones I’ve read in the past. I’ve never read a fairy tale that included the main character with a disability. I like how the author did this because most stories do not include a character with any kind of disability. In this story a fairy has an accident and now she is blind. Since becoming blind, the fairy has servants to help guard and take care of her castle. What she does not know is that dwarfs came into her castle and chased off her servants and now they are destroying her kingdom. The fairy decided to come down one day and runs into an old lady who then tells her everything that is going on. The fairy then gets magical powers and her eyesight back to runs off the dwarfs. I liked how this book included a fairy with a disability but then I feel like it contradicts the point of her being blind when she gets her eyesight back. I know this is a fairytale but that was the only thing I did not care for too much about this book. ( )
  nmhoward | Nov 12, 2019 |
"The Blind Fairy" is about a magical fairy who is ruling a kingdom she cannot see. She believes that her faithful servants are taking care of her castle, but they are not. The mean dwarfs have taken over and her castle is in ruins. One day, she ventures down from the tower and runs into an old lady. The old lady tells the Blind Fairy the truth about her castle. Now that the Fairy knows the truth, she can finally open her eyes. She uses her magic powers to get rid of the evil dwarfs and restore her enchanted kingdom. I enjoyed reading this book because there are not many fairy tales that have a main character who is blind. Readers who are blind can relate to this story and it will resonate with them. They will finally hear about character who is just like them. ( )
  eniehaus | Oct 1, 2019 |
One of the aspects of what to look for in a book with characters with disabilities is that the character should not be victimized and stereotyped by his/her disability. The blind fairy was once a seeing fairy but now that she can't see her castle has been taken my evil trolls who play trick to the fairy and mock her. She by accident leaves the castle where she is told her castle is now longer the beautiful castle all kids want to visit and when she is remained she has magic she recovers her sight and kicks out the trolls. To me, this ending was implying that there is no hope nor happiness for those who are blind. The only way shoe could be successful again was by seeing. The story was entertaining but not my favorite. ( )
  MonikaNicole | Apr 18, 2018 |
This book tells the story of a beautiful fairy who ruled over a beautiful kingdom in a gorgeous castle. Then after an accident the fairy became blind and a group of dwarfs chased away her servants and destroyed her kingdom. The trolls disguised their voices and played tricks on the fairy because she could not see. The fairy leaves her castle and meets an old women who tells her the truth about the dwarfs and her kingdom. The fairy then remembers who she is and the strength she possesses and can magically see again. She returns to the castle and casts away the dwarfs forever. I personally found this to be a great fairytale book however not so much on the topic of diversity. Overall I feel this would be a good fairy tale to read to a group of young students. ( )
  cejones4 | Mar 30, 2017 |
The Blind Fairy is a book about a Fairy who is trapped in a castle full of cruel dwarves who have taken over her castle. Throughout the story, the dwarves play cruel games on the fairy, by making her believe they were her servants. Eventually, the fairy adventures out of the castle and she then meets an old woman who allowed the fairy to see again. Thankfully, after getting her sight back, the fairy gains confidence, casts a spell and drives off the cruel dwarves. Although this book is a lot different and less realistic than my other books I picked on disabilities, the book still allowed the reader to understand what it may be like for a person who is blind and unable to visually see what is going on in the world around them. ( )
  asialandry | Nov 8, 2016 |
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A blind fairy deceived by cruel dwarves discovers the truth about her crumbling palace and attempts to restore her kingdom to its former enchantment.

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