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Blood Noir (2008)

de Laurell K. Hamilton

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2,821713,998 (3.43)35
A favor for Jason, vampire hunter Anita Blake's werewolf lover, puts her in the center of a fullblown scandal that threatens master-vampire Jean-Claude's reign and makes her a pawn in an ancient vampire queen's new rise to power.
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Anita decides to accompany Jason home to visit his estranged family because his father is on his deathbed. Although Jason's father has never loved or accepted him, Jason is hoping to reconcile with him before he passes. Anita's role will be to convince his family that Jason is straight. It seems that Jason's family is fully convinced that Jason is gay and have invested a lot of time into bullying him into admitting it.

Things are quickly complicated by the fact that Jason's doppelganger is in town for his wedding. Apparently, Jason looks exactly like the son of the richest man in town who is a senator and about to make a run for president. Jason is immediately mistaken for him throwing both he and Anita into the center of a media circus. To FURTHER complicate matters, there has recently been a threat on the senator's son's life so security is very tight and they've also decided to guard Jason and Anita (for some reason). It seems that the senator's son has run off with a local master vampire's wife and the vampire has put a hit out on him.

Naturally, The Mother of All Darkness is also pursuing Anita and picks this moment to put a call out to weretigers in the area. Anita loses two days to a mindless, animalistic mating with two strangers. When she wakes up she has blank spots in her memory and is actively being influenced by Mommy Darkest. Richard shows up and immediately makes everything about him and then develops spontaneous vampire powers. Also, Jason is now Anita's wolf to call.

Moments after Richard flounces away, Anita and Jason are abducted by vampires who have mistaken them for the senator's son. Jason is tortured until he is saved by Anita.

This book is basically my worst nightmare. The premise is so stupid and makes no sense. Even though Anita is Jean Claude's human servant and any time she travels around the country it has to be carefully negotiated with the local vampires they just forget all about that this time. She also inexplicably travels alone even though she's been going everywhere with body guards lately. The reason they all have temporary memory loss is that if they remembered to do this then the rest of the book couldn't happen. All this bullshit drama with people thinking Anita and Jason have run off and jilted Jean Claude together wouldn't have happened if their travel plans had been properly announced and negotiated. Furthermore, this business with her being abducted by two shitty vampires also wouldn't have happened if she travelled with the usual contingent of body guards.

Finally, the whole town full of inbred offspring from a cult is just ... so dumb. It's also fairly disturbing considering they all look like siblings and are definitely related and yet Jason has fucked all of them. Also, it's ludicrous that Jason looks so identical to this senator's son that his own body guards and fiancée cannot tell him apart. Also, this guy has a twin, and no one ever thinks it's his twin brother but only assumes it's the one who's getting married.

Also, it just seems very flimsy that what Anita and Jason are accused of doing is exactly what Jason's doppelganger is actually doing. This seems like very lazy writing. Does she only have one idea?

A full half of the book is just Anita meeting Jason's family and talking to his old high school friends. It's really really boring and nothing supernatural happens for about 200 pages. When the supernatural stuff finally arrives it's all a bit over the top, but at least more interesting. Unfortunately, Richard features heavily and is just as awful as always. They make a big deal about how he's only acting like an asshole because he's "inherited" Anita's rage and then Anita takes it back so he's better now. But I know better than to believe that. This is like the tenth book where Richard supposedly turns a corner or changes but it never sticks. He's such a tedious jerk. He's a bully. He tries to rape Anita in this book and only barely fails. And that's after she "fixes" him. So.... ( )
  Juva | Feb 3, 2022 |
Synopsis: 'In Jason's hometown, one of his ancestors had more than his fair share of offspring. Hence, Jason's features are repeated in various cousins and other relatives. During high school Jason was always confused with two of his cousins who happen to be twins. Keith Summerland used the confusion to his benefit a few times, tricking people to believe he was Jason or letting Jason get the beating for Keith's deeds.
As soon as Jean-Claude's private jet lands in North Carolina, Jason is confused for Keith. The local and national media is interested in Keith Summerland because he is getting married and his father, who is currently a governor, is thinking of running for the Presidency. Meanwhile, Jason's father has been given only weeks to live, so time is of the essence. In addition, Jason has rented a hotel room in the same location that Keith is supposed to stay in and where the bridal party is taking place.
Keith Summerland is in trouble again, he's fallen for a vampire and would rather marry her than the girl his father wants to marry him to. However, the vampire is already married and her husband does not take kindly to Keith trying to take his bride.
In The Harlequin Anita was given a charm that is supposed to keep Marmee Noir away. When Anita meets a tiger that calls to one of the tigers inside her, the charm fails or perhaps the Mother of Darkness overpowers it. Previous books have had Anita give her beast to someone else since she cannot shift with a fair amount of success, however Jason would only be able to help Anita if her inner wolf was giving her trouble. Marmee Noir uses Anita to send out a call to every unattached tiger in the nation.
Specifically, two tigers in the area come to Anita, and Jason, instantly and are essentially raped by her for two days. One is Crispin from Las Vegas (who broaches the rape issue), a stripper and the other is Alexander Pinn, who is a closeted reporter. Crispin is from a white tiger clan, while Alex is from a red tiger clan.
Once again, Anita could be pregnant. Jason tells the possible-daddies-to-be tigers that the would-be baby is probably his and they then allow her to get a morning-after pill. Otherwise, either tiger would have happily married and taken Anita back to his clan. Crispin appears to have been rolled by Anita and is rather heartbroken when she sends him away, while Alex had a harder time fighting Anita's call.
Marmee Noir may be thousands of miles physically from Anita, but she can still reach out and touch the necromancer. When Anita loses consciousness, Marmee Noir wakes her and slashes her shirt open despite being so far away. However, she does not reveal why she is so interested in Anita. It could be that she wants Anita for her own human servant, as other Masters of the City may as well. When the link between Anita and Jean-Claude is broken, they believe that Anita may have been marked by Marmee Noir, but once Anita reclaims her anger from Richard the link is back. Marmee Noir cannot understand Anita's rage because it belongs to Anita and was not passed down from her to any of Marmee Noir's vampire descendants.
The last theme is the desire to be "normal", which most of the main characters admit to wanting. Normal as in what society says most humans want: find a true love, meet the family, get married, have kids, live happily ever after. Unfortunately for Anita, her life is anything but normal, but she's the only one who appears to accept that. When Jason takes Anita home to meet his family, Jean-Claude and Micah both express the desire to do that as well.
Jean-Claude is jealous because while he would want Anita to meet his family, they have all died so long ago that no one knows him from when he was human is left. Anita tells him that she has in a sense met his mother, she's in some sense met Belle Morte and he replies that she is not 'his people.' Belle Morte may be the head of Jean-Claude's bloodline but she is not the matriarch of his family.
Micah broke his ties with his family to keep them safe. When Chimera was alive, he would use family against the members of his pard. With Chimera dead, Micah expresses the desire to introduce Anita to his family. However, Nathaniel is also a part of Anita's and Micah's life which leaves Micah uncertain if all three of them should visit. Nathaniel's role in their life is not so clear and simple nor "normal" as the roles of 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend.'
Richard also wants his life to be normal, he wants Anita to be his wife and to live essentially behind a white picket fence. They have quarreled about this many times in many books. When he finds Anita has gained two more lovers to her list or bed post, Richard is distressed. Once Anita takes away her rage from him, he gains a new talent. The talent is the ardor and unfortunately, there is a learning curve to it and at first he tries to use it against her until Jason calls him on it and then Richard simply leaves Anita alone.
Jason's desire to be normal shows in trying to appease his father one last time. To try to convince him that Anita is his girlfriend is the least he can do, while he still has time left to say goodbye to his father. A media frenzy of poor timing and rumors will not stop him in visiting his abusive father in the hopes for that one perfect moment of acceptance that he never had when he was growing up. Jason had no desire for athletics and his choice of theater was not what his father wanted for him. In fact, nearly everything Jason has tried to do to please his father has failed. It is not until the end of the book, when Jason is nearly taken away from his family that Franklin Schuyler realizes exactly how much Jason means to him.'
Review: This was almost a 'normal' look at the life of a shap shifter. ( )
  DrLed | Jan 28, 2022 |
I liked this Anita Blake book much better than the last few. Which isn't exactly saying much. I've heard that Hamilton isn't using an editor these days. It certainly explains a lot about the last few books. Not just typos and grammar errors, but continuity errors, too. And certainly an editor would tighten up the story and get rid of redundancies.

There's an actual plot and not as many unnecessary sex scenes. I wasn't going to buy any more in the series, but I read the exerpt at the end of the book and Edward is in the next one. I like Edward. So I broke down and bought the next one. I only own a few more in the series.

Hamilton is a good writer with great plots and characters but she needs an editor to keep things from getting boring. All the whining was really getting to me. ( )
  jezebellydancer | Oct 6, 2021 |
I really loved Laurell K. Hamilton's early Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series books but I did feel like she lost the thread a bit in the middle of the series. I am glad to say that it seems like she is focusing more on the story line and less on the sex of late which makes the books better in my opinion. I think Anita is a great character and Laurell K. Hamilton can write a great plot but her overly complicated sex scenes can somewhat take away from the book. ( )
  KateKat11 | Sep 24, 2021 |
  5083mitzi | Jul 1, 2021 |
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To Jonathan, who loves me when I am at my most dark and helps me light a candle when it all grows too black to endure.
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I came home to find two men sitting at my kitchen table.
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A favor for Jason, vampire hunter Anita Blake's werewolf lover, puts her in the center of a fullblown scandal that threatens master-vampire Jean-Claude's reign and makes her a pawn in an ancient vampire queen's new rise to power.

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