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de Phillip Manning

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Tells about the discovery of the fossil remains of a hadrosaur in the hills of the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota.
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  OakGrove-KFA | Mar 28, 2020 |
Dinomummy takes you through a real life archaelogical dig and puts you in the mind of Tyler Larson who is a student of paleontology at Yale University as he along with his colleages try to discover first, what kind of Dinosaur they had discovered and second, why the Dinosaur Mummy ended up in Hell Creek. This is a really good book for students who are fascinated with Archaelogy. ( )
  CassieM | Jun 26, 2010 |
Reviewed by Me for

At the age of sixteen, Tyler Lyson made one of perhaps the most amazing discoveries when it comes to dinosaurs: a highly intact and detailed dinomummy. Not just a fossil as many discoveries of dinosaurs are, this one came complete with actual dinosaur skin and possible organs! Although he had always been fascinated with dinosaurs, Tyler hardly knew at the age of six, when he discovered the fossilized jaw of a duck-billed hadrosaur along with his brother, that one day his persistence and dedication would lead to such an amazing find.

Tyler Lyson grew up in Marmarth, South Dakota, and spent a large amount of his time exploring the grounds of Hell Creek, a remote, huge area of badlands not far from where he lived. At sixteen, he discovered the dinomummy, who was eventually named "Dakota" for the state where it was found. He contacted Dr. Phillip Lars Manning, a paleontologist at the University of Manchester in the U.K., and the real fun -- and work -- began.

Together with a large group of scientists from numerous fields and eager volunteers, Tyler and Dr. Manning set about uncovering this enormous and amazing dinomummy. We can follow their journey from head to tail through stunning full-color photographs included within the pages of DINOMUMMY. Dr. Manning also describes the techniques and equipment used to unearth, protect, and transport Dakota back to his lab for further study.

For anyone who loves dinosaurs, DINOMUMMY is a must-read! This is a fascinating look into a truly important discovery, and its easy-to-read language and helpful illustrations and captions make it perfect for even the youngest reader. ( )
  GeniusJen | Oct 10, 2009 |
A 16-year-old kid finds a mummified hadrosaur in South Dakota. Not only is the full skeleton intact, but since it was mummified, there are bits of skin and such also. Very cool. The book starts with a fictionalized account of what the hadrosaur might have been doing that day and how it might have died. Then it goes into information about the process of digging up the dinosaur and how they can get information from it and what that information might mean.

An interesting book, but some questions went unanswered. ( )
1 vota abbylibrarian | Dec 24, 2007 |
Es mostren totes 4
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Tells about the discovery of the fossil remains of a hadrosaur in the hills of the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota.

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