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Evernight (2009)

de Claudia Gray

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Sèrie: Evernight (1)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
2,3901284,570 (3.69)69
Sixteen-year-old Bianca, a new girl at the sinister Evernight boarding school, finds herself drawn to another outsider, Jared, but dark forces threaten to tear them apart and destroy Bianca's entire world.
  1. 62
    Marked de P. C. Cast (tyuiop159, evansriza)
  2. 62
    Crepuscle (Primer llibre de la Saga Crepuscle) de Stephenie Meyer (tyuiop159, zippa101)
    tyuiop159: They both have the same Romeo and Juliet structure.
    zippa101: It really filled that gap that twilight made.
  3. 30
    Hearts at Stake (Drake Chronicles, Book 1) de Alyxandra Harvey (TheLibraryhag)
  4. 30
    The Summoning de Kelley Armstrong (TheLibraryhag)
  5. 52
    Eclipsi de Stephenie Meyer (tyuiop159)
  6. 20
    Vampire Academy de Richelle Mead (MisfitRhi)
    MisfitRhi: Both set at boarding schools and involve vampires.
  7. 10
    The Silver Kiss de Annette Curtis Klause (rose_81)
  8. 21
    The Awakening de L. J. Smith (TheLibraryhag)
  9. 10
    Demonglass de Rachel Hawkins (JRlibrary)
    JRlibrary: Both books involve a romance that shouldn't be allowed to happen; where the person the main character falls for is "the enemy" and someone to be avoided. They are also both series. Read Hex Hall before you read Demonglass though, since Demonglass is book two in the series.… (més)
  10. 00
    My Soul to Take de Rachel Vincent (FFortuna)
  11. 00
    Dead Beautiful de Yvonne Woon (wegc)
    wegc: Both are about teenage girls who go to weird boarding schools where all is not as it seems.
  12. 00
    Need de Carrie Jones (FFortuna)
  13. 00
    Vamps de Nancy A. Collins (TheLibraryhag)
  14. 00
    The Fury / Dark Reunion de L. J. Smith (TheLibraryhag)
  15. 33
    A trenc d'alba de Stephenie Meyer (titania86)
  16. 01
    Vampire Knight, Volume 1 de Matsuri Hino (Usuari anònim)
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I liked this book (3.5/5) but it could have been even better if it the shocking revelation in the middle of the book (if you read the book you know what I'm talking about) had been disclosed in a different way...


The idea of keeping the detail of Bianca's true nature secret isn't a bad one per se, but I think the author kept it hanging for too long creating a whole storyline (mostly revolving around Bianca's insecurities and self-doubts) that, after that turning point, doesn't make any sense. Bianca's attidute regarding Evernight strongly clash with the reality of her situation: after all she is a vampire (she had known since she was a baby) and she is going to a school where vampires are the norm instead of attending one in where she's the only vampire among why she's felling like an outcast now and not then?? I understand she's still different from them (born and not made) but at least now she have people who share her secret...shouldn't that be an improvement?!

Lucas' revelation however was disclosed quite well: during the book there are various hints about his strange home-life (and his attitude at times was highly suspicious) but we find out about his real motives to attend Evernight only in the end and still it's all perfectly coherent with his character (unlike Bianca's case).

From the supporting characters Vic & Balthazar are, by far, my favourites and I hope they'll make an appearence in the next book... ( )
  Lara-IT | Feb 3, 2021 |
This book was amazing. From the first page it held my attention and I couldn't stop reading it until the end. Now I'm going crazy, waiting get my hands on the second book. As I am a sucker for forbidden romance this book was perfect. Bianca and Lucas's relationships is so beautiful and I love how they love each other even when they should hate each other.
I cannot wait to read read more about them in the second book. ( )
  AllAndAnyBooks | Sep 17, 2020 |
taken from my blog: YumYA Books

What it's about:
Bianca Oliver knew her life had changed when her parents uprooted her from her from her small hometown, her old friends, her old life, and sent her to Evernight Academy. Everyone at the eerie gothic boarding school is different to Bianca. They’re sleek, elegant, and …almost predatory.

Then Bianca meets Lucas. He’s like her – an outcast. And he likes it that way. He ignores the rules, stands up to snobs, and cautions Bianca to be careful – especially about fitting in.

But then Bianca finds out that she actually does fit in. That she’s the ‘Evernight type’ after all. But despite this, she is determined to make it work with Lucas. But her dark secret is destined to tear them apart… and Bianca soon finds out that Lucas was hiding something life changing himself.

My thoughts:

Evernight is one of my favourite books. It was one of the first paranormal romance novels I read (before I even read Twilight). I first borrowed it from my school library a couple of years ago and I read it in less than a day. My friend at the time and I went around the library picking out random books and borrowing them for each other and my friend picked out Evernight and borrowed it for me, daring me to read it. So, like the daredevil that I am, I read it. And boy, did I love it. I ended up borrowing the sequel and counting down the days until the next books came out.

Bianca is a very nice character. She’s lived her whole life in the same town and suddenly she’s being sent to a strange, scary boarding school where she knows no one and she doesn’t fit in.

When I first read this book I thought it’d be the usual idea of the girl finding out the guy is a vampire and her whole world turns upside down. Evernight is much different. It has an amazing twist that just makes the story immediately much more exciting. The whole idea of two people who come from completely different worlds falling for each other yet being torn between living the life they’ve always known and being together has always enticed me. Evernight shows this wonderfully and that’s probably one of the reasons I love it so much.

I was very surprised twice during this book. It’s hard for an author to shock me once, let alone twice. I think this happens to everyone who reads it. The reader assumes they know what’s going to happen but Claudia Gray is a great writer and manages to shock everyone when a secret is told.

Gray creates wonderful characters and an action filled plot that makes you want to read more. ( )
  angelgay | Jul 1, 2020 |
ATTENTION: There may be a little spoiler for those who have not yet read the book, so read on at your own risk. :-)


Well, I don't know exactly what to say about this book.

I guess I can start off with the negative..Which I think there will be more negative than positive.


A large majority of the book was a total bore...The definition of bore you might ask? Or even if you do know, I am going to give it anyway because if fits perfectly with how I felt about this book most of the time.

1. make somebody uninterested: to make somebody lose interest and so feel tired and annoyed
2. something that bores: somebody or something regarded as wholly uninteresting or tiresome

Pay close attention to TIRED, ANNOYED, & TIRESOME..

I understand about giving the history...but come on! Give me some action.

This book reminded me a lot of Fallen & Twilight. With some of the story line...Except that Bianca was the vampire. But they had the same unnatural clingy'ness that Edward and Bella had. And some parts of the book I would read would make me think the author had taken some ideas from Fallen.

Bianca felt like she couldn't live or move on with life without Lucas. And Lucas had that same reaction towards her.

Now, that we are on Lucas, he is one of those that makes you want to hate him..Then he does something that you change your mind..Until he does something stupid and then you like him all over again. So throughout the story..You're very much leery of him.

And I HATED strongly disliked Bianca's parents. Especially Dad. Dad was an ass to say the least. And I guess there may be a reason in behind him being an asshole..But they never gave reason...And they sheltered her way too much....If she is to grow into the vampire you want her to be, then there comes a time that sheltering needs to stop..Especially after she bites someone for the first time.

Now, I guess I can go on to the few positive that I have about this story....

The only reason I continued on with the story was because I wanted to know what happened between these two and there were some questions I had that needed answering.

The two people I actually liked in the story was Balthazar & Raquel. Balthazar was real with her without being overly mean. Raquel, although she seemed kind of emo'ish & always down on herself, she seemed like a sweet young woman who just wanted acceptance and wasn't getting it from her parents. I did notice that Claudia Gray wrote a book based on Balthazar...

[bc:Balthazar|10120780|Balthazar|Claudia Gray||15018468]

Will I read it? I don't know. If I can get through at least book 2 in the Evernight series..I MIGHT...It all depends on how I feel about book 2 and if I can get through the others. I will make that decision later I guess.

But my FAVORITE was is VIC...He was happy, funny, always smiling & just always tried to see the positive in everything. He was Lucas's roommate and best friend.

Now, what roll these 3 will play in the next book I don't know. I'm sure they're in the story for a reason, and the ones you love the most, sometimes are the ones who end up causing the most damage sometimes.

Is that to say I will go on to the next book? I probably will...I want to know what happens next. I won't say I will finish the whole series but I will take it according to how I feel about the next book I read. If I like Stargazer...

[bc:Stargazer|3054684|Stargazer (Evernight, #2)|Claudia Gray||3085581]....

Then I will go on to....

[bc:Hourglass|6421588|Hourglass (Evernight, #3)|Claudia Gray||6610807]

And so on.

I just hope book two is better than this one. And I am in hopes that it has more action. Although I don't mind the romance in books, but thats not why I get them..If I wanted just romance and not the action that Fantasy gives, I would read strictly romance! IJS....

:-) ( )
  RamblingBookNerd | Jun 5, 2019 |
This interesting first person past tense novel pulled me in right from the Prologue, and kept me reading in spite of the vampires. I've never seen them used so effectively as this author does to show how an immortal can not only become jaded, but also see the changes of history as evolutions in the ways that short-lived human beings see the events through which these immortals have actually lived. Very nicely done in that regard. The romance was a bit too romantic for my taste, but maybe I just don't like romance novels. Ok, I definitely do not like romance. I felt the second betrayal to be a bit too 'mushy' or motivated by the romantic part of the story, which I deemphasize, but I think this is marketed as a romance, so it is really good inspite of that! :-) ( )
  FourFreedoms | May 17, 2019 |
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Sixteen-year-old Bianca, a new girl at the sinister Evernight boarding school, finds herself drawn to another outsider, Jared, but dark forces threaten to tear them apart and destroy Bianca's entire world.

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