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Princess Grace

de Mary Hoffman

Altres autors: Ying-Hwa Hu (Il·lustrador), Cornelius Van Wright (Il·lustrador)

Sèrie: Grace

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21213115,090 (3.97)Cap
Grace wants to participate in her community festival's princess float, but first she must decide what sort of a princess she wants to be--from an African princess in kente cloth robes to a floaty pink fairy tale princess.
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I loved this book for many reasons. For one, I loved the central message of the book: Princesses do a whole lot more then just "look pretty." In the book, the author does a great job in giving the main character Grace a strong voice. Grace is very inquisitive and seeks out more information about what princesses REALLY do. In the book, the author gives the perfect amount of information regarding princess history and the book forces the reader to broaden their perspectives on princesses and women empowerment. For instance, the author writes about "Pin-Yang of China who started a women's army..." among other powerful women. The author challenges the stereotype of a princess and I think this was a great book and I LOVED IT! ( )
  jkeel3 | Feb 10, 2020 |
give hope to the read or listener good book ( )
  Sherritaperry | Aug 15, 2018 |
British author Mary Hoffman, who published her first story about a feisty, story-loving girl named Grace around twenty-five years ago, returns to her adventures in this fifth picture-book, this time addressing the "princess craze." When Grace's teacher announces that their school will have a float in the community parade, and that two girls from their class will be chosen to be princesses on that float, she is beside herself with excitement. She loves princesses, and the wonderful fairy-tales from which they come! But when she attempts to describe what she will wear to her Nana, the question of who princesses really are, and what they do, arises. Soon Grace's entire class is learning about the many interesting princesses from world history...

Like its predecessor - after the initial Amazing Grace, this is only the second book about this character that I have read - Princess Grace pairs an engaging tale about a high-spirited, sympathetic young heroine with colorful, appealing artwork. The illustrators here, Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu, mention in a brief note on the colophon at the front of the book that their work is inspired by the original artwork done by Caroline Binch for the earlier books. Comparing this with the first, I think that overall they have succeeded in capturing the same sensibility, although I do think that Binch's Grace is a little sharper looking, with a little more individuality and character, whereas this Grace looks a little smoother, a little more generic. Leaving that aside, I enjoyed the story here, and appreciated the two central messages - that actions mean more than appearances, and that there are a diverse range of princesses hailing from a diverse group of cultures - that it conveys. Recommended to anyone who has read and enjoyed earlier Grace books, as well as to those looking for picture-books that address 'princess mania' in a more constructive, thoughtful way. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Jul 28, 2017 |
I liked the story Princess Grace by Mary Hoffman for two reasons. One reason I liked the story is because of the character development. The main character Grace began the story thinking that the definition of a princess was based off the fairytale books she read. “Most of her favorite stories were about princesses, like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.” As Grace began to use critical thinking skills, her perception of princesses changed. “Why just the pink and pretty sort? Can’t we have some of these other kinds from other countries?” Grace’s character developed because she learned that by learning to ask questions, you can learn more about life. This is an important skill for students to develop at a young age. Teachers have to be willing to help their students discover the information they want to learn. According to the story, Grace’s teacher took it very serious when Grace inquired about the role of a princess. The teacher’s ability to incorporate multicultural princesses in her lesson caused Grace’s perception change.
Another reason I enjoyed this story is because of the illustrations. Classrooms in the United States are becoming more diverse. The illustrations in the story enhance the text because it depicts a multicultural classroom. “It was a bit crowded because of all the Japanese and African and Spanish princesses and princes.” The illustrations support the text in that many different cultural groups are represented. It is salient that students are able to relate to the stories read in school, and Princess Grace illustrates a diverse community.
The big message of this story is to find role models in life. In the beginning of the story, Grace knew she liked princesses, but she couldn’t elucidate why. It wasn’t until she was introduced to real princesses that have saved villages that she expanded her interest of princesses. Students can find role models in life based off their passions. This book is a great way to start a conversation about student’s passions. This story also illustrates the importance of critical thinking. Grace’s learning improved dramatically once she began to ask questions. Teachers can use this book to encourage students to think outside of their comfort zone, and ask open ended questions. ( )
  Taylorbacon | Feb 27, 2017 |
I liked the book “Princess Grace” by Mary Hoffman. I enjoyed this book because it pushes readers to think about things in different ways. I also enjoyed the variety of characters. This book pushes its readers by asking them to think of different types of princesses instead of just the pink ones that we refer to in fairy tales. The book uses this idea to go on a journey of discovery with the main character Grace who wants to be selected as one of the princesses for the parade. Grace begins to research different princesses from history and learns that she wants to be a princess that does something. I like the plot because it guides Graces discovery and really emphasizes the big idea of the book. The message of this book is that just because there is a stereotype of something that doesn’t mean there aren’t other types. Everyone is unique and different in their own way.
  may_tay_kay | Feb 22, 2016 |
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Mary Hoffmanautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Hu, Ying-HwaIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
Van Wright, CorneliusIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat

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Grace wants to participate in her community festival's princess float, but first she must decide what sort of a princess she wants to be--from an African princess in kente cloth robes to a floaty pink fairy tale princess.

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