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The Gorgon's Gaze (Companions Quartet) de…
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The Gorgon's Gaze (Companions Quartet) (edició 2013)

de Julia Golding (Autor)

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1715125,889 (3.7)No n'hi ha cap
Mallins Wood is home to the last surviving gorgon, and Col's mother, the gorgon's supernatural Companion, is determined to save it from encroaching development--even to the point of endangering Col and his best friend Connie, the most powerful Companion alive.
Títol:The Gorgon's Gaze (Companions Quartet)
Autors:Julia Golding (Autor)
Informació:Two Lions (2013), Edition: Reprint, 320 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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The Gorgon’s Gaze de Julia Golding

No n'hi ha cap
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In this book Connie's aunt takes her to her house to live with her. she is misreble there because her aunt dosen't let her have anything to do with the Society. She also dosen't let Connie go to school or see many of her friends, she is strict and evil. Also during this the oil refinery wants to cut down the wood, which would make many creatures homeless. When Kullvero captures Col Connie sneaks out to go see his new friend Rat to see if he knows anything. When he dosen't she goes to find him and falls into a trap set by Kullvero. When Connie is captired Col escapes and goes to get help. Later Connie uses powers from a Gorgon to defeat Kullvero, but not kill him. while she did this she was up in Merlins oak which is in the woods. that gets the woods enough publicity to save it.
This book was as good as the first. I also highly recomend it and would read it over and over. I wish that I owend this book. it was my type of book, mabey not for some people but deffinitly for me. I enjoy all the mythical creatures and how they are so creatively described and written about. It is the second book in the compainions quartet. I am also going to read the last two. You would have to be an idiot not to reaad these books. READ THEM!!!!!
  iris.boullion98 | Jan 21, 2011 |
British, Col, son of a gorgon's companion, and companion himself to pegasus, and friend Connie Lionheart - a universal - or able to make contact with all living beings - fighting against the evil Kullervo who is trying to take over the world, and needs her - the only universal in several generations. Includes rare golden dragonet, tree huggers protesting the destruction of woods to widen a road, tree sprites, etc... ( )
  caro488 | Jun 9, 2010 |
Just as good as the first book in the series. It fully lived up to my expectations and perhaps even exceeded them. I would have liked to see Connie spend more time learning about her new-found abilities, but the plot quickly made it very obvious that that wasn't going to happen. As a single book in a series, that didn't bother me too much, but I hope Julia Golding will return to Connie's training in the next book.

I'll be very interested to see where Connie's fight with Kullervo will take her, and thought Julia Golding did a good job in introducing the dilemma she may eventually face in having to beat her.

Entertaining fantasy, and a quick read. At 303 pages I read it in just under 3 hours. ( )
  Kiwiria | Mar 23, 2010 |
This is the second book in the Companions Quartet which tells the tale of
Connie, who happens to be a universal companion that can talk to all mythical creatures. In the first book, we learned that Connie is a universal and she fights an evil foe and is accepted in the Society. You think everything is in place for her to begin her lessons, but in fact, her world is about to turn upside down. Her aunt and uncle come to take her away from her other aunt's bad influence and to get rid of these fanciful notions she has about bing a universal. Connie is kept under lock and key and is miserable until she escapes. But when she thinks she is gaining her freedom, she is actually falling into another trap. This is a great book for kids who like Lightning Thief or Terry Deary's books. It combines the modern world with the magical.
  prkcs | Mar 16, 2008 |
Connie is taken from her Grandmother and given to her aunt who rejected her companion heritage and is militant about it. Meanwhile Col's mother want Col and Connie to help her prevent a road going through her companion animal's forest. She's also accepted the help of Kulervo.

Interesting and mostly believable, although the aunt would have been better a little less over the top, but it is a young adult read so the black and white situation is pretty much de rigeur. I want to read the next book in the series and this is very much a second book and setups for the third book. ( )
  wyvernfriend | Jul 11, 2007 |
Es mostren totes 5
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No n'hi ha cap

Mallins Wood is home to the last surviving gorgon, and Col's mother, the gorgon's supernatural Companion, is determined to save it from encroaching development--even to the point of endangering Col and his best friend Connie, the most powerful Companion alive.

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