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WHO ON EARTH IS TOM BAKER? An Autobiography…
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WHO ON EARTH IS TOM BAKER? An Autobiography (edició 2013)

de Tom Baker

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Tom Baker's autobiography covers his childhood in the poor, spirited Irish community in Liverpool; his six years as a monk; his struggling times as an out-of-work actor; and onto appearances alongside Olivier at the National Theatre, work with Pasolino and his time as Doctor Who.
Títol:WHO ON EARTH IS TOM BAKER? An Autobiography
Autors:Tom Baker
Informació:Tom Baker Limited (2013), Kindle Edition, 259 pages
Col·leccions:E-Books, La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Who on Earth Is Tom Baker? de Tom Baker

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In Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?, Tom Baker recounts his life, beginning with a description of growing up in a poor Catholic neighborhood in Liverpool. He discusses the role religion played in his life and how he almost joined the church, it having drilled into him from a young age that he was worthless unless he served god in the organization. When he left, he felt listless for awhile before doing his national service, where the military separated the Catholics into their own regiment. He then moves on to his first marriage, further struggles with social class and his acting career, before discussing the fortuitous series of events that led to has casting on Doctor Who. He chronicles his tenure as the longest-serving Doctor, both the highs and lows as well as the way he contributed to the development of the fandom. From there, Baker discusses the struggle to redefine himself apart from Doctor Who and his relationship struggles, concluding on a note of self-effacement similar to his description of his youth in the church. Fans of Doctor Who will find some good background information here, but the book also serves as Baker’s effort to shape his legacy since he discusses his worry over an impending death both at the beginning and end. Fortunately, though Baker wrote this in 1997, he just celebrated his eighty-fourth birthday shortly prior to my finishing the book. ( )
  DarthDeverell | Feb 8, 2020 |
An average autobiography - I wanted to know more about his time as Dr Who but all the same he had lead an interesting life.
( )
  Ben_Harnwell | Apr 26, 2015 |
He is a little hard to follow at times and I think I learned more about him then I ever wanted to know but I loved it. He is a fantastic actor and he should really give himself more credit.
  holly21 | Dec 18, 2013 |
I happen to know that Tom Baker was thrown out of The Rose Bruford School of Speech and Drama for getting a girl pregnant. I too was thrown out of that school, and I make no secret of it. The best Dr. Who actor, however, chooses not to reveal this particular truth. I wonder what else is missing from his autobiography? But a good read and, as a fellow Scouser, I appreciated reading how he was dragged up. ( )
  Philip_Lee | Apr 1, 2013 |

Four years ago I listened to an abridged audio version of this book, read by the man himself; now I've finally read the whole thing, fourteen years after frenziedly speed-skimming a newly published copy in an Oxford bookshop without actually buying it. It is quite an extraordinary and painful book, by a man who doesn't much like himself and, to his continuing amazement, found in his early 40s that everyone suddenly liked him. Baker confesses many tales of personal betrayal, of lovers, colleagues, relatives, and himself; he is rather fascinated by his own awfulness as a human being, and he achieves the difficult task of communicating his fascination to the reader, because he is also very funny. The book (deliberately, I think) doesn't do justice to himself; I was struck, having read this just after listening to Big Finish's April podcasts, which feature a long interview with him divided into several sections, by the fact that most of the anecdotes he shared this year with Nicholas Briggs were very different from the stories spun for his readers in 1997. I also take a wild guess, judging from hints dropped in interviews, that he has actually had some serious and effective psychotherapy; no mention of that in the book, which itself may have been a cathartic experience to write, but also perhaps writing about healing and acceptance might have spoiled the story.

If you are looking for insider information on Doctor Who, this book doesn't give you much - perhaps 30 pages out of 270, and the show's history has been better chronicled elsewhere (including in the DVD commentaries to which Tom Baker has contributed). But if you are interested in reading a peculiar personality study, written by its own subject, this is one of the more memorable ones out there. ( )
1 vota nwhyte | May 27, 2011 |
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Tom Baker's autobiography covers his childhood in the poor, spirited Irish community in Liverpool; his six years as a monk; his struggling times as an out-of-work actor; and onto appearances alongside Olivier at the National Theatre, work with Pasolino and his time as Doctor Who.

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