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The Dragon Heir de Cinda Williams Chima
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The Dragon Heir (2008 original; edició 2009)

de Cinda Williams Chima (Autor)

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1,4344710,065 (4.07)53
Maddie Moss is blackmailed into stealing the Dragonheart from Jason Haley, who seems powerless against the oncoming onslaught but whose connection to the Dragonheart may prove that he is destined for a greater purpose than anyone imagined.
Títol:The Dragon Heir
Autors:Cinda Williams Chima (Autor)
Informació:Hyperion Book (2009), Edition: Reprint, 528 pages
Col·leccions:High school

Informació de l'obra

The Dragon Heir de Cinda Williams Chima (2008)

mom (6)
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Loved It! I had no idea what was going to happen the whole time. So many fantastic twists and turns. ( )
  Kat_books | Nov 9, 2021 |
A perfect conclusion to this trilogy, even if it does leave you wishing the series wouldn't end at all!

The direction this book takes is interesting; just as Jack headed "The Warrior Heir" and Seph "The Wizard Heir", Jason and Madison take up the spotlight for this book. At first it seems an unusual choice, as both were minor characters up until now. But I quickly came to love them, and in the end I was grateful for this extra glimpse into their lives.

Of all the amazing characters in the Heir series, Jason and Maddie are definitely two of the most complex, I discovered. There is both anger and heroism, selfishness and great compassion in their hearts. Theirs was a wonderful, painful, and educational tale to follow.

And of course, the return of all the old characters was once again a welcome part of the storyline. Though they hold smaller roles, they never falter from the personas that I encountered in the previous two.

But I have to say, it was the climax; the last ten or so chapters of "The Dragon Heir" that truly wowed me. The emotion, the delicate character interactions, the internal and outer struggles, all the truth coming clean in a flood of sorrow, betrayal, and triumph. To this day, I think the end of this book is one of the most powerful scenarios I've ever seen. I've read it several times and never tire of it.

All in all, the fitting close to a great series, which is never an easy thing to accomplish. ( )
  booksong | Mar 18, 2020 |
This was definitely my least favorite book in the Heir Chronicles series so far. A lot of the characters' relationships got developed overly quickly and off-screen, as though the author was trying to limit the length of the book and therefore cut out all the character-building scenes to allow herself to juggle all her subplots without writing a book that was much longer than the previous two. More time could have been spent on Linda and Hastings, who seemed almost like an afterthought in this installment. I'd have also liked to see more effort to weave the subplots naturally into the flow of events, rather than having them pop up out of nowhere when they become necessary for the plot. For example, Jack's mom becomes suddenly very interested in what's keeping everyone so busy halfway through the book, but she was barely mentioned (if at all) before that point. Also, the relationship between Jason and Leesha was developed almost completely off-screen. In one scene, they're going off to hang out for the first time as friends, and the next thing you know, they're a couple. It's very jarring.

I also felt like the new origin story this book introduced was sort of plopped right in. Like, Nick was talking about it like it had been there the whole time (despite never being so much as alluded to in previous books), and none of the other characters were really questioning what he was talking about, at all.

The main characters also seemed very self-important, compared to all the other nameless rebels on their side. Trinity was supposedly full of seers, sorcerers, and the like who were fighting alongside all our main characters, but in the end, when Jessamine Longbranch is being called out for the crimes she's had a hand in, they only mention Jason's death, Maddie's supposed death, and Ellen's injury , as though the main characters are the only ones who exist and matter. It just felt like the author totally forgot that there was an entire army there, not just the few people the readers cared about.

Of course, the prose in this book also continued to have its sloppy sections, much like the previous books. There was a part, for example, where Jason's thoughts are presented almost as though they are dialogue, though the next paragraph in the book is Jason's actual dialogue. I ended up having to reread the passage because it was so confusingly done.

Finally, I really wasn't expecting the story to get so completely wrapped up in this one, being that it's only the third of a 5-book series (from my understanding). I mean, I understand that they are presented as companion novels for each other, but the first three were interconnected and had a fairly linear story line, so I figured that would continue on into the fourth book. After reading the hastily-pasted-together pages of exposition at the end of this book, however, I have the feeling I'll never read about these characters again. I suppose we'll see, but that seems like awfully poor organization on the author's part. This felt like the end of a series; if she picks up in a different time period with different characters, like i'm suspicious she will, it should be presented as a spin-off series, not Book 4 of the same one.

All that said, this book wasn't a complete flop. I was engrossed in the story much of the time; in fact, I think it was the latter half, where things started getting hastily thrown in, that I really grew unhappy. I suppose the main point is that the author had a really good thing going, but it feels like she got a bit over her head with it all. ( )
  NovelInsights | Sep 21, 2019 |
I read this book awhile back when this series was still just the original trilogy. I only recently found out two additional books were added to the series so now I plan on re-reading the first three book before continuing onto the new ones. I will update this review after I've re-read this book that way I can write it with a fresh mind. ( )
  spellbindingstories | May 24, 2018 |
Wow what a fantastic story! And such major improvements over the previous 2 books. The following part of this review will contain spoilers!!!!

I absolutely loved the battle that took place in the latter section of this book. I felt that the writing and story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, fearing for the characters.

I will admit, that I got a sick kind of satisfaction when both of the D'Orsay dudes got killed. The son was annoying the entire time and really had the potential to screw stuff up for our heroes and his dad was just a straight bastard.

On the flip side, Jason's death really through me for a loop. I thought he was an idiot for trusting Leesha (which I was still half right about!), and I was proud of his stance towards her after he found out the truth, but my heart broke when he died. He wanted such a bigger part than he was able to play.

Not gonna lie, I was caught off guard by who Snowbeard turned out to be. I always loved his character and I was shocked by the fact he was the creater of the covenant. I was also saddened to read of his death.

I really really loved the ending of the battle with Madison taking Wylie's and Jessamine's weirstones. They got what they deserved, but the fact that they were left alive has me worried. ( )
  Moore31 | Feb 25, 2018 |
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Maddie Moss is blackmailed into stealing the Dragonheart from Jason Haley, who seems powerless against the oncoming onslaught but whose connection to the Dragonheart may prove that he is destined for a greater purpose than anyone imagined.

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