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The Jigsaw Man

de Gord Rollo

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What would you be prepared to do for two million dollars? Michael Fox was about to commit suicide when a stranger approached him and offered him $2m cash - in return for his right arm. However, once Fox agrees to the deal, he begins to realise that this was only the beginning.
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Slammed through this novel, simply couldn't put it down! Highly disturbing!
OK Just a tad predictable, but that is ok, I didn't expect any real surprises. I enjoyed the characters, no matter if they were cruel!
This made me squirm, and feel nauseous and terrified.
Couldn't have chosen a better novel to start the fall season with. I recommend to all horror lovers, especially` ones who enjoy anything in the genre of medical settings. ( )
  XoVictoryXo | Jun 28, 2017 |
Amazing. I'm honestly speechless. This book had me like 😱 the whole time and I loved it! It's definitely not for everyone, cause it's a super super dark book, but for anyone who likes that stuff, it's a great read! ( )
  DanasReadingRoom | Jun 11, 2017 |
A modern take on the classic Frankenstein story for the ages. This is my first novel by Rollo and simply put, it won't be my last. I've read some amazing books in 2014. Jigsaw Man is now not only my favorite for this year, but many other years as well. The writing is crisp and the story is one twisting turn after another. Some you can see coming. Most of them you can't. And boy does Rollo grab you by the throat with an iron-like vise of a grip. He had me believing the unbelievable every step of the way. At no point was I like "Oh that's BS. I can't buy that!". No, Michael Fox was a sympathetic character you could relate to and you rooted for him, gasped with him, and experienced his dread as if you and him were one and the same. Dr Marshall and his henchman Drake were deliciously evil without being a cardboard cut out of the stereotype. You hated them with every fiber of your being. That's impressive and hard to do. We've all read stories where the villains weren't realistic. You couldn't buy in and be completely invested. That's not the case in Jigsaw Man. I couldn't put it down. I had to see what was around the corner. And every corner I came to had something lurking that was even worse than the previous one. This story was a roller coaster ride that you didn't want to ever end. This may have been my first read by Gord Rollo, but it won't be my last. Before this review, I downloaded everything else of his I could get my hands on. If the rest of his work is only half as good as Jigsaw Man, I will consider it money well spent! Enough gushing on my part. The Jigsaw Man needs to be the next story you read. Period. ( )
  buckeyematrat | Oct 12, 2014 |
My full Jigsaw Man audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

When it comes down to it, Jigsaw Man is simply a story about fear, cowardice, and overcoming them to dispense revenge. That will assault your emotions with it’s heart wrenching cruelty and explicit goriness. Gord Rollo was able to capture my full attention and toss my mind around until I thought I couldn’t take any more and start all over again.

This is a story about a coward named Michael Fox. To me he is a coward because he has let various fears turn his life upside down only to end up as a nameless homeless name. He is unwilling to face his fear that it was his fault his family died. He cannot face is surviving daughter based on the fear the she blames him for their death. All of this fear leads him to do what many do in these situations, drink and drink heavily, use any substance available to flatten or diminish these emotions from coming to the surface.

Soon he has taken all he can from his self inflicted inner turmoil and decides to end it all. Right before he could accomplish this he is approached by a mysterious stranger. Who offers him two million ($2,000,000) dollars for his right arm. Being a left handed person Mike thought this sounded like a perfect opportunity to turn his life around and to provide for his daughter.

Up until this point the book was disturbing yes but compared to what’s left it was very tame.

Mike soon finds that he is not the only one to be recruited for body parts, others are selling their left arm and both legs. Leading him to believe that there is more going on than meets the eye. I cannot divulge too much more without giving critical information away.

Jigsaw Man might be the horror novel that for whatever reason you pass by. Don’t let this happen to you. I would have never guessed that I was going to like this adventure a into truly sick and twisted disturbingly refreshing modern reinventing of the old classic Frankenstein’s Monster. That made my soul feel dirty and awkward for enjoying such a brutal and unsettling tale.

Michael Ray Davis doesn’t have the type of voice you would expect from and audio performer. Not at all a polished commanding voice. But a very unique deep gravely “redneck” type voice. Which happens to lend itself very well to a man that drinks Sterno and has had a very hard life.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator. ( )
  audiobibliophile | Jul 16, 2014 |
this book was not what I expected at all, that's not a bad thing though. I loved it! the mix of comically bizarre situations and truly horrifying situations reminded me of Jeff stand. if this book had been given a "wanted add" title it could have been Andrew mayhem number five. it was gory, it was funny, it was really messed up in parts but it was also well written with great characters and hard to put down. ( )
  justin.eaton.35 | Feb 5, 2014 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 11 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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What would you be prepared to do for two million dollars? Michael Fox was about to commit suicide when a stranger approached him and offered him $2m cash - in return for his right arm. However, once Fox agrees to the deal, he begins to realise that this was only the beginning.

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