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Book of the Presidents

de Vincent Wilson Jr.

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1841116,928 (4.8)No n'hi ha cap
A reference and souvenir volume with biographes and gallery portraits of all the Presidents
No n'hi ha cap
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This nonfiction adult reference book presents our Presidents up to our 43rd President, George Bush
. It is a 100 page reference guide with gallery portraits of 43 of our Presidents. It is extremely well organized and includes all the pertinent information in Indexes in the back regarding Biographical and Election facts about these Presidents.
On durable glossy paper, each President is given an 8 font synopsis which begins with a communication by this President, then a very readable informational synopsis of the personality of each Presidency.
Then a map of how our growing country looked at the time of their presidency.
For example, Our 14th President Franklin Pierce is quoted in his 1853 Inaugural Address, less than a decade before the Civil War, " In expressing briefly my views on important subjects which have recently agitated the nation... I fervently hope that the question is at rest and that no sectional or ambitious or fanatical excitement may again threaten the durability of our institutions.."
Our present (2017) White House dweller should quote Franklin Pierce at this time in the government shutdown. Also the present administration should recall that President Pierce said these words less than a decade before secession, when our country's institutions did crumble into a bloody and heartbreaking war.
The informational synopsis on President James Buchanan begins
"James Buchanan has the distinction of being our only bachelor President." The synopsis goes onto say " History has not dealt kindly with "Old Buck"... a congressman and Senator, minister of Russia and Great Britain and as Secretary of State under President Polk earned him a respectable though far from outstanding place in history.
These synopsis lead me to great google searches.
The Biographical and Election facts indexes help develop objective and subjective questions for assessments in History classes.

The Book is called "An American History Research Associates Publication"
I have literally taken this book to several Presidential homes as I traveled across the country in a quest to get to know American History better. It is the cornerstone of every teaching Unit I must do on each President. ( And would help with Jeopardy or trivial pursuit.)and I purchased it while visiting Washington D.C. with my husband who was subsequently murdered. It is very dear to me for that reason. ( )
  Tarasusan | May 3, 2017 |
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No n'hi ha cap

A reference and souvenir volume with biographes and gallery portraits of all the Presidents

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