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Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey de Joy…
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Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey (edició 1998)

de Joy Cowley (Autor), Joe Cepeda (Il·lustrador)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
3631355,280 (3.8)1
Trouble ensues when Papa gets Miguel a turkey to fatten up for Thanksgiving and Miguel develops an attachment to it.
Títol:Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey
Autors:Joy Cowley (Autor)
Altres autors:Joe Cepeda (Il·lustrador)
Informació:Scholastic en Espanol (1998), 32 pages
Col·leccions:fiction, K- 2nd Grade Readers, multicultural books, picture books
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey de Joy Cowley

No n'hi ha cap
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Es mostren 1-5 de 13 (següent | mostra-les totes)
When Miguel's father sends him a turkey to fatten up for Thanksgiving dinner, Miguel takes on the task--no easy feat in New York City--but starts to love the turkey as a pet. Light angst about the fate of the turkey ensues. This story didn't do a whole lot for me, although the depiction (mostly coming through in the illustrations) of Miguel's sense of family and community in a diverse environment was nice. ( )
  lycomayflower | Nov 19, 2018 |
I enjoyed reading this book for many reasons. The language in this book is very unique. The book is about a Hispanic family celebrating Thanksgiving in America. The language is written in English, but includes some simple Spanish words and phrases. This is unique because its an opportunity for students to learn some simple Spanish during a read aloud. The plot is suspenseful and keeps readers engaged. The plot is suspenseful in different ways, from first the little boy, Miguel, not knowing if his family will let him keep the turkey as a pet, or will end up eating it. Then, the plot thickens when the turkey gets stolen! The plot allows readers to stay interested and engaged to find out what happens with Miguel and the turkey. The big picture is you can find a friend in anyone, Miguel found a friend in the turkey, and the turkey found a friend in him. ( )
  cberry6 | Nov 14, 2018 |
This is an excellent book to read to students in November and around Thanksgiving. The book incorporates Spanish words. The story inspires the reader to treat others the way you want to be treated and to be thankful for friends and family. ( )
  morgansmith32 | Nov 22, 2016 |
This is an adorable story of a boy and his new pet turkey. He names the turkey Gracias, however he begins to realize his family might want to eat his new pet for Thanksgiving. This would be a great book for beginner readers and for any ELLs. A great tool that is part of this book is a glossary for children to look at to understand what the different words mean. ( )
  kaitlyn_king | Nov 8, 2016 |
When Papa sends a turkey to be fattened up for Thanksgiving, Miguel takes a liking to the friendly bird. Soon, Miguel and Gracias are going everywhere together. But Gracias isn't a pet-he's supposed to be a meal! With a little help from Abuelito, Abuelita, and Tia Rosa ((implement accents)), will Miguel be able to keep Gracias off the Thanksgiving table? ( )
  wichitafriendsschool | Mar 25, 2016 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 13 (següent | mostra-les totes)
K-Gr 2 -- Miguel, a Puerto Rican boy in New York City, receives a surprise package from his absentee truck-driving father-a gigantic wooden crate with the message: "Fatten this turkey for Thanksgiving. ..." What ensues is a humorous story of Miguel's increasing attachment to the bird he nicknames Gracias. ... This picture book, illustrated with colorful oil paintings, offers a heartwarming narrative that captures the boy's close-knit sense of community and family.
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaSchool Library Journal, Selene S. Vasquez (Dec 1, 1996)
Miguel has two worries about Thanksgiving: Will his Papa, a trucker, make it home in time? And will his pet turkey become the entree? ... [Illustrator Cepeda] captures the story's sunny disposition with gaily composed, Latin-flavored oil paintings.
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaPublishers Weekly (Sep 30, 1996)
... Papa sends Miguel a turkey to fatten for Thanksgiving, but the boy names the bird Gracias and loves him as a pet. ... Cowley creates a distinctive, modern setting for the old theme of a turkey who sits at rather than on the Thanksgiving table. Although city life is not idealized (at one point a thief steals Gracias), most of the neighbors in Miguel's multiethnic community take a friendly interest in the boy and his bird. The inclusion of Spanish words within the text is handled well.... Cepeda's oil paintings, reminiscent of Ezra Jack Keats' illustrations, vividly create Miguel's colorful, sympathetic community as well as individual characters.
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaBooklist, Carolyn Phelan (Sep 1, 1996)
... [This book] might influence a reader's preference for holiday dinners. Miguel, who lives with his grandparents and aunt, receives a live turkey as a surprise gift from his father. ... The turkey, named Gracias, quickly becomes a pet for the lonely boy, keeping him busy and worried about its safety. ... The ending is satisfying as the turkey has its own place at the table, with a plate of combread, when the 18-wheeler rolls up. This unusual Thanksgiving story provides a gentle reminder of the many things--and relationships--for which we can be thankful.
afegit per CourtyardSchool | editaLibrary Talk, Rachel Alexander (Sep 1, 1996)
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Trouble ensues when Papa gets Miguel a turkey to fatten up for Thanksgiving and Miguel develops an attachment to it.

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