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For the Love of Autumn de Patricia Polacco
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For the Love of Autumn (edició 2008)

de Patricia Polacco (Autor)

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5292033,904 (3.78)2
Miss Parks, a new teacher, is devastated when her cat, Autumn, disappears during a storm, but with the help of her students, she finds not only Autumn but also the man of her dreams.
Títol:For the Love of Autumn
Autors:Patricia Polacco (Autor)
Informació:Philomel Books (2008), Edition: Illustrated, 40 pages
Col·leccions:2020 book inventory
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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For the Love of Autumn de Patricia Polacco

No n'hi ha cap
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  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
1. Summary- This book is about a cat named Autumn and her owner/best friend Danielle. They do everything together. Then one night when it is storming outside, Autumn gets out and runs away. She is gone for weeks and then one day just happens to wander home, but when she does, she has a cat collar with a number on it. Danielle calls the number to tell this person that Autumn is hers. Come to find out, he is a very nice man. Danielle invites him over and they agree to share Autumn. Then they fall in love, get married and all live happily ever after.
2. Personal Reaction- I love love love this book because I am a cat person. This story was very sweet and heart-warming.
3. Classroom extension ideas- I could use this book in the classroom just for fun for the kids. The story of a sweet little cat and two people falling in love is a great happy story that kids would love to hear! Also, could use it to show that animals being our best friends can really be a fun thing!
  John.Gonzalez | Jul 16, 2017 |
Nice story ... ( )
  melodyreads | Dec 22, 2015 |
I really enjoyed this book, the story line was adorable. The characters were so likable, especially the lively cat. As Autumn, the cat, "got inside every paper bag that hit the floor, jumped into every box that was emptied and almost knocked over a stack of Danielle's favorite china", I could really relate this to the two rambunctious cats I have at home. The plot of the story had a surprising, refreshing twist. When the cat was lost and had returned, I would have expected this to be the conclusion. However, this was not the case, as there was a darling love story that wrapped up the book. The main idea of this story is to connect with readers about what love a pet can bring into your life. ( )
  achamb15 | Feb 9, 2015 |
Animal lovers will enjoy this tale of a spunky kitten and her owner. When a kitten, the single teacher lady adores her company, finding it special to come home to someone who waits and loves her. When the kitten grows to a cat, they move to the state of Washington where a new job awaits. There are lovely images of a cat playing in the garden, rummaging through boxes to unpack and the sheer joy that a pet brings.

When Autumn is gone for a few days and returns one stormy night with a very bloody, badly injured tail, her owner is elated to see her. Shortly thereafter, Autumn runs away for what feels like a very long period of time. When she returns, her wound is stitched and she looks healthy.

All too soon, Autumn runs away again, this time returning with a new collar. The teacher discovers that Autumn now must have two owners and searches and finds a lovely man who also is quite fond of Autumn.

There is a happy ending. This is a warm, delightful book. Polacco has a wonderful way of matching the illustrations and the story resulting in soliciting appropriate emotions.

I liked this one!!! ( )
  Whisper1 | Jul 2, 2014 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 20 (següent | mostra-les totes)
In this paean to a feline friend, Polacco tells how the love of a cat leads to comfort, worry and romance. Student-teacher Danielle adopts Autumn as a kitten and brings her to Washington state when she gets a job there. All is well in their "enchanted cottage by the sea" until a wounded Autumn disappears on a stormy night. Danielle's young students help her search, to no avail. Six weeks later, Danielle and her students plant flowers to memorialize Autumn, and, as if summoned, Autumn appears-with stitches on her tail! A stranger has cared for the cat, and when he scrawls his number on Autumn's collar, Danielle phones him at the children's urging. When he shows up, it's clear that Danielle and Stephen are meant to be, complete with romance-movie effects. The unabashed focus on Danielle's fairy-tale-like romance seems to appeal more to an adult sensibility than a child's, and some might wonder at the students' close involvement in their teacher's private life, but child readers will doubtless respond to Autumn's genuinely vivid personality. (Picture book. 7-10)
afegit per sriches | editaKirkus Reviews
Polacco has created another picture book filled with warmth and love. A student teacher, Danielle, rescues a kitten, and when she gets a teaching job that takes her to Port Townsend, WA, and a house on a bay, they settle in. Then Autumn is wounded and lost in a thunderstorm, and despite Danielle's class's efforts to find her, she appears to be gone for good. Everyone is amazed when she returns weeks later, fit as a fiddle. Danielle eventually meets the man who has cared for her pet, and they fall in love. This is a lovely story, with a strong sense of place and illustrated with Polacco's trademark patterns and facial structures. While this story is too long for a traditional storytime, it could be used successfully as a one-on-one read.-Susan E. Murray, Glendale Public Library, AZ
afegit per sriches | editaSchool Library Journal, Susan E. Murray
Danielle, a student teacher, adopts a stray kitten she names Autumn. She takes Autumn with her to her teaching job in Port Townsend, Washington. There she loves her students, her garden, and her cottage by the sea. One day after a storm Autumn disappears. Her students help her search, but the cat is gone and Danielle is desolate. After six weeks, Autumn surprisingly returns in fine condition. Then she leaves again—and returns with a flea collar. The next time she is gone, she comes home with a phone number on the collar Danielle has put on her. When Danielle calls the phone number, the man who answers claims that Autumn is his cat, one he took in on a stormy night. After an exchange of notes, the class decides she must invite him so they can meet him. The happy ending to the lengthy but engaging text is no surprise. Pencils and markers combine to produce a sense of spontaneity that helps project the young cat's approach to life. Large pages comfortably hold the naturalistic details of interiors and outdoors, along with the feline's antics. Polacco's portraits of Autumn are particularly deft. The characters are all created with genuine personalities. The young man is named to honor Stephen Noton, a supporter of the First Amendment Project. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
afegit per sriches | editaChildren's Literature, Ken and Sylvia Marantz
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Miss Parks, a new teacher, is devastated when her cat, Autumn, disappears during a storm, but with the help of her students, she finds not only Autumn but also the man of her dreams.

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