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The Apple Pie Tree

de Zoe Hall

Altres autors: Shari Halpern (Il·lustrador)

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1,651269,283 (4.02)9
Describes an apple tree as it grows leaves and flowers and then produces its fruit, while in its branches robins make a nest, lay eggs, and raise a family. Includes a recipe for apple pie.
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  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
This book follows a brother and sister as they watch their apply tree blossom, grow tiny green fruit, then big apples. They pick the apples and make an apple pie.
I love this book. It's so fun to read with kids. It deals with pollination, showing bees buzzing around apple blossoms to pollinate them. It shows the apple tree in all seasons and shows the kiddos where our food comes from. I've paired this with a cooking activity, or a fruit and vegetable tasting activity where to connect pollination and bees to our food sources. A super fun read with great potential for various lessons! ( )
  atreffinger | Nov 16, 2019 |
I have used this book for a themed lesson plan in April for Johnny Appleseed week. The students love that we would read the book and then do art activities that tied into the book. For example, like apple tasting, and making unique artwork. The children will always ask to see the steps in making a apple pie. So of course I would read that part of the book over and over again until it satisfied their curiosity,
  MsYvette83 | Sep 16, 2018 |
This book focuses on two sisters who have a tree in their yard that produces the best part of apple pie... the apples! They go through and describe all the parts of the tree throughout every season. In their tree live a pair of robins. The robins also get a part in this story. Many animals' live have a tiny (or large) part that revolves around this apple tree. The children pick the apples in autumn and then help their mom as she prepares the apple pie. It is a lovely story of seasons, animals, and family togetherness over a shared object. Personality development can be seen through the children and their tree. For ages: 3-7 Source: Pierce County Library system ( )
  WAwobbuffet | May 10, 2018 |
discusses the different phrases of an apple tree. how the apples are used to create an apple pie.
1 book
  TUCC | Nov 11, 2016 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 26 (següent | mostra-les totes)
A simple nature story about an apple tree in winter, spring, summer, and fall. ``My sister and I have a tree that grows the best part of apple pie. Can you guess what that is? Apples!'' In winter, the tree is brown, but in spring, leaves grow and a robin nests in the branches. In the days that follow, buds, blossoms, bees, tiny apples, and mature fruit appear. In the final pages, the two girls (with help from adults) make and eat an apple pie. A recipe is included, as is information on how the bee pollinates the apple flower. Halpern uses soft greens, browns, and pinks in the cut- paper collages; careful shading, painting, and layering give the illustrations dimensionality, with the textured nest and marbled tree trunk especially effective. An appealing study for young children. (Picture book. 4-7)
-From bud to fruit, two children follow the cycle of an apple tree as it is nurtured through the seasons. The book incorporates the role of bees and the weather in the production of the fruit. Another use of the tree is shown, as a pair of robins build their nest and begin a family. The story ends with a nice, warm apple pie being taken from the oven. The large pictures and text are suitable for young children. The colorful, clear-cut illustrations use a paint and paper collage technique. An end note shows how bees pollinate the tree's flowers and offers a recipe for apple pie. Great for sharing with a group or one-on-one.
afegit per ReneHohls | editaSchool Library Journal, December 1996, Vol. 42, p113, 1p, Kathy Mitchell. Gadsden Co. Public Library (May 7, 1996)

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Zoe Hallautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Halpern, ShariIl·lustradorautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
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Describes an apple tree as it grows leaves and flowers and then produces its fruit, while in its branches robins make a nest, lay eggs, and raise a family. Includes a recipe for apple pie.

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