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Something Under the Bed Is Drooling (1988)

de Bill Watterson

Altres autors: Pat Oliphant (Pròleg)

Sèrie: Calvin and Hobbes (2)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
3,990172,914 (4.56)26
Another collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics.
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I first discovered this book when I was ten, and delighted in reading it every two weeks at my doctor's office. When she moved her practice, I was sad to leave this book and the comfortable waiting room couch behind. Twenty years later, I understand a lot more of the jokes and it's still a delight. Some of the jokes have certainly not aged well, but I think that shows progress as a society. Calvin's an incredibly smart six-year-old, who's still clearly six years old. I laughed and felt bad for his parents a lot. Hobbes made me smile for entirely different reasons, but it was still a warm smile and not a "omg u r such a terrible figure and I shouldn't be laughing" type thing. I like that nobody's perfect and the humor's a little dark. It's about a kid, but I wouldn't say it's for so many kids. I'm glad I got to read this again. ( )
  iszevthere | Jun 25, 2022 |
Even though this collection of comics has many joyful and hilarious moments, Patterson seemed to include many darker elements in the life of a child as well. As the title hints at, we get many moments of childhood fear - in Calvin's case he and Hobbes are sure that there are in fact monsters under the bed who are out to eat them. Watterson presents these moments as amusing, often showing the monster's point of view by including their dialogue, but this bending of reality shows a realism that betrays the minds of children (which is not always centred in our regular adult reality). Watterson also includes a series of comics which treats Calvin's first brush with death. Not his own or human, as that would be far too dark for this early, but through the death of a small raccoon that Calvin finds in the woods. His parents attempt to save the animal, but unfortunately they are not able to, bringing Calvin to question his parents' infallibility and the mortality of the world. The series is mostly comedic, so many of the life lessons that Calvin teaches readers are buffered by comedy, but this collection shows us more blatantly than others that Watterson is apable of being darker if he chooses to be. ( )
  JaimieRiella | Feb 25, 2021 |
I loved reading this book growing up! I probably read upwards of 10 times when I was a kid. I loved the illustrations and the witty banter between Calvin, Hobbes, and his parents.
  Nicole.Hayden | Dec 9, 2019 |
This review is written with a GPL 3.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede all TOS by any and all websites in regards to copying and sharing without proper authorization and permissions. Crossposted at Bookstooge.booklikes.blogspot. & Bookstooge's Reviews on the Road Facebook Group by Bookstooge's Exalted Permission.
Something Under The Bed Is Drooling Series: Calvin and Hobbes Author/Artist: Bill Watterson Rating: 5 of 5 Stars Genre: Comics Pages: 128 Format: Digital scan Synopsis: The further adventures of Calvin and his best friend Hobbes. We are introduced to Rosalyn the infamous babysitter. Susy the girl next door becomes more entrenched as the love/hate interest. And life as a kid is shown in all its glory and all its horror. My Thoughts: What a wonderful book. This was as good as the first. Since this is a series of daily strips, there is not an overall plot. You might get several comics in a row dealing with the same story arc, but that is it. The art is simple and yet Watterson is able to portray so many intricate feelings and situations. It seems simple but if I were to try to portray these comics with words, I am not sure I could do it. Watterson does it with almost stick characters. I used the word "genius" in my review of the first book I believe and I can only say the same again. " ( )
  BookstoogeLT | Dec 10, 2016 |
These are always wonderful, and worth reading even if it might be a reread. ?Luckily for me, this seemed brand-new to me. ?á
What's interesting is that mixed in with all the universal and timeless truths, sometimes one comic will speak to the exact situation a reader happens to be in the day she reads the book. ?áThis time Calvin doesn't want to read a book for school, so he just flips the pages. ?áHobbes says Reading goes faster if you don't sweat comprehension."

And I want to use that in a group discussion over on GR. ?áA mom is asking for rec's to introduce her 7 yo daughter to SF. ?áPpl are recommending The Hobbit, all seven of the Harry Potter books, etc. ?áIf those books are comprehensible to a 7 yo, what are adults getting out of them?! ?áThey're much too complex for her to appreciate right now. ?áIf you want her to skip all boring parts and just turn the pages fast, sure, give her those. ?áIf you want her to fall in love with the worlds of ideas in well-written books, let's start with something a bit more age-appropriate, shall we?

" ( )
  Cheryl_in_CC_NV | Jun 6, 2016 |
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Bill Wattersonautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Oliphant, PatPròlegautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
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Don't turn out the light, Dad!
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That's the problem with nature. Something's always stinging you or oozing mucus on you. Let's go watch TV. (Calvin)
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Another collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics.

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