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Farfallina & Marcel

de Holly Keller

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A caterpillar and a young goose become great friends, but as they grow up they undergo changes which separate them for awhile.
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Summary: A duckling and a caterpillar become great friends until the caterpillar goes missing for awhile. The duckling waits and waits for him to come back, but he never does. After giving up on his friendship with the caterpillar and feeling very sad, the (now Gosling) goes swimming out in the pond nearby. She hears a voice from behind her, and it sounds quite familiar. When she turns around, she sees a beautiful butterfly. The gosling and the butterfly begin talking (still not realizing who each of them are) and eventually tell each other their names. After giving their names and more information about themselves, they both realize they are actually their friends from before! They are so happy to finally be reunited!

Personal reaction: This is one of my favorite books! It talks about friendship in a very interesting and realistic way. People grow and change, that's just a part of life. But just because there is change, does not mean our friendship has too! I love how Farfalina and Marcel are so happy to be reunited in the end even though they are both not what they expected, their friendship is the same!

Classroom extension ideas: Use this book to discuss the butterfly life cycle. You could also use this book for an art project of butterflies. Use paper plates, paint, pipe cleaners and create a butterfly of your own.
  Morgan.Nelson | Sep 6, 2016 |
A story of seasons and two friends changing. Farfallina the caterpillar, and her friend, Marcel the gosling start the spring off nicely, playing and frolicking, but when Farfallina needs to go rest, time passes and when she comes back, things are not quite the same as she remembers, nor is her friend. ( )
  Ermina | Feb 25, 2016 |
Farfallina (Italian for butterfly) is a caterpillar. Marcel is a gosling. They meet and feel a kindredship and enjoy the spring together, playing hide-and-seek and sailing on the lake. One day Farfallina doesn't feel right and hides up in a tree. Marcel promises to wait for her but after weeks of not seeing her, gives up. When Farfallina emerges as a butterfly she goes off in search of Marcel but only finds a goose swimming in the lake. Eventually both realize they have reunited and the friends fly south for the winter.
  Salsabrarian | Feb 2, 2016 |
30 months - O really enjoyed this book and we've read it many many times in the past three weeks. It's a very cute and lovely story. ( )
  maddiemoof | Oct 20, 2015 |
Recommended by Stephanie T.

The cutest missed connection ever: a caterpillar and a gosling become friends, but don't recognize each other after their transformations to butterfly and goose, respectively. Eventually they figure out the other's real identity, and are joyfully reunited. This story of friendship manages to be sweet without being cloying. ( )
  JennyArch | May 18, 2015 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 10 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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A caterpillar and a young goose become great friends, but as they grow up they undergo changes which separate them for awhile.

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