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xXxHoLic, Volume 7


Sèrie: xxxHOLiC (7)

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420445,293 (4.33)2
Even though there's no love lost between them, Kimihiro seeks Yuko's help when D?omeki becomes the object of a grudge just for trying to be a good samaritan. Will the price be too high?
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The boys get into some pretty big trouble in this volume, ironically by doing something totally innocuous. Apparently spiders have quite a bit of power in Japanese folklore, because Domeki ruining a spider's web to free Watanuki is enough to lose him an eye. But Watanuki doesn't feel right for Domeki suffering for his fault, so he gets the curse transferred to himself. It might be a good thing though, because Watanuki can now see into another world - at least that's what I assume is happenning.

Of course there's more girl drama with Himawari-chan as well. Watanuki's crush is still unrequited, and it's pretty obvious that she's not interested in him romantically. Boys are just so silly... ( )
  JaimieRiella | Feb 25, 2021 |
A review of this should be up on Bureau42 by the 14th. ( )
  Count_Zero | Jul 7, 2020 |
  xxxHolic #7 & 8 (Manga Monday)
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Watanuki gets in trouble, has Domeki help him out, complains out it and then turns around and helps Domeki and the circle of helping continues.
Watanuki's eye is the main issue and it turns out to be an object of power and he loses it. Only to have Domeki give up half his eye so they both can kind of see. Teaching Watanuki that he isn't a lone and his life impacts others, for good and for bad.

My Thoughts:
This was a light enjoyable read, as always. We have it confirmed that Watanuki is of great interest to the other world in so many different ways.
Domeki proves that he is a true friend indeed and Watanuki reacts like he always does, with bombast and insults. Himiwari is right, they are truly a comedy team.

Speaking of Himiwari. Watanuki's continued fascination with her, while being warned again and again by Yuko that she isn't for him and his completely ignoring the young beautiful spirit who loves him, is so typical of youth. Can't have what it wants and doesn't want what it can have.
The whole situation makes me grin and reminds me of my college days. So I have some sympathy for Watanuki, but not very much :-)

I enjoy the little chapter stories where Yuko grants a wish, usually to the detriment of the wisher.  They are deliciously macabre, sometimes humorous and always complete in and of themselves. You need that in a longer running series sometimes. " ( )
  BookstoogeLT | Dec 10, 2016 |
More world building and Shintoism. All beings have spiritual power and affect each other. So Domeki runs into trouble and Watanuki, who feels that he owes him, makes it go away. But then that causes trouble with Domeki, who did not want Watanuki to help. Of course we see more that Himawari is bad news for Watanuki but still do not know why and Watanuki himself still does not see it. But the real theme that is still being explored is that Watanuki does not value himself. Because he cannot see his own self-worth it affects how he sees himself with others. He does not understand why Domeki cares about him or why others would sacrifice for him. The art of course is just beautiful and is as important to the story as the plot. The art gives so much character to the story both in development and to enriching it. Good stuff all around.

I give this volume a Five out of Five stars. ( )
  lrainey | May 10, 2016 |
Es mostren totes 4
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Even though there's no love lost between them, Kimihiro seeks Yuko's help when D?omeki becomes the object of a grudge just for trying to be a good samaritan. Will the price be too high?

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