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Jo, Claudi (1934)

de Robert Graves

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Sèrie: Claudius (1)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
8,378153806 (4.25)403
Based on the life of Claudius, Emperor of Rome.
  1. 120
    Memorias de Adriano de Marguerite Yourcenar (bertilak)
  2. 50
    Julian de Gore Vidal (CurrerBell)
    CurrerBell: Both classical Roman subjects, and they share the style of an "autobiographical novel."
  3. 20
    Quo Vadis de Henryk Sienkiewicz (sirparsifal)
  4. 20
    La filla d'Homer de Robert Graves (longway)
  5. 20
    Augustus: First Emperor of Rome de Adrian Goldsworthy (CurrerBell)
    CurrerBell: I, Claudius can be at times be a bit weird (maybe "overly romanticized" would be a better description). Goldsworthy's biography can be a good corrective, at least for the first half of I, Claudius (the portion dealing with the lifetime of Augustus), and definitely presents a different (and probably much more balanced) image of Livia, the long-time wife of Augustus.… (més)
  6. 20
    August de John Edward Williams (rahkan)
  7. 10
    Annals de P. Cornelius Tacitus (Cecrow)
    Cecrow: Non-fiction view into the same period, and a probable reference for Mr. Graves.
  8. 21
    Salambó de Gustave Flaubert (CGlanovsky)
    CGlanovsky: Historical fiction set in the Classical Mediterranean
  9. 10
    Sinuhe el Egipcio de Mika Waltari (mcenroeucsb)
  10. 11
    Tiberius de Allan Massie (celtic)
  11. 11
    An Imperial Possession: Britain in the Roman Empire, 54 BC - AD 409 de David Mattingly (John_Vaughan)
  12. 11
    Pride of Carthage: A Novel of Hannibal de David Anthony Durham (mcenroeucsb)
  13. 12
    Empire de Steven Saylor (JGolomb)
    JGolomb: "I, Claudius" is the standard bearer for Imperial Roman fiction. It's more richly detailed and emotional than Saylor, but comparable it's broad historical scope.
  14. 34
    I, Claudius [1976 TV miniseries] de Herbert Wise (longway)
1930s (46)
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Molt entretingut i amb una ambientació magnífica. Si hem de dir un però és que el llibre se m'ha fet dens, però no per complexe, al revés, és molt fàcil de llegir; l'autor relata els desastres politics, les depravacions... una darrera l'altre, sense gairebé cap descripció ni anàlisi, i l'edició que he llegit (lletra petita amb interliniat a tocar) encara n'ha augmentat més la sensació d'atapaïment. ( )
  jmbadia | Jan 5, 2016 | a la que l'emperador Tiberi Claudi (10 C. - 54 C.) ens explica la seva biografia i la de la seva familia.

És un llibre molt amé de llegir sobre tot pel gran sentit de la ironia que té el narrador. En un primer moment tot sembla tant exagerat, però és clar, et posés a comparar els personatges que hi surten i el seu comportanment amb els nostres governants mundials i t'adones que no ens separen tantes coses.
Una lectura molt recomenable. ( )
  sora91 | Jan 13, 2012 |
Es mostren totes 2
It is not enough for us to form any judgment of his merits as a historian or his qualities as a stylist. It is Graves that gives him a voice, and what a voice it is, garrulous, digressive, spiced with gossip and scandal, at the same time strangely dispassionate and sober. There is a range of tone here that enables Claudius, in his persona as professional historian, to deal with matters widely diverse, to be equally convincing whether talking about the waste and excess of military triumphs, the fate of Varus and his regiments in the forests of Germany, or the endless intriguing for power and influence among the members of the imperial family.
afegit per SnootyBaronet | editaThe Guardian, Barry Unsworth
Supuesta "autobiografía" de Claudio, singular emperador romano predestinado a serlo a pesar de que sus deseos fueran por otros caminos. Graves dibuja sin concesiones un espeluznante retrato sobre la depravación, las sangrientas purgas y las intrigas cainitas llevadas hasta el crimen durante los reinados de Augusto y Tiberio. Pero Yo, Claudio es también Calígula y su etapa sádica, Mesalina, Livia y, cómo no, Roma, un decorado único para esta trama argumental apasionante que se llevó a la pequeña pantalla con rotundo éxito.
afegit per Pakoniet | editaLecturalia

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Nom de l'autorCàrrecTipus d'autorObra?Estat
Graves, Robertautor primaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
Hill, Tom GoodmanNarradorautor principalalgunes edicionsconfirmat
Jacobi, DerekNarradorautor principalalgunes edicionsconfirmat
Cohen, Mark J.Dissenyadorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
Martinez, JohnIl·lustradorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
Mazía, FlorealTraductorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
Mitchell, SusanArt directorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
Renner, LouisTraductorautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat
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. . . A story that was the subject of every variety of misrepresentation, not only by those who then lived but likewise in succeeding times: so true is it that all transactions of pre-eminent importance are wrapt in doubt and obscurity; while some hold for certain facts the most precarious hearsays, others turn facts into falsehood; and both are exaggerated by posterity.

Primeres paraules
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I, Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus This-that-and-the-other (for I shall not trouble you yet with all my titles) who was once, and not so long ago either, known to my friends and relatives and associates as "Claudius the Idiot", or "That Claudius", or "Claudius the Stammerer", or "Clau-Clau-Claudius" or at best as "Poor Uncle Claudius", am now about to write this strange history of my life; starting from my earliest childhood and continuing year by year until I reach the fateful point of change where, some eight years ago, at the age of fifty-one, I suddenly found myself caught in what I may call the "golden predicament" from which I have never since become disentangled.
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You refuse to see that one can no more reintroduce republican government at this stage than one can reimpose primitive feelings of chastity on modern wives and husbands. It's like trying to turn the shadow back on a sundial: it can't be done.
Tiberius will make him his successor. No question of it. Why? Because Tiberius is like that. He has the same vanity as poor Augustus had: he can't bear the idea of a successor who will be more popular than himself. But at the same time he does all he can to make himself hated and feared. So, when he feels that his time's nearly up, he'll search for someone just a little worse than himself to succeed him. And he'll find Caligula.
Germanicus has told me about you. He says that you are loyal to three things—to your friends, to Rome, and to the truth. I would be very proud if Germanicus thought the same of me.
To recommend a monarchy on account of the prosperity it gives the provinces seems to me like recommending that a man should have liberty to treat his children as slaves, if at the same time he treats his slaves with reasonable consideration.
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Based on the life of Claudius, Emperor of Rome.

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