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William's Doll de Charlotte
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William's Doll (1972)

de Charlotte

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William's father gives him a basketball and a train but these do not make him want a doll less.
Títol:William's Doll
Informació:Publisher Unknown
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Informació de l'obra

William's Doll de Charlotte Zolotow (1972)

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This book is about a boy who wants a doll, but is discouraged by peers and father.
Themes -- gender roles, acceptance
I wouldn't use this book with children, it is preachy towards parents with a dull story line. ( )
  kjwatkins78 | May 15, 2020 |
When William asks for a doll, his brother says, “Don’t be a creep.” His next-door neighbor chants, “Sissy, sissy, sissy.” His father offers him a basketball, attaches a net to the garage, and shows him how to jump and throw the ball into the net. William practices and practices, and gets good at throwing the ball into the net.

But he still wants a doll.

His father buys him an electric train and William plays with it a lot. He uses twigs for trees and builds bridges, tunnels, and stations from cardboard boxes.

But he still wants a doll.

And then, one day, William’s grandmother comes to visit.

Young readers will enjoy reading this book with their parents and discussing William’s wish for a doll. Sharing this story with children will provide parents with a perfect opportunity to discuss stereotypes associated with gender and to share their thoughts about William’s reason for wanting a doll.

Charmingly illustrated, the targeted audience for the book is ages four through eight; however, its Lexile Level of 840L places it at a skilled fourth grade or fifth grade level for independent reading. Nevertheless, whether read independently or read by a parent to a younger child, this is an important book to share with children.

Highly recommended. ( )
  jfe16 | Sep 3, 2019 |
I did not know this book existed. I wish I'd known when I was younger. It explains so well why I think boys should play with dolls as well. Zolotow does an excellent job of presenting the story simply and logically. It doesn't disparage other kinds of play, just gets the reader to understand all children should be able to play with dolls, in order to practice becoming a good parent/aunt/uncle/big sister or brother/doctor/nurse and so on. The illustrations are also sparse with a white background, a thin blue box outline, and soft watercolor images. ( )
  EMiMIB | Jul 14, 2019 |
Shows children that boys can be into girly things and vice versa. ( )
  ambreecote | Oct 30, 2018 |
I liked the book because it gives the message that it is okay for boys to like things that are considered "girly" and vice versa. I felt like it dealt with an issue that is controversial in today's world. In the story, most of the characters discourage William from playing with a doll by offering other toys, even though the doll is what he wants. I think that is an accurate representation of how most people would react if they saw a boy playing with what is considered a girl's toy. To me, the theme of the book was acceptance because by the end of the story, William's dad realized that his son playing with a doll is not a bad thing. ( )
  kcolli32 | Sep 4, 2018 |
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William's father gives him a basketball and a train but these do not make him want a doll less.

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