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All quiet on the Orient Express de Magnus…
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All quiet on the Orient Express (1999 original; edició 1999)

de Magnus Mills

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4921642,408 (3.82)21
He's a bit of a handyman. Or so Mr Parker seems to think. No matter, he'll soon be on that train east to India from these wet lakeland fells. Just as soon as he's finished that little job Mr Parker asked him to do and payment can be discussed later.
Títol:All quiet on the Orient Express
Autors:Magnus Mills
Informació:London : Flamingo, 1999.
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Informació de l'obra

All Quiet on the Orient Express de Magnus Mills (Author) (1999)

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I've read some reviews. I identify with other people's feeling that even though nothing happens, reading this novel is extremely enjoyable. I think what makes it so is the fact that many of us just like to see life repeated in fiction. We want the difference between our lives and the stories to be restricted to the fact that the characters in the stories live elsewhere, do slightly different things, and meet slightly different people compared to those that exist in our lives. We just want to have a reasonably different experience, that's all.

Everything in this novel is pleasantly, even curiously ordinary. However, there's just this one thing, this one thing that almost ruined the book for me: the death of Deakin ! Can anyone please acknowledge that Deakin is dead - that Deakin, a man in his prime, has been stupidly dragged down by the stupid chain into the bottom of the stupid lake !

Our beloved protagonist and his host display brutal practicality. They just ask each other if they can swim, having established that they both can't, they go on to discuss the future of the ice-cream truck and the fucking milk-round. What bothers me most is that this kind of behaviour is extremely uncharacteristic of the protagonist. He is a sensitive character. But when it comes to Deakin, he doesn't even tell us whether they fished him out, gave him a funeral... he doesn't report the reaction of the village people. Just why?

The author treats the only extraodinary event in this story as if it's just one more ordinary event. I don't see the fucking artistic or philosophical point of this. If you think that the point from this is that it is pointless, and you're happy about that, Fuck you! ( )
  AminBoussif | Sep 22, 2021 |
Ok, please explain to me how a book where "nothing happens" and there is NO character development and only the most basic dialogue can keep me turning the pages? I literally started reading it this morning and could not stop. I knew the shit was going to hit the fan eventually, but when? How?

And when it did, I may have gasped out loud. Ha ha. Brilliant, Mr. Mills. Brilliant ( )
  Jinjer | Jul 19, 2021 |
Well that was pretty much a waste of time. Apparently Mr Mills has a reputation for dead pan. He certainly confirmed that. A tale full of lifeless detail leading to an all too predictable denouement. Cardboard cut out characters doing exactly as you would expect of them. No twist, no turn just endless plodding. ( )
  Steve38 | Nov 25, 2018 |
Not quite as excellent as his first book, but still quite good. I will keep going with Mills, but I worry that his schtick will get old. Still, this one has another slightly unsettling but delicious ending. ( )
  nog | Aug 5, 2017 |
I read this book to earn 30(!) points in Semi-Charmed’s Summer Reading Challenge in the category of a book by an author born in my birth year (1954). It was my introduction to Mills.

The protagonist in this work is an itinerant handyman who lands in an Lakes district (England) campground at the end of the tourist season and is engaged by the owner for various odd jobs, most of which seem to involve green paint. As time progresses the jobs do indeed become ‘odd’. The reason for that is eventually revealed, along with an unusual end.

Read this if: you’re a Magnus Mills fan; or you’re in the mood for a literary ‘odd story’. 3½ stars ( )
  ParadisePorch | Jul 13, 2014 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 16 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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He's a bit of a handyman. Or so Mr Parker seems to think. No matter, he'll soon be on that train east to India from these wet lakeland fells. Just as soon as he's finished that little job Mr Parker asked him to do and payment can be discussed later.

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