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Piggybook de Anthony Browne
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Piggybook (edició 1990)

de Anthony Browne (Autor)

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5036436,487 (4.04)1
When Mrs. Piggott unexpectedly leaves one day, her demanding family begins to realize just how much she did for them.
Autors:Anthony Browne (Autor)
Informació:Dragonfly Books (1990), 32 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:Family, gender roles, chores, responsibility

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Piggybook de Anthony Browne

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This book is addressing sexism. The father and the two sons are always yelling for more from the mom while never offering to help. One day she leaves and there's a note that says "you are pigs" then we see the boys and the dad turn into pigs. The imagery in the book has pigs pop up everywhere throughout the book and a lot of symbolism. I think this is still a prevalent issue for women or even people in relationships and families in general. I saw the book as a message to be grateful for your parents and what they do and your partners. Also to work together as a family and help one another. I think the book was interesting but not my favorite, I probably would not read it to my class. ( )
  JacquelynLochner | Mar 4, 2020 |
Great to show children to learn to pick up after themselves.
  Laura.Vance | Nov 12, 2019 |
This book is attention grabbing, with all the pigs drawings in it. It is about the mother leaving the house, and leaving the father and two children to figure out how to take care of things at home on their own.
  Amelia.Drake | Sep 18, 2019 |
Piggybook is a great story about a family of two young boys, father and, mother. The father and two young boys treat Mrs. Piggott like a maid and she is tired with having to do all of the housework, cook, clean behind them. She also has to wash everyone clothes before going to work every day. One day the mother decided she has had enough, she doesn't come home and leaves a note calling them pigs. Now they are left to take care of themselves and they literally turn into pigs. They were forced to cook dinner themselves which they never done before and wash their own clothes. The mother returns home to the boys who now has learned their lesson. Now that she is back they appreciate her more and even help her around the house. The illustrations were my favorite part. Just by looking at the things on the cover, I saw that the woman was the only one who wasn't smiling and she looked like she was carrying the family. As you read to noticed the men turn into pigs to symbolize their actions. ( )
  Lorrennea | Sep 17, 2019 |
I thought this book had a great meaning and demonstrated that you can not always rely on your mom and especially never appreciate her for how much cooking, cleaning, ironing she does. and when she gets tiered of it the boys turn into pigs and don't know how to cook or clean. ( )
  Heather.s.mccormick | Sep 15, 2019 |
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When Mrs. Piggott unexpectedly leaves one day, her demanding family begins to realize just how much she did for them.

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