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The Rain Stomper

de Addie Boswell

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965236,102 (3.94)3
When it begins to rain and storm on the day of her big parade, Jazmin stomps, shouts, and does all she can think of to drive the rain away.
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oday is the day of the big neighborhood parade. Baton twirler Jazmin is ready to lead the way for the dogs and kids, music and fun. But then the clouds crowd in. The sky darkens. Thunder roars. And the rain begins. SLAP clatter clatter SLAP SLAP! Is Jazmin’s parade ruined? Or can she use her spirit, her fearless energy, and her mighty baton to save the day?
  wichitafriendsschool | Dec 23, 2017 |
This book was definitely fun to read because I felt like I could engage with the main character with the story. I really enjoyed the illustrations, language, and plot. The illustration reflected the mood of the protagonist: dark and rainy, portraying a gloomy sense that the main character was feeling. She was upset about the rain messing up her parade, and the pages reflected that storm she experienced. However, when she started to go outside regardless of the rain, and stomp in the puddles, the sky began to clear up, and the children coming out wore colorful raincoats and rain boots which showed a shift of attitude and mood of the book. The text on the page were also enlarged to intensify the sounds of the thunders crashing down; the words boom and splash were in bigger font and bolded to show emphasis. The author used onomatopoeia for a portion of the words: boom, walla, splish, clatter, splat, kerplop. These words help readers hear the sounds of thunder and rain. The phrases that the author put them had a beat to them, “Their feet tapped. Kerplop plop plop. Their hands clapped. Kerplunk plunk plunk” which the readers can follow along with. This really fit with the theme of the story and enhances the readers’ different senses (visual, auditory, physically clapping along with the book). The main idea of the story is that despite disappointment and gloomy situations, there can always be a way to find a more positive way at looking and experiencing the storm. ( )
  Gkoo1 | Sep 9, 2017 |
Spring arrives as Jasmin excitedly awaits the big parade where she can twirl and dress in a lovely new red suit. Sadly, when she looks out the window, it is pouring rain. As the rain is thick with sheets that pelt and ruin red outfits, Jasmin will not be deterred.

As she embraces her environment, she purposefully walks down the steps and into the downpour. Slashing down the sidewalk, she attempted to chase the rain into the street while loudly yelling "I am the rain Stomper!"

And, as the other participants stood on the side lines and admired Jasmin's spirit, they joined Jasmin stomping the rain away until the sun came out and the parade was held.

The illustrations are lovely and life-like. Filled with emotions of disappointment and then determination, this is a wonderful book that embraces self determination and a willingness to take situations and turn something bad into something sunny.
  Whisper1 | Sep 1, 2015 |
The illustrator is gifted - Jazmin really looks alive. You look at her being despondent, or angry, or jubilant, and you can feel what she's feeling. There's an energy in these pictures that perfectly matches the sound pictures created with the text - the bang boom CRASH of the thunder, and later, of Jazmin's marching the rain out of the street (even the weeds came out!) so she can have her parade after all. Any library would be enriched by this book. ( )
  conuly | Sep 4, 2009 |
On the first day of spring, Jazmin jumps out of bed ready for the big parade. Soon she realizes the day is cloudy and rainy and windy…not at all a day for a parade. She uses her baton, and her great will to become the Rain Stomper, and stomps out the cloudy, rainy day just in time for the parade.

I think this book is very inspiring. The illustrations are vibrant, and the use of descriptive words keeps the story line moving in a very entertaining way.

In the classroom, after reading this book, the class could make a weather mobile using the words from the book to illustrate the different types of weather.
  ascott68 | Apr 16, 2009 |
Es mostren totes 5
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When it begins to rain and storm on the day of her big parade, Jazmin stomps, shouts, and does all she can think of to drive the rain away.

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