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A Loving Scoundrel de Johanna Lindsey
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A Loving Scoundrel (edició 2005)

de Johanna Lindsey (Autor)

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Jeremy Malory finds himself intrigued with Danny, a young pickpocket who helps him steal back the jewels he lost in a card game, and hires her to be his upstairs maid, but finds himself wishing she was his mistress instead.
Títol:A Loving Scoundrel
Autors:Johanna Lindsey (Autor)
Informació:Pocket Star (2005), Edition: First Edition, 444 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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A Loving Scoundrel de Johanna Lindsey

No n'hi ha cap
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I love Johanna Lindsey's Malory Family, and A Loving Scoundrel did not disappoint! A Loving Scoundrel is the story of Jeremy Malory, confirmed bachelor. He hires Danny as his upstairs maid and that is when things start getting interesting.

Danny is an ex -thief who has masqueraded as a boy for 15 years. She wants to change her life from street urchin to a respectable lady. Jeremy wants her as his mistress. I love the interactions that Danny and Jeremy have.

Johanna does it again of growing the relationship and drawing you in to wanting to learn all about Danny and who she really is. I love this series and will be continue reading the next book. ( )
  crazy4reading | Jan 2, 2021 |
In A Loving Scoundrel we have a young woman, Danny, who grew up on the streets, learning how to pick pockets and steal to survive. She has no memory of her life before she was found and integrated into a gang of pickpockets and thieves. Having no choice but to pose as a boy, in order to protect herself, so that she doesn't have to work at a whorehouse, she has cultivated a excellent talent in thievery and pickpocketing, however deep inside she aches for a stable future and a husband and children. Then Jeremy Malory interrupts her life, and turns her reality up side down. After a certain chain of events occur, where she is then kicked out of the gang she has lived most of her life in, she knows her only recourse is to go to Jeremy and demand compensation for what his actions has done to her life. She knows that in this process she will have to learn to act like who she really is, a woman both beautiful and courageous inside and out. Jeremy Malory, a lover of woman abroad, has certainly met his match in Danny who is truly unlike any other woman he has ever met. Despite the fact that she has such a unique beauty that takes his breath away, he knows that he must go about to seduce her into his bed, despite the fact that she thinks like a man and throws punches like one, but that only encourages him in his effort. When Danny goes through a transformation to help Jeremy avoid scandal, she is turned into a Cinderella and both Jeremy and Danny are shown the pathway of true love that will change their lives in ways neither of them expected.

A Loving Scoundrel is by far one of my favorites of this series, Jeremy is definitely a rascal and rake just like his rakehell of a father, however he also has a gentleness side of him that the reader gets to see. There is a intensity about the relationship between Jeremy and Danny. Danny has had to learn to survive on the streets of London, but now she is grown up and wants more from her life than thievery to survive. When she starts working for Jeremy as a maid hoping to have a respectable life, and starts thinking about goals which include marriage and children, then never expecting trying to find someone that takes her breath away and steals his way into her heart, which she has kept closed off until she meets Jeremy, but what she never expects is that her life is put in danger when she raises question about her past that she has no memory of, but with Jeremy on her side, they will both be tested of their feeling that they have for one another. I truly loved this story, it sweeps the reader off their feet and into a romantic world of passion, adventure of intrigue that is portrayed in a way that will leave you with a smile at the end. So if you love historical romance and Johanna Lindsey you will fall in love with Jeremy's story, GUARANTEED!! ( )
  addictofromance | Mar 17, 2019 |
Danny is an orphan who grew up in London's slums. She's an accomplished thief and has adopted the appearance of a boy to keep from being molested or turned out. (Which, I find unlikely to have succeeded, but this is a fluffy romance, so okay, suspension of disbelief)... anyway Jeremy needs a thief to get some jewelry back and possibly uncover another thief who is a noble and working among the ton, not for personal profit but just because he's a jerk. So, he sets a trap and "hires" (kidnaps and blackmails) the best thief to fall into it. The one who got in and would've gotten out if it hadn't been a trap. That's Danny. Of course, even though NO ONE in the slums noticed Danny was not a boy, Jeremy notices immediately and lusts after her. He tries to make her his mistress, but when she resists, he compromises and offers her a household job...though he still intends to seduce her. Danny tries to hold out because she wants a respectable husband and kids, but knows a noble would never marry her, but of course.... etc.
I found this one probably the least believable of all the mildly unbelievable books in this series, but it was still entertaining and I'll still continue to read them. ( )
  EmScape | Jul 7, 2017 |
This is my first book by this author and she instantly goes onto my black list. Ridiculous plot and characters. There's next to nothing in keeping with the time period. Too many characters from other books in this series and of course all their (totally unbelievable) stories have to be summed up in one or two sentences all the time.

Then there's the couple, both unsympathetic and over the top. He is in lust (only interested in bedding her, without any thought of her or any consequences) and doesn't seem to have any other character traits. She doesn't seem to have many character traits either, doesn't put much effort in fighting him off even though she wants a 'proper husband and children', some TSTL moments here and there, stomping about in pants and wanting to clean everything.

All in all not a believable HEA. And of course at the end everything magically sorts itself out.
I've read books with ridiculous plots and not in keeping with the time period before, but those where usually written with humour. With this one I got the feeling the romance community and its readers were being ridiculed. ( )
  Marcella1717 | Jan 22, 2016 |
Great story. I enjoyed this one. I loved both characters. ( )
  CrystalW | Dec 15, 2015 |
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THE RAIN DIDN'T WASH AWAY the stench or lessen the heat.
Chapter 1
Jeremy Malory had been in some unsavory taverns before, but this one was likely the worst of the lot.
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No n'hi ha cap

Jeremy Malory finds himself intrigued with Danny, a young pickpocket who helps him steal back the jewels he lost in a card game, and hires her to be his upstairs maid, but finds himself wishing she was his mistress instead.

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