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Jellaby: Monster in the City

de Kean Soo

Sèrie: Jellaby (2)

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1118190,926 (3.96)1
Jellaby and his friends are back... As Portia, Jason, and Jellaby make their way into the city, Portia is torn between wanting to keep her new friend close and her duty to help the sweet monster find his home. How can Portia say good-bye forever when Jellaby has become her best friend?
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Picks up directly after the first book, introduces a few new characters who profoundly influence the outcome, but also loops in some old names including side characters from Portia's school. Perhaps not quite as fantastic as the first half ... but in many ways, likely as much a function of the story being published as two installments, and the classic dilemma of how to live up to a premise. Which is to say, a function of the reader as much as of the book.

In the event, couldn't wait for W but read it myself first. This prepped me for a scary scene with Oxlotl, attacking Portia. We got through it without concerns, but it was helpful to prepare for it.

A good candidate for re-reading. ( )
  elenchus | Nov 28, 2016 |
When we last saw Portia, Jason, and Jellaby they had just left the train that they were travelling on to the city and are now wandering down the train tracks, continuing to their destination. Portia and Jason have fallen silent and are not currently speaking to each other. And Jellaby is hungry, as always, but also sad that his new friends are fighting. As they reach closer to their destination though they will all be forced to confront difficult choices, leading them to discover that sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need. And that sometimes, maybe you have what you were looking for to begin with. But what monsters lurk in the darkness and what dreams will they be forced to confront before the end?

I really, really enjoy this series and I wish there were more books in it I mean seriously how can you not like a female character that's bright, intelligent, and just wants to have a couple of friends without demeaning her own intelligence? And then you get Jellaby who doesn't talk at, but communicates through the shaking of his head and other non-verbal queues. He's just so much fun to watch and wonder what he's going to do as he figures out the world around him, including eating some flowers. Kean has created engaging characters that feel like you could step out your door and run into them in your neighborhood. Even the bullies that Portia encounters aren't crude half portrayed characters, but they have depth to them. Overall the writing reminds me a bit of Hayao Miyazaki, with the depth to the characters.

While the artwork appears simple in nature, with thick lines delineating the characters and a few colors giving them depth, they are stunningly beautiful. I mean seriously drawing a lovable purple monster that doesn't look like Barney is difficult, but Kean pulls it off. Jellaby is one of those types of monsters that you just want to take home with you and keep him safe. And seeing the human characters interact with each other reminds me a bit of Peanuts, just those simple lines giving depth to the characters and making them feel alive. Like they'll walk off the page and come over and talk to you. I love it.

Sadly this is the last in the series. I really wish Kean would would write a third or even a fourth book to tell us more about the world of Jellaby! But I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. If you’re looking for other stories like Jellaby I would recommend Andy Runton’s Owly series and Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet series. ( )
  zzshupinga | Jun 26, 2016 |
I got an ebook of this book from NetGalley to review. This is the second book in the Jellaby series. It continues where the first book left off. This was a cute little story that should appeal to younger readers.

Portia and Jason continue on their journey to get Jellaby to the city in hopes of finding his way home. Portia loves having Jellaby for a friend but wants to help him find his home too. Their search leads them to a circus where they meet a mysterious hooded man that seems to know about Jellaby. He leads them to a monster similar to Jellaby. This monster befriends children, but is not as friendly as Jellaby is. In addition to this Portia is still trying to solve the mystery behind her father’s strange disappearance.

This book added more questions than answers to the Jellaby story. We meet another monster but don’t find out really how that monster got into our world...just that it truly is a monster.

Portia and Jason have some issues with their friendship that they have to work through, so it was good to see that. Portia is also torn about helping Jellaby leave because she doesn’t want to lose her friend.

Jellaby is just as adorable (and hungry) as in the first book. We see a more fierce side to him as well. The question of whether Portia created Jellaby with her imagination or if he is from another place isn’t really answered. Instead we have yet more questions.

There are some very funny parts, especially when Jellaby goes on some carnival rides.

The illustration is very cartoony and simplistic in style, everything is done in purple tones (like the first book). I never had trouble following the illustrations and the facial expressions did an excellent job of conveying emotion.

So far this has been a pretty simple story. I think it would be most appropriate for younger readers. While I enjoyed it and thought it wass cute, so far the storyline has been a bit too simplistic to really engage and hold my attention.

Overall this was an excellent follow-up to Jellaby. It is a very cute and funny read, that is appropriate for all ages. It deals with a lot of issues around friendship and family. The story is expanded some in this book, as we meet a new type of monster. However there are more questions than answers. I would recommend to younger graphic novel fans or reluctant readers. ( )
  krau0098 | Jun 25, 2014 |
Jellaby, Monster in the City is a good book to read. This book is about how Portia, Jason, and Jellaby try to find Jellaby's home. It is a big adventure. Portia and Jason don't get along sometimes, but they always make up. Portia and Jason have to look out for Jellaby until they have found his home. They all have become good friends. Can they say good-bye to Jellaby forever? This is a good book by Kean Soo. ( )
  Nicole.nmut8184 | Dec 7, 2011 |
Jellaby is about a dragon named Jellaby who is stuck in our wold. On there Juruny the go to a amusement park. There the fiend a magician who knows how to get Jellaby home. But they don't know that the magician is hiding a secrete.
This is the most weird book I have read. The book starts on chapter eight. there is no good ending either. The story line is very there is nothing but rising action through out the book. I don not recamend this book. ( )
  mroc3827 | Oct 25, 2011 |
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Jellaby and his friends are back... As Portia, Jason, and Jellaby make their way into the city, Portia is torn between wanting to keep her new friend close and her duty to help the sweet monster find his home. How can Portia say good-bye forever when Jellaby has become her best friend?

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